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  1. 3 full reads, and I've enjoyed each one more than the previous read. I love catching little things that I didn't pick up the first (or second) time around.
  2. A save doesn't bring a character back from the moribund state - it prevents him from going moribund in the first place. A character targeted by a kill ability will become moribund in step 3 of the action window only if you fail to save the character or cancel the kill effect in step 2. So if you have a character with a dupe that you saved from a kill effect or claim by discarding the dupe, the character was never killed and was never even moribund. If a second kill effect goes off in a subsequent window, the character can be targeted again. If you can't save him or caneel the effect this time, he will become moribund and then die at the end of the window.
  3. There was no mixing in swccg - you played light or dark, period. And to return to earlier question, yes, there was significant power creep, which effectively killed a good number of early cards, including unique characters (later versions of the same character were just plain more powerful).
  4. http://teamcovenant.com/store/a-game-of-thrones-lcg.html?cat=164&p=1. I only see grayjoy and martell listed, but if you email them they may have the others.
  5. A sort of survey I guess: if you play TMP and will continue to do so now that it is restricted, which house do you play and which restricted card was in your deck yesterday but won't be tomorrow? I play Targ, and I'm ditching Fear of Winter.
  6. Thanks for the quick replies. As a follow up, if the next triggered effect after Player B kneels Painted Table is the Response ability from Player A's The Maester's Path agenda, Painted table tries to cancel it, fails because agenda effects cannot be canceled, and the lasting effect from the Table is over?
  7. Hi - thanks in advance for looking at this. Here's the situation: Player A has Rhaegal and Mereen out. Player A kneels Rhaegal to attack, and then kneels Mereen to make him immune to his opponent's triggered effects. Player B declares a defender and kneels Painted Table. Player A wins the challenge. Now Rhaegal's response triggers: to claim one power for each participating dragon. Is it cancelled by Painted Table? At first we thought no, because Rhaegal's immunity to triggered effects makes him immune to Painted Table's cancel, which itself is a triggered effect. But then we thought yes, because Painted Table doesn't actually target Rhaegal, it just indiscriminately cancels the "next" triggered effect; the immunity from Mereen doesn't purport to give Rhaegal's triggered effect the text, "cannot be cancelled." Is either one of those analyses correct? Thanks again.
  8. In the Black Blade quest, number 7 in the base game, the quest map shows 2 copper chests (areas 1 and 3) and a gold chest (area 7). Should one of the coppers be silver? Should there be a silver chest somewhere else? The chest guide lists the contents of the silver chests, so it seems like one should exist...
  9. The rules leave this option open - what do most people do and why? Have heroes select randomly or choose their characters? If random, how many redraws?
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