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  1. By the same reasoning as my original question, I assume we think that Lysa Arryn cannot cancel Meera's Any Phase ability?
  2. Relatedly: can Meera blank a character that is immune to triggered effects (say from Meereen)? I would think not, as the "then" is still part of a triggered effect, but I supose I'm not certain, bexause the way you described the timing made it sound like a passive effect that follows the trigger.
  3. Hi All, Registration is now open for the NYC Regional! Here are the details: When: Saturday, May 2, 2015 Where: The Compleat Strategist, 11 East 33rd Street, Manhattan Time: Registration at 9:30am, Round 1 at 10:00am Cost: $20 You can pre-register and pay for the event here. If you have a Facebook account, AFTER you pre-register with the store, please RSVP on our event page. All of the event details can be found on the Facebook page as well. Space will be limited to approximately 50 players, so as you as you know you're going, please reserve your seat. We expect to sell out. Any questions, feel free to contact me.
  4. Assuming it's not winter and meera tries to blank a unique character/location. Her ability is a triggered effect that chooses a single unique char/loc as its only target ... But that targeting is only part of the "then"; the initiating step of the triggered effect didn't target anything. Really not sure on this one, and it left Israril scratching his head a little bit as well.
  5. Since she came out, I assumed without much thought thsy Dany's kill effect (like the effect for other cards like Red Rain or Nighttime Raid) resolved as passives in step 4 of the framework action window on which can a challenge resolves. But ... Hammerhorn Raiders. The effect is the same: if you win a challenge (and meet a condition while doing so), X happens. But in the HR case, the effect (raising claim) must happen BEFORE claim (you can't retroactively raise claim), where something that resolved as a passive would happen after claim. That said, when does Dany's kill effect resolve, and why? If the answer is "as a passive," then why is HR different, and when does that effect resolve?
  6. Great, thanks - I mistakenly thought the "instead" was passive text that changed the moribund destination (and, via the golden rule, broke the general rule that moribund states can't change).
  7. No. A character never has a STR below 0. Negative modifiers are accounted for when calculating a single character's str, but not the aggregate str of multiple characters. The GJ player has 0 for the swain + 4 for the cog = 4.
  8. Thanks Ktom. To clarify the timing structure then. Valar initiates in Step 1. There are no saves or cancels in Step 2. Valar resolves in Step 3. Isn't that where characters go moribund:dead? I thought so, and that Irri's passive text, which triggers in Step 4, effectively changes her from a moribund:dead character to an attachment, so long as she has a valid target to which to attach. I thought thr same was true of character agendas. What, then, is the correct timing for these characters with passive text relating to when they would be killed?
  9. Say I have irri on the table along with 1 other targ character (Dany, for example) and no saves. My opponent Valars. Valar resolves, and both characters go moribund:dead. Now Irri's passive kicks in, allowing her to attach to a targ character as a handmaiden attachment instead of being killed. Can she attach to the moribund Dany so that, at the end of the action window, she is discarded as an attachment rather than killed as a character? I see no reason why not, but figured I'd ask to make sure.
  10. We're one month out and have about 20 confirmed. Let's get 33+ and play six rounds! If you're on Facebook, please rsvp via the link in the OP. If not, leave your name here.
  11. Hi All, NYC will be hosting a Store Championship Tournament on Saturday, March 14 at The Compleat Strategist, in Manhattan. The details: Where: The Compleat Strategist, 11 East 33rd Street, Manhattan When: Saturday, March 14, 10:00 A.M. There is no need to contact the store to RSVP, but please let me know if you're coming. The best way to do that is via the Facebook event page, HERE. If you don't have Facebook, please PM/email me to let me know you're coming so that I can get an accurate count. As always, we'll have some goodies beyond the prize support provided by FFG. If you have any questions, PM or email me. We hope to see you all in March!
  12. Happy Thanksgiving all. The art is now fully revealed in the OP; who's gonna win that on a playmat?! If you're still on the fence, I hope that'll tip the balance. This is shaping up to be a great event with 30-40 players. I can't wait for Saturday!
  13. If you're interested in drafting after the tournament/during the cut: the store has packs, but will not have Westeros Starters. If you want to draft, please plan to bring your own Westeros Starter. We may have a few extras, but only a few.
  14. Alright folks - Stahleck is in the rear view mirror, which means Red Saturday is less than a week away! If we can convert a few more Maybe's to Yes's, we have a shot at 40! Let's get there! More of the art revealed in the OP!
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