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  1. I don't know what kind of parks you walk in, but we had the roughest time with this one.
  2. If only Latin was still taught in schools as it was in Lovecraft's day.
  3. I really enjoy my screwed up masochistic interpretation of the rules. Played a league game this afternoon and was stoically returning Rita to the box together with a shop full of quality gear and allies when I realised that I could simply make the bad dream go away. This game seems a lot easier now it feels like cheating. Dam, I guess I thought along the lines that the confused and disjointed nature of a slightly fractured mind acted as a buffer in some way against the true horror of the Mythos and it was only a mind whole and fully integrated that could properly see into and grasp the full nature of that horror, with the inevitable result that it was utterly destroyed when it saw and grasped too much. I reasoned that a little insanity was self-defence for the psyche, an inoculation so to speak, fracturing it and protecting it from destruction. Weird eh?
  4. No. I played that if a single incident reduced an investigator from their current maximum Sanity or Stamina to zero then they were devoured. For example Mark on 3 sanity fails a horror check against a Dark Young and he's history. I have to say that as I play it monsters can become a far more fearsome and interesting prospect as they wander the board. I guess I'll play it your way (which I grudgingly accept is probably right) for the League which should make things a little easier. Recently I remember 2 investigators in the same League game were powerless to avoid being devoured by the Hunting Horror which appeared as a result of an Other World encounter. I kind of like my games spiced like that though.
  5. Those brave or foolish enough to walk the shadowed byways of Arkham and stand against the Mythos we term Investigators. On occasion these flyspecks are punished for their temerity when the Mythos extends but a fraction of its true power and crushes them mercilessly; in a heartbeat reducing them from the very peak of their powers to a mere crimson smear on the street or broken screaming husks whose minds have long since fled. There is no recovery from from this trauma, no therapy to rehabilitate. We can only look on and hope there is another brave or foolish enough to make a stand for all our sakes. At least that is how I have always played it. 'If an investigator's maximum sanity or maximum stamina is reduced to 0, that investigator is devoured'. I can see how your interpretation fits the wording. Are you telling me that rule is inserted in the base game rulebook just so people don't continue to fight Cthulu when their sanity is at -3? Does that really need to be explained? I accept that the addition of certain cards from expansions (madness/injury cards, mythos lore, Inner Beast, Third Eye etc.) can combine with rumour failure to increase the possibilities of this situation coming to pass. Do you think your interpretation is correct and this rule was created with a degree of foresight as I can't bring to mind a situation using the base game where max stamina can be reduced to zero? I have to say I like the way I have always played it, but then I like it tough. I hereby formally withdraw my previous comment about you all being a bunch of wusses in case you are right. I hope you aren't though and will continue along my own dark path.
  6. Madness cards are restorative of sanity and prevent item/clue loss when an investigator is driven insane. If an investigator's max sanity is reduced to 0 the character state of the investigator is not 'driven insane', but 'devoured', therefore a madness card is not an option. Anyone who gainsays me is wrong and a wuss to boot.
  7. Mark reduced to 0 sanity from his maximum. 6 clues are no use to a dead man.
  8. I've been giving cultists the same stats as cthonians, but with the special attack activated by the moon dimensional symbol. Is that what everyone else is doing?
  9. Do we even have to wait? http://cgi.ebay.com/ARKHAM-HORROR-INNSMOUTH-HORROR-EXPANSION-BOARD-GAME_W0QQitemZ290307137591QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item290307137591&_trksid=p4634.c0.m14.l1262&_trkparms=%7C301%3A1%7C293%3A1%7C294%3A30
  10. I apologise. My headache is making me cranky. Why not use a house rule that McGlen or Leo can't use their ability when stamina has reached 1. This still makes them useful, but keeps things interesting.
  11. Man you lot really get your knickers in a twist don't you. Nobody is forcing you to use Leo or McGlen with this AO. Winning with one of these investigators on a permanent 1 stamina with everyone else devoured would be a hollow victory anyway, one that ranks as near as dammit to a loss. Also wait for EB cards before passing final judgement.
  12. Must have had some kind of selective blindness when I first checked out this scenario as I missed the fact that the Curiositie Shoppe and Ye Olde Magick Shoppe were still closed. Just realised my mistake and don't know if I'm going to be able to find the time or summon the mental strength to play this one with the locations closed before the next scenario comes out. You lot make it sound grim and I just can't face Arkham with the Curiositie Shop shut after happily shopping there over the past 2 weeks. Maybe I'll come back to it some time. Anyway, if anyone has the time then try this scenario with the locations open. In our blissful ignorance we had a great time over the past couple of weekends with free access to elder signs, swords of glory etc., some of the most epic games we've ever played.
  13. http://www.gametrademagazine.com/public/default.asp?t=1&m=1&c=58&s=591&ai=81594&ssd=
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