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  1. Hi all, Some of you may remember me from my fan supplement for Arkham Horror: 'Vermont Horror'. Well I'm back with another little project that may interest you. Arkham Investigator is the game of Macabre sleuthing on the streets of Arkham. Its theme links directly to the Lovecrafian horror of Akham Horror and I'm sure you'll like what you see. Check it out and download it for free here: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/138963/arkham-investigator-core-set Hope you enjoy it Cheers, Hal
  2. Hi all, Some of you may remember me from my fan supplement for Arkham Horror: 'Vermont Horror'. Well I'm back with another little project that may interest you. Arkham Investigator is the game of Macabre sleuthing on the streets of Arkham. Its theme links directly to the Lovecrafian horror of Akham Horror and I'm sure you'll like what you see. Check it out and download it for free here: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/138963/arkham-investigator-core-set Hope you enjoy it Cheers, Hal
  3. If your in the NW then Wigan Wargames have a meet every Friday night and play numerous board/war games from AH to Warhammer 40k. I tend to not go so much these days because of childcare issues but you can find their site here : wigan-wargames.co.uk/wiganwargames/default.asp Cheers, Hal
  4. Well more of idea in progress really! Is anyone interested in giving me a lift (help) with a little project I'm starting? Still in the preliminary stages at the moment but I envisage: 1) 4-5 linked stories based on Thomas F. Malone's adventure in 'The Horror at Red Hook' by HPL (another of my favourites). 2) A VERY simple system to keep the character from one mission to the next, gloriously ripping off elements of Mordheim campaigns. To give the boardgame more of an RPG feel. 3) A couple of new board tiles. 4) New cards, maybe monsters as well that people can proxy in figures. If anyone knows people who are working on the above please let me know Hopefully the new version of Strange Eons should be out soon and progress at making pieces will be much easier. Here is some of my initial thoughts on the campaign rules: Mansion of Madness: Campaign Rules 1) Ability to find money [uSE AH Money tokens] during scenarios, keep track of Wounds / Sanity / Skill tokens [iNVESTIGATORS HAVE A PAPER CAMPAIGN SHEET?] 2) Investigators gain experience during scenarios (passed and failed!) 3) Rule for dead (now go unconscious) and insane investigators 4) The Campaign map? [uSING STRANGE EONS TO CREATE BOARD?] 5) Campaign Phase [iNVESTIGATORS CAN’T VISIT EVERYWHERE PER PHASE]: i) Experience check - gaining new abilities, talents and skills ii) St. Mary’s Hospital - with event table (heal Wounds) iii) Arkham Asylum - with event table (heal Sanity) iv) Miskatonic University - with event table (add Skill points / spells?) v)The General Store - equipment list, selling items, buying new items 6) Niggling injuries - what to do with trauma cards 7) The Mythos Moves (Campaign event affecting investigators - more deadly if the Keeper won the previous game) 8) Allies and Retainers? 9) Retiring Investigators Experience As the Investigators progress through a campaign they become more adept at battling the forces of the Cthulhu Mythos. Experience points and Experience checks are used to simulate this and also to provide players with a chance to advance their favorite character beyond the vanilla version. Experience points - Investigators [uSE AH CLUE TOKENS IN GAME] Opening a door lock successfully +1 Exp Solving a puzzle successfully +1 Exp Surviving the Mansion +1 Exp Least experienced Investigator to survive the mansion* +1 Exp Discovering a clue card +1 Exp Completing objective / thwarting the Keeper’s objective (winning)+3 Exp Defeating a Chthonian in combat +2 Exp Defeating a Cultist in combat +1 Exp Defeating a Cult Leader in combat +2 Exp Defeating a Hound of Tindalos in combat +2 Exp Defeating a Maniac in combat +1 Exp Defeating a Mi-Go in combat +1 Exp Defeating a Shoggoth in combat +3 Exp Defeating a Witch in combat +1 Exp Defeating a Zombie in combat +1 Exp * After experience points are calculated at the end of the game the player with the least experience gains an additional point. In the event of a tie between investigators neither of the investigators receive the bonus. In an average game then an investigator may expect to receive between 0-20 Exp depending upon their success during the game. Experience points - Keeper Driving an investigator insane +3 Exp Knocking an investigator unconscious +3 Exp Taking a sample token from an investigator to an altar +1 Exp Competing the Keeper’s objective (winning) +3 Exp In an average game a Keeper may expect to receive between 0 - 10 Exp depending upon their success during the game. The Experience check - Investigators Investigators are able to make an Experience check each time they pass a level indicated by the bold check boxes on the experience sheet (1st at 5 then 10, 15 and so on). Investigator lots of experience may attempt several experience check each campaign phase if they wish. D10 roll Result 1 The pay off - You may choose a Skill from the Skill table of your choice 2-3 Skilled - roll a random Skill from the Skill table of your choice 4-5 Strong willed - Increase maximum Sanity by 1 [NEED CARD] 6-7 Battle Hardened - Increase maximum Stamina by 1 [NEED CARD] 8-9 A wise head - Increase maximum Skill points by1 [NEED CARD] 10 The pay off - You may choose a Skill from the Skill table Skills [Need cards for each] The three skill tables below are used to roll (and occasionally select) skill that have been gained due to an experience check (see the Experience check above) [THERE WILL BE 3 TABLES - COMBAT, ACADEMIC & SPECIAL SKILLS] All the above it just a very rough idea on what I'm working on. As you can see my games shouldn't actually be more complex apart from an additional post game campaign phase and some additional book keeping in-game to track experience etc... Thoughts? Any volunteers to assist? Cheers, Hal
  5. Thanks to Thoth Amon for writing a in depth review found at BGG: boardgamegeek.com/article/7367486#7367486 I would love to see FFG run with my expansion, but I am content that people are enjoying it and it adds something to their Arkham experience That being said FFG, if you ever looking for a part-time freelance designer from the UK, give me a shout! Cheers, Hal
  6. Hi again! Thanks for the kind comments, finally have put in the EON files as one big ZIP archive dl.dropbox.com/u/12560087/Vermont%20Horror%20EON%20files.zip Not sure if it will work as you don't have access to my initial art (neither do I in many cases as the files did not move from my fried computer. For some reason the EON files seems to have retained the images on my end?) it seems to come in at around 77mb so apologies for that. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers, Hal
  7. RocksLikeToast said: heh i know its my loss...maybe one day i won't be lazy or snobish? and try it out xD... few questions about it though...at a glace it appears to me that the prequel mechanic would make the games easier because it allows for more clue tokens to hit the board as well as more time to gear up for a final battle... seems like it could be a little exploitable in this way... do you feel it makes the games easier in which you use it?... In playtesting this was ironed out a touch and it was felt that the doom tokens and monsters added by the mining track more than made up for the extra clues. Remember that clues need to be exchanged to remove mining tokens, if players stockpile them they run the risk of the doom tokens piling up on the back of the AO card. Additionally we liked the way it represented investigators gaining disconnected information with no real way of putting it to use RocksLikeToast said: also does this expansion play well with other big boards?... i haven't looked through the cards but do the mythos or prequel cards only reference arkham/vermont such as gate openings clue placement etc.... if not do you plan on miskatonic horror-ing your expansion to add cards so it can be mixed in with other big box?... As it stands I have played it with Dunwich. There are no mythos cards as such as the prequel events go back in the box after that game ends (I stuck to Arkham locations for the prequel to make it as universal as possible. I didn't do mythos cards for Vermont in the main game, lack of motivation towards the end. Just glad to finish (finally) what I started. Cheers, Hal
  8. Don't let aesthetics put you off a good game experience. Never underestimate some thick card stock a a glue stick to make your pieces fit in with the rest As well as Vermont Horror we have a full version of Sunnydale horror (BtVS variant) with 8 investigators, 6 new AO, about 50 monsters to replace the cup, 30 Buffy Mythos cards and even replacement locations that we blu-tac over current locations (we have the Bronze, Sunnydale High School, and a couple of others) each with their own deck. The only ones that are really obvious are the Mythos cards, but that normally leads to "oohhhh, I'm getting a Buffy card next turn!". Just saying you can have fun even with paper copies if the rules are fun. Maybe thats the roleplayer in me that is happy with a tatty character sheet, a notebook and some dice Cheers, Hal
  9. Most of the work took place in 2008-9 with extensive playtesting and a complete redraft for v2 then v3! I recently managed to recover some previously corrupted files and then spent some time working on the final few redrafts and writing the rulebook last week...here we are Cheers, Hal
  10. Harvey in both AH and MoM - bad things always seem to happen to Harvey....two of the best: 1) In Arkham horror a dangerously wounded Harvey retreated to the Diner to avoid a Dark Young. He drew an encounter and was killed by his breakfast, bad eggs or something! 2) In Mansions of madness he opened a refrigator and inadvertently release Ithaqua...doh! Cheers, Hal
  11. Hi everyone, To let you know, all the cards and files for my expansion are available through dropbox over at BGG: boardgamegeek.com/thread/686818/vermont-horror-machinations-of-the-mi-go Enjoy... Cheers, Hal
  12. Follow the updates at BGG AH site: boardgamegeek.com/article/7272236#7272236 Cheers, Hal
  13. Hi there, I've finally finished tweaking the Vermont Horror expansion that I have been working on for what seems like forever. I have applied to put the files onto Boardgamegeek starting with the rulebook but I will add them to my dropbox as well so I can link them to the FFG message boards. The first up is the rulebook: You can download it here... I haven't really got time to produce a version 4 of this expansion but it has been playtested by a handful of online volunteers from these boards and seems to work well. You may have to read sections couple of times to 'get' what I'm on about as I tend to waffle on a bit Enjoy... Cheers, Hal
  14. This clears up Monterey Jack's murky past. It also is a cracking read: www.yog-sothoth.com/content/894-Monterey-Jack-or-How-I-Learned-to-Stop-Worrying-and-Love-Cthulhu Cheers, Hal
  15. I'd like a themed expansion - preferably Innmouth with an 'Escape from Innmouth' feel: New board sections with warehouses, docks, submerged caverns, the square, the church of Dagon! New creatures - Deep Ones, Hybrids and despite it not fitting the theme would love to see Dark Young big models! Linked stories so the investigators can play a more campaign style game with each story leading onto the next? Instead of new investigators how about a Mansions varient of the personal stories from AH? Dunwich would work as well with this I think! Cheers, Hal
  16. I'm about halfway through writing Whisperer in Darkness now so look for a new thread in a couple of days time! I'll need playtesters despite sitting with the board out in front of me! It will be a story that only uses the base game components initially as I don't want to over-reach myself (already its providing a headache as to where to put locks and keys etc...) Cheers, Hal
  17. If there is interest I may see if I can throw together an actual scenario using the above packs to create some cards. Any suggestions? Cheers, Hal
  18. Yup rougher ones look good to me! Cheers, Hal
  19. Ooooh Shiny! Fancy at trip to Akerley's Cabin? I like it! In my minds eye I can already see this MoM version of 'Whisperer in Darkness' playing out! Cheers, Hal
  20. Hi there, I don't have much time to game these days in RL but am quite enamoured with the whole play-by-forum post genre of gaming. Anyone know of any RT games recruiting currently, I don't really know where to look. Cheers, Hal
  21. Ah, the beauty of the Play by forum I can just search for and paste my messiest character death so far. The group had been investigating suspected culitst activity on Grove's Fall when they uncovered a nest of heretics (NB all rolls have been removed as this is not a BBcode forum) : Outside the Ju-Ju House 11:40 GST Venrork's concentrated burst of Las shots peppered the wall around the crouching thugs and one of the bolts burned a neat hole through one of their eye sockets, vaporising his brain. He dropped without a sound. The familiar click of the microbead in Ven's ear and a quick, "In position," told Ven that Janniper 'Smiley' Costigan was back in the fray. He loosed two quick bursts on the group approaching. The first burst stitched a thug with five rounds blowing him backwards in an explosion of bloody vapour. The second thug attempted to duck back as his comrade was pulverised but was fractionally too slow as the hail of bullets smashed into his legs, knocking him wimpering to the ground. 'Four down already, not bad' thought Ven, 'we may get out of this yet...' He was quickly pulled out of his revery as Smiley spoke in his ear. "That big fella is up to something, I can't get a clear shot." Ven had to take his word for it, the enemy had taken cover from the flak-storm that Ven and Smiley had kicked up on the approach to Ransom Court. A chill wind swept up around the deserted court sending trash spinning and dust stinging Ven's cheek. Ven's blood froze from a horrific and unnatural cry that rent the air and with a clap of leathery wings a black shape took to the air from the position of the powerful leader: And in the air Ven's gaze was filled by the great viperine creature, which had a curiously distorted head, and grotesquely great clawed appendages, supporting itself with ease by the aid of black rubbery wings of singularly monstrous dimensions. It flapped slowly across the court... [After a few WP rolls later] Something inside Ven snapped as the huge creature flew overhead. Its huge claws gripped the side of hab and then its sinuous neck darted once and then again. Venrork could not tear his eyes away and the head came out with the body of Janniper Costigan gripped between its jaws. As it turned away from the building and launched into the air again, its long neck whipped around. A trail of blood splashed across Venrork's face and he heard a sickening crunching before everything went black... Inside the Ju-Ju House Moving to peer out of the curtained window Jack's mouth drops open, then he shouted "Haven! Get yourself back here! We've got a really big problem!" Scrabbling backward he tried to shut the image from his mind. Flinging himself over the counter he dropped down behind it panting nervously... Follow the game in progress here: www.callofcthulhu.org.uk/viewforum.php Cheers, Hal
  22. Thanks for the deluge of responses! I afraid to say I am full up again now, thanks for your interest. Keep an eye out for future games and spaces on Malleus Calixis as they appear here. Cheers, Hal
  23. See above, sign up to the forum and me a PM. Cheers, Hal
  24. Hi there, Head over the the forum at www.callofcthulhu.org.uk/viewforum.php sign up then me a PM. I'm AirborneXO on that forum as well. Cheers, Hal
  25. I'm in the UK and my players are mainly in the US - however with the forum style of game people don't need to be online at the same time just need to check in regularly to post their actions. Cheers, Hal
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