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  1. When using smite, you select a primary target who is damaged. The energy the arcs to damage "any creature" within a distance determined by the PR. Does this mean that if the Librarian is too close to the primary target that he may be damaged by his own attack?
  2. sepayne7l said: The story fluff for the game: It is the early 21st century. Having suffered a series of devastating terrorist attacks, the U.S. wields a newly developed and horrifyingly destructive weapon technology with desperate fury, lashing out mercilessly at any government suspected of harboring its hidden enemies. Entire nations are erased from the map. The world is stunned by the brutal display. Facing few options, an unlikely coalition of nations joins forces to attempt one final plan: the invasion of America. Honestly, I think making America the bad guy in this as opposed to generic bad guys from the original is just stupid. I'm seriously considering on passing on this out of principal. Maybe China will buy them. What an absurd backstory. I mean, how completely unbelievable that the good ol' U.S of A could develop a "horrifyingly destructive weapon technology" and "lash out mercilessly"... I mean, except for using the A-bomb in WWII...completely unbelievable.
  3. The release of the core game was delay due to an undisclosed quality control issue with the initial print run.
  4. The FFG bags are nice and big and work perfectly - I use the one with tentacles for Mythos monsters!
  5. I was just watching a popular board game video review about 'Mansion of Madness' that described it as taking place in the world of 'Arkham Horror' . My first reaction was, I know Arkhah Horror is a popular franchise, but surely the credit should go to Lovecraft. Then my thoughts turned to Chaosium, who's 'Call of Cthulhu' trade mark is acknowledged on the box of Arkham Horror. However, there is no such credit at all on the Mansions of Madness box of manual. I know HPL's works are in the public domain, and Arkham Horror is the reworking of an old Chaosium game (therefor has a licenced IP) . But surely MoM borrows many elements from CoC (investigator, keeper, Harvey Walters, even Mansions of Madness). I suspect that FFG's Cthulhu Mythos based product would be significantly outselling Chaosium's nowadays. Arkham Horror has certainly been a huge selle, and appeared to really launch the success in high component quality, theme rich board games that we all enjoy today. I find it interesting that MoM does not appear to owe any licence to Chaosium. Is FFG biting the hand that fed them?
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