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  1. Just found the Language Button, msut have been blind yestarday
  2. so after a long Time I'm back in teh Forum as my EoTE group has a chance of being reactivated. just updated my Generator for teh first time in a while and noticed some thiongs: My Character was tehre in a really old version, with a totally wrong date. Foudn the old XML file in the data folder and could improt it properly, but it was still confusing (dont remember what version I upgraded from) Also the Programm is now German. While I appreciate the translation work in theory, I prefer english, is there any way to change that, without changing my system settings? But besides that, keep up the good work dude, as always, and may the force be with you. Oh: and too all: Have fun in the star wars movie. ^^
  3. Ah, OK. If I'm not mistaken, I think it was just on a ship, so it didn't have a price. Unless, of course, you know what the price is No I don't, I just saw it. I don't have all the books, my GM has. ^^ But i would say. as long as a weapons doesnt have a price/size for ships it fots on, it shpudn't be avaible for upgrading. This things soudns terribly large for a YT-1300 for example.
  4. @ogg I meant Price, to buy it for, not Prize, to win (In german both words are written the same way (Preis, wich is btw almost pronounced the same way as the english words), so I get it confused sometimes)
  5. I found another bug, related to Linked vehicle weapons: When you select anything after seleting the Quad Laser Cannon, you get an exception (sorry for german text, my Windows is in german): I think this is related to the "count" field, taht is 4 for the quad alser (as is has linked 3) and the count stays 4 when you select any other weapon. The error massage is (translated by me): "The value 1 is invalid for Value. Value should be between 'Minimum' and 'Maximum'. Parametername: Value This Error happens to me everytime I select a weapon after selecting the Quadlaser, until i close the Weaon selection window. edit: also I jsut saw, the Rotary rotating Blaster doesn't have a prize.
  6. Thank you very much for sharing the answer. I assume the same goes for Superior, as for the Banthas Eye? Also keep up the good work, I am everytime surprised how fast you react on Feedback
  7. A thing we discussed in our group recently: If you dual wield, accurate and other bonusses from the offhand weapon shoudl carry Over to the dicepool, as far as we understand it (because you are using the weapon, and teh rules sate, tahte the bonus is while, well, using the weapon) The same goes for setback dice from the balster acutation module and similar mods. This is our understanong nly though, from the wording of the qualities, like accurate and defensive, might be wrong.
  8. That's pretty normal, depending on the level of protection you have configured. If downloading the web install, apps called "setup.exe" are usually flagged as being potentially harmful, not to mention the fact that it doesn't have a digital ID on it. Likewise, installed apps that try writing to your hard drive, or doing other things, can get flagged as well. It's just Microsoft trying to be helpful Ok. I just wonderd, because it didn't happen on the first install or any previous updates, just today. (I always use webinstall for convinient Updates) Another thing: I am meddling around with the ship interface (I'm not our group's pilot so I didn't before) and I would find it helpful to also see the Qualities of the Weapons, not just damage and Crit. Also i find it odd, that Weapons, taht are linked by default (like the quad laser) cost Baseprice + Link/2*Baseprice, making the Quadlaser cost 20k credits, although the listprize is 8k creds
  9. I just Updated to the new version, and my Windows 8.1 complaiend about "Potential harmful app" and refused to start it. I didnt take a screenshot, but it basically looked like this: http://cdn.ghacks.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/windows-protected-your-pc.jpg more info named it was the launcher, and let it start me anyway. Now that i started it anyway, the message doesn't come again
  10. ahh, ok, then i jsut misunderstood how too use it. It actually did work from the beginning.
  11. I haven't been able to send you my files yet, because I'm forgetful... but I also have the Mark VI backpack, so this might be it. also the Obligations aren't working for me atm, i can add them, like before, but the new menu with startvalues and extra obligations for money and xp doesn"t seem to work.
  12. In the immortal words of Douglas Adams: Don't Panic! It's more than likely bad custom data or a bug I haven't found yet. Email me your character and your DataCustom directory and I'll figure it out. My email is in the documentation. Much appreciated, i shall do so, as soon I get home
  13. Ok, i somehow broke my character. I updated the version, imported my ,updated it XP equioment and money wise, saved it, and since then i can"t open it anymore without crashing the whole program. making new charactes works, and i don"T have a backup, though i remember, mostly, what i had before saving, but it"s irritating nonetheless. here is the error massage:
  14. just noticed: when adding mods to attachments, the cost is 100 per mod, but the roles state it costs 100 more per mod already installed.
  15. If you're plaiyng the Paranoid Pinancle Bounty Hunter that only rusts himself and maybe his Blaster, well, then, you are just not a people Person. Of course a Boutny in the Group is problemativ for a Bounty hunter, because it is tempting, especialy if you stick close to thr Boutny Hunters code, wich states, that "People don't have bounties, only aquisitions have bounties" But as Donovan Said, there may be Several Reasons to not purue s specific bounty, may it be your Code of honor not to to Kill Bounties, just capture, or to not take bounties from some clients, or just the fact, that that smuggler saved your ass, ALTHOUGH you are a hutner and he has a price on his hea ynd you are now BFFs. BHs may be some kind of police, as in, they are allowed to Hunt, legal wise, but they are not forced to.
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