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  1. Hello, during our last game I realized that it's not a bad idea to read the rules again from time to time, since we don't play that often and tend to forget rules:) And I found one sentence in basic rules which makes me curious: "When the number of monsters in the Outskirts exceeds this limit, return all of the monsters in the Outskirts to the monster cup and increase the terror level by 1." This is how we play it: 3 players, limit is 5. We have 4 monsters there, full Arkham limit and a monster surge with 4 monsters. We would add first monster to the Outskirts, so far so good. We would add second monster to the Outskirts, limit exceeded, return all 6 to cup. We would add the rest 2 to the Outskirts. But now I wonder, if maybe all the monsters should be added at the same time, thus making it 8 in the Outskirts and then all of them return to the cup? Is our way correct, or the one I think now, or something completely else? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your remarks. By the way, speaking about expansions, do you have/did you play the revised version of the Dark Pharaoh? Is it worth the money, when we already have the old version? It's our most favorite expansion, but buying something we already have, I don't know...
  3. Greetings fellow invesigators, just last night I was wondering if we play with the expansions correctly. We have CotDP, KiY, LatT, DH and KH. We have all of the cards shuffled together, encounters, mythos, items, everything. Each game we decide if we want to add any other mechanic from any expansion. Which means sometimes we don't have mood e.g. for Injuries/Madness, so we don't use that decks at all and it basicaly rules out Rita to be chosen, because her Resilient would be useless. It also makes Jacquelines' Precognition even more useless (I never liked it much) with Mythos deck about 6cm high. The example with not playing Injuries/Madness also interfers in some encounters (I remember one in The Unnamable to draw Madness card), which then has to be drawn again, to be able to fully resolve it. Mythos cards with gates opening on places we don't have (we don't play with that board for example) have to be also skipped and so on and so on, you have the picture. Now the question is, isn't there some limitation to cards used or something like that? For example "mix your Other World cards with expansions, but then use only 50 to keep the deck small"? Or something like "you can use item cards from all expansions, but only use encounter cards and Mythos cards from those you really play"? How do you guys play your expansions? Every time separating the cards at the end of your game and at the start of new one shuffling them back together?
  4. So we were playing it wrong. For a pretty long time:) There are ALWAYS some rules in this game we play wrong or totaly forget:( Thanks a lot Julia!
  5. Hi all, last night we were playing a 3-player game and we went all the way to the final battle. As we were 3, we needed 3 hits to remove one doom token from our GOO. In the first round, we together scored 10 hits, which means 3 doom tokens were removed and 1 hit was "stored" for the next round. During GOO's attack, 2 investigators died, so only 1 remained for the next attack and therefore he needed only 1 hit to remove doom token. During his roll, he scored 2 hits. And now comes the question: does he remove 3 doom tokens for his 2 hits and that 1 hit "stored" from the previous round? Or since that 1 hit was scored when 3 players were still alive, it doesn't count anymore? Or do we play something completely wrong with our hits? Thanks for any advice!
  6. So it seems, it's completely in me:) Although still you have more Sauron victories in 2-Hero games. I will try this variant and let's see how thing will go.
  7. Hi! I'm pretty sure this was discussed here before, but I don't want to look through all topics, sorry:) My question is: do you ever play 1 hero in 2 players game, or do you always play 2 heroes? Because so far, we played only 1 hero and Sauron (always me) never won. Maybe I do something wrong, well I'm sure I do mistakes, but I can't just find out, how to react on two consequent turns for 1 hero. I'm especially very irritated (and this by coincidence happens almost every game) by this combo: first turn in Eriador, event "Find Grey pilgrim" (or something like that), second turn let's go to Bree, take reward for the quest AND Gandalf. This quest alone is I think too much strong, but in this situation, I would kill anything in my reach. Or let's crack a minion little, get defeated, heal in haven and finish him. No chance to heal as could be with 2 heroes, if the second one would be far away. Is the only solution really to play 2 heroes? Thanks!
  8. jgt7771 said: Herald said: What is the new rule for the final battle or where can I find it? Welcome to the Carnival, Herald! Here's the thread with the new suggested House Rule: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=5&efcid=1&efidt=148484 Thanks for the link!
  9. OK, so I have only to be careful that no gate has (at the end of distributing monsters from surge) more monsters than surging gate, right? What is the new rule for the final battle or where can I find it?
  10. Ah oh, I think we are distributing monsters wrong. Example: playing only with Arkham, 2 players, 4 open gates, 2 with one monster, 2 empty, one monster in the streets. 1) Monster surge occurs on gate with one monster. 2) Monster surge occurs on empty gate. Can you tell me how to distribute new monsters? As for Clue tokens I think you are right about making a mockery of the game because we defeated Ithaqua practically only with Clue tokens (I think we had eight or nine). On the other hand we understand Clue tokens as something we know about all those mysteries which are going on in Arkham including the ways how to defeat the Ancient One.
  11. Hi all! I have two questions: 1) I want to be sure we use Clue tokens properly. We (2 players) have final battle with the Ancient One and I have 10 Clue tokens and the Skill Fight. I throw 4 dice for Fight check and I have one success. Now I spend one Clue token and throw 2 dice (because of the Skill). There are two successes so I have three successes in total. This can go on until I spend all my Clue tokens and it gives me possiblity of 20 hits to the Ancient One just with Clue tokens. Is this right or totally wrong? 2) Let's have this situation - 2 players are playing with the Dunwich Horror expansion that means maximum of 5 monsters in Arkham. There are 3 gates in Arkham + 3 monsters (1 on the 1. gate, 1 on the 2. gate and 1 in the streets which leaves the 3. gate empty) and 1 gate in Dunwich (Wizard's Hill) + 1 monster (in the streets, the gate is empty). Now new gate opens on the Wizard's Hill which causes the monster surge. We distributed 4 monsters like this: the first monster went on the gate on the Wizard's Hill, the second monster went on the empty gate in Arkham, the third monster went again on the gate on the Wizard's Hill (because most monsters should be on the gate where the monster surge occured - Arkham rules) and the last monster went on randomly chosen gate in Arkham (because there are still only four monsters in Arkham). Again is this right or we played it wrong? I apologize for my English (especially articles). Thanks for any answer.
  12. DaTroll said: They always go directly to the Monstercup. Greetings DaTroll I was confused by Ancient One awaking condition "no monsters in the cup" but I suppose that must be the case when players have all monsters as trophies (like gates).
  13. Hi, this may be silly question but when I spend monster trophies where do they go? To monster cup or back into box? Thanks a lot.
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