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  1. Well that was pretty terrible And I went into that thread with pretty low expectations to start with!
  2. Kordos

    New weapon upgrades

    Also those troop weapon upgrades add another body to the squad so the cost would take into account the base unit cost
  3. Thank you and we cover that in the commentary, Troy simply forgot and as it didn't change the game state Tom let it pass, we are a pretty easy going bunch down here Awesome, glad you liked it
  4. 6 Rounds over 6 weeks, could change your list between rounds, lists were set for the top 4 play offs. Lots of fun, really enjoyed it and we start the next league in mid January. This is the first time we have filmed and commentated a match so any constructive feedback is welcome.
  5. Kordos

    South Australian X-wing?

    No worries, any questions send me a message I play almost once a week at Infinity games in the city with various people
  6. Kordos

    South Australian X-wing?

    Hey, check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/AdelaideXWing/ also we are about to start a league - https://www.facebook.com/events/1037267176303518/ There are two FLGS' that run tournies, store champs etc - Infinity Games in the city and The Hobby Matrix out at Tea Tree Plaza There are a few gaming clubs like Group North that have members that regularly play x wing
  7. Kordos

    2015 Regionals Results

    All sorts of cool stuff you don't often see here: E'tahn in top 2. Kenkirk rather than Admiral or Oicunn. Ten numb (with swarm tactics boosting the HLC blues!). Xizor. Sensor Jammer (!) on IG-88s. And the return of 4x R4 Warthogs winning it all! In SA we will fly anything! lots of people will take things just for fun
  8. Good point - hell the game could be completely overhauled after the Gen Con reception like the Star Wars LCG Also the points are not just for the ships themselves but the possibilities - the VSD has more upgrade slots and Engineering 4 - for all we know that could mean that the VSD has a far higher survivability rating than it initially seems
  9. Kordos

    FFG Possibly Spoils Wave 5

    Technically, a neutral party is still a third party (http://thelawdictionary.org/neutral-party/). Just to be clear WonderWAAAGH, a neutral faction would still be a third faction. In other words, a third faction is one that is not strictly associated with just rebels or just imperial. It's pretty clear I meant they wouldn't be playable as their own faction but you could add them to an Imperial or Rebel squad
  10. Kordos

    FFG Possibly Spoils Wave 5

    A Third faction? IMO unlikely Neutral Scum/Bounty Hunters/Mercenaries you can take with either existing faction? I think that is a possibility
  11. Kordos

    Lack of Military Knowledge

    It should also be noted that a lot of Rebel heroes (in the EU) came from the Imperial military/navy
  12. Yes - It doesn't matter if you have a valid target or not, if you focus to strike you have to resolve ALL your icons if there is no valid target, nothing happens if there is then you must resolve the icons
  13. Kordos

    capture attempt

    Try this http://teamcovenant.com/kordos/2013/05/06/you-are-free-to-use-any-methods-necessary-but-i-want-them-alive/ You can also swap out 2x Bespin Exchange for 2 x Hunt for Han Solo (which is what I am currently running) Both myself and some of the people I play with in our local league have been tryng different Scum and X decks and have found Scum and Sith currently works better than Scum and Navy
  14. When playing I try to keep the following in my head Action - Interupt - Resolve - Reaction
  15. Yes it does work The refresh phase and steps still happen on the LS first turn you just skip step 1 1. He removes one focus token from each card in his play area. (Any effect with the text “after you refresh” can be used after completing this step.) Exception: During his first turn only, the LS player does not take this step of the refresh phase. Page 12 Then when you get to Step 3 you can use "after you refresh' actions Refresh Phase (p. 12) The parenthetical text after step 1, which reads, “…(Any effect with the text “after you refresh” can be used after completing this step)” is misplaced. “After you refresh” effects should be initiated after the completion of step 3 of the refresh phase. Errata It doesn't matter if you skip step 1 or not you can use the action on Mobilise the Squadrons