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  1. Lucien Kallus said: I highly suggest using Maptools . I have yet to use it between other players ( I use it to keep track of certain things) but it is a great free program. Use it in conjunction with Skye and youll pretty much be set I've been trying to get MapTools to work all day, but another player can't seem to connect to my game (which is just a test game for the moment). It keeps displaying a Timed Out message. It's a pity, because I was really enjoying the Map Creation stuff I had even in the default version. Any suggestions on a fix and I'll be set. (Once I get some more Sci-Fi Map Textures lol)
  2. I've been out of the GMing game for a couple of years, mainly because my regular group split and moved to the 4 corners of the UK. I've recently tried lookin into ways to run a game using the internet to keep the group together and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what programme/website is useful for this. I want a Virtual Table/RP Website that is easy to use, cheap (tho free would be better) and has everything a group would need to play with out being in the same room/house/street/town as each other. I especially want something that will work well with WH40KRPG. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as I am really up for running a new game. Cheers H16HP01N7
  3. I'm trying to compile a file of the stats for the different creatures and races in the DH universe, so it's easier to reference and find the stats for a given creature… can anyone tell me where the stats (as in which book, and pg number if possible) are for creatures of the following races: Orks, Eldar, Necron, Tyranids, Tau,and any others I may have missed please. It'd be a great help
  4. Generally, I allow Unnatural Characteristics (UC, for simplicities sake) to effect passive abilities only; Damage, Speed, Wounds (I allow Toughness Bonus to HP in my games) etc. Any special ability that states an Attribute that has UC in effect doesn't count the heightened Bonus, for instance, th Vindicares dodge ability would count normal Agility Bonus, not the UC Agility Bonus, same with the Psyker.
  5. Yeah, it was more of a case of needing advice on what advice to give. This is my 1st WH40K RPG game, and im still not 100% on the effects of some stuff in 'Game Terms'
  6. Yeah, sorry about the shorthand, i was at my sister's house, and her keyboard was playing up. I'l have a look at those Alternate Ranks, and suggest them to my Player. Sorry for the confusion, and cheers for the advice... this game is taking me loads more work then I initially expected lol
  7. i hav a player that is interested in playin a psyker, but he wants 2 b quite good in melee combat... the characters have their homeworld base stats + 145pts, and 1500XP 2 spend (500 fr 1st, 500 fr 2nd, +500 pts) n e help wud b appreciated
  8. H16HP01N7 said: ok m8, il get u a copy of them as i finish them, im about 4 ranks thru the tech priest career stuff, and im including ALL alternate ranks that iv got copies of. Sadly, this is all iv done so far, but i only started the other day MUST STOP PROCRASTINATING!
  9. Peacekeeper_b said: Im interested, peacekeeper_b@yahoo.com ok m8, il get u a copy of them as i finish them, im about 4 ranks thru the tech priest career stuff, and im including ALL alternate ranks that iv got copies of. Sadly, this is all iv done so far, but i only started the other day
  10. PullsyJr said: In Publisher, with the file open, do this: From the File menu, click on Print... . This will open up a dialogue box. At the top of the box is a down list of all the installed printers. Select Adobe PDF from the list, then do the rest of the print as normal. If you don't see Adobe PDF listed in the printer field, then you may need to download something that will allow you to use it. I personally use Cute PDF at home, though that is not in any way a recommendation. Google "free PDF printer" and you'll get a stack of hits that you can try. I hope this helps. I'm giving it a go... hopefully it will all go well, espesh as i reckon there is plenty of ppl out there that (won't need, but) will use these booklets if they're available... its just a pity that FFG won't take the idea themselves and make the booklets themselves... boooo at you FFG
  11. MKX said: In 2003 I have, its in Print and you can Adobe PDF in there, Advanced will let you adjust the size of the file and its settings ok... im gonna b a complete f*** tard, but... what? that made no sense 2 me at all lol
  12. I am (slowly) writing up 'booklets' for each off the Career Paths, including all options open to that particular career path. I was wondering, how do i convert a Publisher 2000 document into a .PDF? If any one would like to have a copy of these booklets, let me know, with ur email address, and i can mail them to you as they are at the moment. Booklets completed so far - 0 Booklets in progress - 1 - Tech Priest.
  13. I got the Space Marine Career Path off of Dark Reign (the supplement contains a DH Career Path for Adeptus Astartes) and I can't seem to find the information in there for what the SM's extra organs do. They have Traits to activate them over the 1st 2-3 Ranks, but I can't seem to find the descriptions of the Traits themselves, and was wondering if anyone out there knew where in the supplement they are, or whether rules have been written for them at all. If they haven't been written, is there anyone that can suggest rules for each of the organs please.
  14. jman5000 said: what I would love to see would be a comprehensive list of Traits that have been used with all the different creatures throughout the books. that way, I can easily reference a single source when designing my own custom baddies. cheers, J. Right thats it, when i get an Xbox/other hobby free moment, il start on that booklet, im gonna fully write up everything that each creature needs in each entry, so theres no flickin between books etc
  15. Brother Praetus said: Are you looking for more of an appendix/index type listing? You know, something along the lines of Creature Name; Sourcebook; Page Number? Yeah that would be cool, i want to make up a booklet that means i only need 1 book for all the creatures/xenos/npcs, because finding things in PDFs is a pain in the arse. Brother Praetus said: I don't know that anyone has generated one as yet. If I can find the time to work one out, I may undertake such a task. However, as several of my friends like to say, right now I am "the busiest unemployed person" that they know. -=Brother Praetus=- I know that feeling, between kids, a missus, and at least 4 full time hobbies, i barely have time 4 my GM work lol
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