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  1. wow i'm not sure how that was missed but i believe you are right. i can't say this would be official ruling but it makes sense to make that change. BJaffe01
  2. the card probably is supposed to represent boogy wheels out of line or jammed turret fixed BJaffe01
  3. hey Aussie-Digger nice card idea. i'd love to know how it plays for you. the Panther's 75 had a longer range than the Tiger's 88 and the Hitting power was similiar as both tended to destroy what the hit. the Panther's hitting power was due to the speed of the shot fired BJaffe01
  4. actually the way i wanted Tank fight to work. the Soviet reinforcements arrived all day long and in variable strength. BJaffe01
  5. It shoul;d be the combined air support deck BJaffe01
  6. Not a bad idea. how much have you used this and has it actually worked. BJaffe01
  7. That's okay to miss read that. It probably could have been explained better as well. i'm just glad i could correct that for you. when you replay it let me know how it turns out. BJaffe01
  8. Actually Lend Lease tanks started helping the Russians in Dec. 1941 when Matlida's where used at Moscow. in 1942 the Counter Attack at Karkov Lend Lease Tanks where probably 20 -25 % of the Tanks Available. I just got several new books on Kursk and yeah the Churchill,Grant and Stuart where there. Agreed the Firefly needs it's own model. Soviet Tank Levels where always critical until late 43 for 2 reasons. 1 the Relocated industry had to re gear up production and that took time. 2 they Russians had no Tank Recovery service like the Rest of the Armies and that had to be equipped and trained. those units first really appeared at Kursk and yeomans work. BJaffe01
  9. interesting idea. as for more Russian Tanks you can always use Shermans and Matildas and crusaders as valentines as the Russians where sent over 2000 of each via lend lease. also you could include half tracks in the mix. BJaffe01
  10. hmm that card is not in my set i just looked. i wonder where that card is from BJaffe01
  11. sorry for being gone. your are supposed to place the russian units in the hexes marked 1-4 then roll for scatter. it should break them up more. when i played this one over a year ago the Russians had a hard time getting strength forward.also being willing to take losses to take out machine guns is sound strategy as long as the victory conditions do not penalize you for losing men. BJaffe01
  12. boy that's lucky with the Para drop's . yeah the germans need to defend wisely. BJaffe01
  13. you are supposed to use the exact hexes illustrated in the scenario for the drop zones. not chose where to place them.the only choice was which squads dropped where. i agree the Balka rules should be different. Balka'a are like dry river beds some where wide enough for tanks to drive along and that's what the entance's where for to faciliate entry into the balka. the ones that wide also tended to be deep ie the tank was completely hidden from view. and some where narrow that only infantry could move along. as for elite formations i didn't find the card that overpowering when the Russian troops arrived so scattered. sorry it turned out so poorly when i played it the Russians ended up need 5 rounds just to get enough troops available to actually move on to the victory conditions BJaffe01
  14. i hope he meant the M-36 which looks like the M-10. yes the cards look real good. BJaffe01
  15. BJaffe01


    sadly the only American Tank that meets your requirements Grand Stone would be the Pershing. of course the Sabot round also helps. BJaffe01
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