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  1. Why don't you just let them work on their projects, they will surely make an announcement when they see fit. You seem to be waiting for a lot of things, you do realize that - to satisfy your cravings - there are people doing some actual work? Do you know what "working" means?
  2. I'm at a loss... What is the difference between Aegis and a normal suit of Armour? Both are Armour (even though Aegis looks like a shield) and on a roll of 1 - 3 with both you still lose the battle, and presumably, a life (unless a character decides to take something else from you etc.). Roll a 4 - 6 and you do not lose a life. The only difference I can see is that with the normal armour you still lose the battle while with Aegis it's a stand-off. Armour If you are defeated in battle and just lost a life, roll 1 die. If you roll a 4,5, or 6, the Armour protected you and you did not lose that life, though you still lost the battle. Aegis You may use Aegis if your attack score is less than your oppenent's. To do so, roll 1 die: 1-3) You lose the attack as normal 4-6) You do not lose the attack; it is considered a stand-off instead So here I am left perplexed. If anyone could explain to me the difference in game-play (I am aware that the wording is different) I would be much obliged...
  3. All the replies are wonderful, and I know that the valkyrie was a previous character in the 2nd edition... but the question is really aimed at what Characters people want to see, not necessarily what Characters they want brought back! A Valkyrie and a Dark Elf or Druagh of some sort would be most welcome! Some more non-human and female Characters as well...
  4. I recently read a great post on this Forum asking for more female Characters and I realised... I'd love FFG to release a Valkyrie character card! Is there any specific character you'd love to see in the land of Talisman?
  5. Galahad2


    I went to Orc's Nest in London yesterday and bought it! It was everywhere, on shelves and proudly on display in the window...
  6. alboy said: Galahad l would like your Promo Cards because l was not able to attain them as l live in England. By the way l may be wrong but l don't think people can message others on this forum. well... here is a quest for you then. If you can find a way to privately send me your address I will post them to you.
  7. I meant my Instructor and Doppelganger cards! Anytime... I can't wait for the Dungeon to come out!
  8. You can have my cards. Just message me your address and I'll send them.
  9. Galahad2

    City Expansion

    Yes, now that we're back in the 21st century let's get back on topic! I want a City expansion. Not like the old one necessarily but one where you can stock up on things and meet new and wonderful friends/adversaries.
  10. Galahad2

    City Expansion

    2008 is 21st century... or am I missing something?
  11. Ah yes, I also seem to have a few coloured adventure cards... but maybe they are from a later edition? 2nd probably... Having said that, my 1st edition will always be my favourite version of Talisman even if the 4th edition is in actual fact more spectacular.
  12. Galahad2

    City Expansion

    Sir, I agree with you! The minotaur was a lovely addition... and the chaos warrior... hours of evil fun.
  13. Just to say, I have a 1st edition Talisman, and the cards do have colour... I'm not too sure myself what the difference between 1st and 2nd editions are, never having owned the 2nd.
  14. Galahad2


    I love the look of this... just hope it adds some good NEW details to the game rather than just more of the same. So excited!
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