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  1. I believe you are right Cipher wise, but that doesnt effect FFG. We still dont have the core exxet or Gaia 2. FFG is scaring me really. Its really hard to try to get people into this game sometimes when the English releases seem so unloved, just look at Prometheum exxet its a mess. I dont know what FFG was thinking when they did the work on that book but that plus them sitting on 2 books for so long really has me worried for the games survival.
  2. God I want Gaia 2 bad! I want all the Anima really, I cant wait till they release even more books and hopefully FFG gets them to us on a timely manner. I also hope they are well translated the last book "Anima Prometheum Exxet" was really poorly done, even going as far as completely "changing" a rule I still have the odd player that thinks Im running the rule wrong because the book clearly states differently. I have even been tempted to learn spanish so that I can just buy and read the first print books.
  3. 1. Is the player supposed to choose the class of the soul form? I would say yes 2. Are the stats of the soul form purchased with DP like any other monster? or do they use the sheele's original? Im pretty sure it says build them like a creature so I would say purchased with DP 3. Can a soul form spend the MK it gets from its class? there are monsters in "those who walked among us" that use ki abilities so there should be a way somehow? and if one is using the MK learning time from Dominus Exxet, how would that work? I would say yes, and I would grant all of its MK when made. 4. Can a soul form learn Ars Magnus and impossible weapons? how would they go about having a normal weapon in the first place? or are they restricted to natural weapons? I would say they can learn these things, but they dont gain them by transforming so if they werent holding them already or you didnt have the weapon for them they would have to get weapons themselves. 5. Anything else you could help out with would be greatly appreciated, I like sheeles but they're just so vague sometimes about their nature. The first guy said they dont have souls but he is incorrect, basicly other then undead freewill = soul. Also Im pretty sure anything without a soul in this game is outright said not to have one like the create creature spells. Soul form cost a lot to use so unless you are built for nothing but using it you are only going to have a few rounds with it so I am happy to let players have their 3 rounds of pure power. Also on the whole house ruling mass movent I would just let the players do it, there would be no check for the one being lifted and the cost would be the same as in the book(as in not counting levels). One of the big things in this game and one of the biggest reasons you want a party in this game is you can build a really crazy powerful sheet but there is a few things that will out right counter you. Sure every normal fighter those 2 meet get lifted up and most likely screwed but that time they try it on a mage or psychic and they fry them anyway because they dont Need to move to kill them. Everyone plays with their own style and everything so whatever works for your group I just really like the raw rules in almost all cases.
  4. I like the idea of stat cost attacks. First of all it fits a lot of stories and animes which is nice. I have used it as a GM to teach players the importance of the use of their powers by having the wise old master teach them a super cool move that has that cost. As a player I made this one really nasty combo that I would body jump into someone then spend their stats on the skill and jump out, because you only keep you mental stats when you get a new body the others depend on the body you are in.
  5. Or you know you could just use the rules out of the book. "Possession: The creature has the ability to possess a corporal form that is not its own and introduce itself into its body, subjugating the will of the host. While it is found within it, it will be able to use its own abilities as well as that of its host, although it would need to use the physical characteristics of the body. Its ability to take damage while within a physical form, depends on its nature. If we are dealing with a Being Between Worlds, there is the possibility that a sharp strike in the place that it is located in can damage it normally. If it is a Soul, it does not take damage under conventional means, but the physical form that it possesses does. The attacks based on energy will effect the spirit as well as the individual possessed, subtracting individually the LP of each one. The essence attacks can be used against both at the same time or just against one, if and when the person casting it is aware of the situation. The possession is permanent, but the body has the right to a new Resistance check every day that goes by, or on every occasion in which an action is taken that is completely against its nature." Which is an Added Mystical Effect on pg 289 of the core book.
  6. Please post in here if you want this book to come out in english, maybe if they see we all want the new core book they will finally bring it out for us.
  7. Well I am not FFG but I know the costs here ya go: Circlet - 50 SC Forehead Protector - 80 SC Leather Hood - 40 SC Casque - 1 GC Mail Coif - 5 GC Open Helm - 20 GC Great Helm - 40 GC I hope that helps.
  8. hello, I'm looking for a character sheet I can work with on the computer. so one that I can fill out on my computer then print. thx
  9. I hope you can find a group to play with.
  10. The only "hard" part is using the character sheet for the frist time. After that its no problem.
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