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  1. Nah, from the Great Southern Land but language barriers these days are far easier to get by due to the prevelence of things like translation software and applications.
  2. Yeah the bigger the game the more complex it gets. 3/3/3 games just don't do it justice, I play 5/5/5 at the smallest as it gives you an idea on how the order system works properly and allows you to have a lot more flexibility. 3/3/3 just gives you a faint idea, a taste of what is to come and of course selection of units makes all the difference as you'l find all sorts of combos and develop counter strats, added more units or command cards or order tokens until you find the right amount to suit a given situation. The way I see it, the starter set is more to give you the material (Dice, Cards, Map, Unit cards) than it is to give you an effective force to play the game with. One Starter Set is good but two is better and once you start getting boosters or even using proxies you'll discover it's tactical depth. For your other question on Maps, I've compiled the ones I know about and are as follows: 1. The Starter Set contains (as a double sided sheet): Map A01 Map A02 2. Map A03 was used as the Intro map and was included in the Lost Legions Set (no longer Available) and sometimes FFG will throw in the map when you order some stuff from them (happened to me). 3. Map Tiles (What I call A04) available to download in two parts from FFG www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp Maps 1a-2b Maps 3a-4b So you have 4 Official Maps A01 - A04 and these maps can be placed next to one another to form larger maps (good reason to have 2 starter sets, more command cards, more dice but more importantly a second map). 4. Unofficial Maps from mutantchronicles.mforos.com/1660168/8419032-mapas-no-oficiales/ Venus Road Map - See Post 1 Venus Crator Map - See Post 4 Huge Mars Map - See Post 13 Another Venus Map - See Post 15 5. Unofficial Maps from mutantchronicles.wbl.sk/Download__Maps.html Venusian MapSo 5 Unofficial Maps to play around with as well. Some useful sites are: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp mutantchronicles.mforos.com/ www.mutantpedia.com/eng/index.htm http://mutantchronicles.wbl.sk/
  3. I didn't think you had to expend order tokens to use Command Cards. The only time you need to use Order Tokens is if you wish to pay for its' buyback (Only if the card has it). Little obscure but I hope that helps.
  4. I'd start off with the Starter Pack. It contains all you need to play (Map, Dice, Command Cards, Unit Cards, locations, tokens and units for 2 factions). So while it does contain all the essentials, the bonus is that the unit cards in the starter set are not just for the 6 you get in the set but one for each and every unit you can possibly get so you can see each unit, their abilites and essentially get a feel for every faction and how they're meant to work. Failing that, a quick overview: Capitol are a very United States themed mobile force. Their units are fragile but fast and well equipped and is an army that relies on synergies. They all work very well together rather than on their own and can be difficult to use at first but once mastered are probaby the toughest of the lot. On the Tourny scene, Ranger builds tended to be the most fielded and while weak in small games, Capitol get stronger the larger the game. They also come in the starter set -> 1 Ranger, 1 Free-Marine, 1 Jet Pack trooper so you get a feel for their three styles (Ranger armies, Free Marine soldiers being solid solo units who put out decent firepower and the mobile jet packs). Advanced Recon booster is great and Capitol tends to have the largest variety but all their boosters are fine and depends on the style you want to go for. Bauhaus are a Euro-centric force full of elite strong units who are more static and long range, favouring superior firepower and have access to battlesuits. So where Capitol are fast and short-range, Bauhaus are slow and long ranged and their cards . While they aren't in the starter pack, the booster 'Vulkan's Fist' is a good start as it contains the battlesuit and two Venusian Rangers (which can be followed up by the Venusian Command Booster) while 'Order of the Bear' will give you a taste of their suppressing firepower. Brotherhood are the last of the human factions and are themed on the Inquisition/Crusaders of old and tend to be the most complicated force. Capitol like short ranged firefights, Bauhaus long ranged but Brotherhood like to get right into the action and put the enemy to the sword. They are a close combat army with some access to ranged units (Inquisitors) but generally like to be next to the enemy. Unlike the other two forces, Brotherhood have access to psychic powers, have lots of healing units and support each other using their unique powers so while fragile, are able to keep their strength up. They are not in the starter set nor in the lost legions set and so are the easiest force to complete and best to start with 'The Book of Law' booster. The major demon faction are Algeroth. They have some neat grunts, the close ranged Technomancers who buff other units and the long range Necromutants who start powerful and devolve down a level instead of being killed and so last a long time and can be a pain to the enemy when fielded enmass. But the power of Algeroth isn't in grunts but their monsters, namely the Ezoghouls (In the starter set along with one technomancer and one Necromutant) who are huge and close combat based and very tough to take down. They also have long ranged monsters in the Gommorian and monsters who buff your force in the Tekton Warmaster who allows you to regain command cards. Their heroes are also very powerful and very deadly and so overall it is a shock and awe army who are very tough and have a focus on close ranged. The minor Demon Faction is Ilian who never really got released. You can get Karak who is a renegade Brotherhood member and so if you collect Brotherhood you can use them as loyal or use Karak and use them as Demon Renegades. The only other unit Ilian have is the Golem of Ice and so these tough monsters are used to complement your Renegade brotherhood army. Great force but if you want to go beyond those two choices you'll have to do some converting. Thats a sum-up and as for Tourny games, it's best played at home, very casual and allows you to try out different choices as each force is made up of three tings (Units, Cards, Orders) and you can go for even or min max or all sorts of mixes. A lot of variety and very easy to pick up and play. Hope that helps, ~Lord B.
  5. Well after the sale I managed to pick up a few sets and so have gone from a small force to a healthy collection of 2-4 of each model (Only 1 of Warmaster's Legions/Gommorian's Hammer and Advanced Recon though so still some hunting to do yet) and was surprised when the package arrived that it also contained Map A03 in it and while I do have 3 starter sets (For the command cards/dice/maps), this additional map gives some much needed variation so many thanks to FFG for the surprise bonus! As for the future, I can now get some big games in and hopefully post up a battle report or two while still hunt for Lost Legions and the above 3 sets to complete the collection. All the doubles I end up with will either be painted a different colour (Bronze/Silver/Gold, whichever I need) or converted, mostly to give Ilian some variation. How fares other people's Chronicles these months on?
  6. 2010 to Games Workshop will be a year for Fantasy with the release of 8th Edition along with a heavier focus on those army books rather than 40K Codex’s (although they've managed to shove quite a few in so their plate is very full). With the success of Space Hulk, there's always the chance that GW will get back to re-releasing it's other games or in the very least, letting FFG to capitalise upon the renewed interest in GW board games and do it for them. As far as I'm aware, there is a restriction on their (GW) IP that others are not to make miniatures in their own scale but aside from that I'm not too sure but would love to see someone of the calibre of FFG to be allowed to explore the 40K universe in a more controlled board game or CCG environment rather than GW's tabletop or FFG's excellent RPGs already available.
  7. Yeps, you can mix so Algeroth can mix with Ilian while the Mega-corporations can mix with one another (Capitol, Bauhaus) as well as the Brotherhood. The rules for mixing is Demon can only ally with Demon and Non-Demon can only ally with Non-Demon so it's as you suggested. The only exception to this is If you manage to get Karak The Keeper, he's kind of a Brotherhood traitor/Heretic and an Ilian character and can use brotherhood troops (Who follow his way) so Ilian with Karak can use Brotherhood and so partially ignore the above rule. Necrotech will work well with your starter as will the 13th Banshee and will show how mobile a Capitol force can be and will be able to cope well against double-based units like the Ezoghoul. Order of the Bear look very nice and will give an idea of the long range focus of Bauhaus but it's unfortunate that FFG never got around to releasing much of Bauhaus (Order of the Bear, Venusian Command, Vulkan's Fist) which ends up only being 3 different units with their different upgrades (Gold/Silver/Bronze) as most were released in the Lost Legions pack which has sold out so you'll have to hunt around Ebay if you ever want to do a dedicated Bauhaus force. However the three packs available are all good and allow you to play them as allies or in smaller games. Fury's Wrath for the brotherhood will give you a taste of their close combat abilities as Brotherhood units are generally up close and personal and while fragile, have a whole heap of neat abilities and that pack combined with the Book of Law one would make an excellent Brotherhood skirmish force. Finally Golem of Ice is great, new command cards, Ice Tokens and the model is larger and solid, being of a different plastic to the others as it was a later release and I've ordered myself a second one as I just like them! Anyways hope that helps!
  8. Q1) Yes - You can mix and match as much as you want so you can go Minature heavy with only some orders and command cards or fewer minatures but with a lot more orders and cards so you can micromanage them better, its entirely up to you and you'll find your own playstyle of what amount suits you best. Q2) Ignore Skirmsh 3/3/3, it's not the best way to play at an introductory level. Play 5/5/5 and that way you actually get an idea of order tokens and activations as in a turn you activate some units, then he does some units and then you do somre more and so on until you have no more and that's the end of 1 turn, with 3/3/3 there's just not enough on the board to get that sense of play so go 5/5/5 to start with. From there I jumped to 7/7/7 which works well although I've not tried a 10/10/10 yet. As an aside, it's always best to get a Second starter set for: More Dice More Command Cards Another Map so you can play bigger games Plus you end up with a solid Demon and Capitol force. As you can have 3 of any command card, if there's money to play around with, a third starter set is also handy. With the initial set, Capitol are at a disadvantage in 3/3/3 as they're a quick and deadly force that's very fragile and so the bigger the game, the better they get as they rely on unit synergies rather than singular models. Finally make sure to download the FAQ/Erranta as the Rulebook has a couple of misprints which can really confuse you and as a bonus, there's a whole bunch of material available online for comp play, extra maps to print out, command cards and units as well as quite a few player supplements to the game. All the best and happy gaming!
  9. Ranger heavy armies with Marksmenship command cards tend to be the best builds for Capitol in my experience. In small(er) games Capitol has a real difficult time keeping up the momentum due to the limited number of models and how fragile they are but as games get bigger, Capitol do better and better and end up one of the more powerful forces around.
  10. lol I'm still waiting for the day someone drops out of the hobby and puts a full set up on Ebay or other associated site(s). Until then its gaming and using proxies or conversions
  11. Awesome! Many thanks for the new maps, it'll allow for some games to be played on Venus (I think) and other locations and helps provide the raw material from which to write up our own supplements and help do this game some justice. Keep up the good work!
  12. As I said in the other thread, my bet is that one of them is a reinvention or a new edition of Thunder's edge. 1) It has that Dune vibe, so could be the Dune game that's not Dune and being a desert-like backwater planet filled with vying factions mixing military might with political intrigue, can retain a lot of ideas that the designers may have had for Dune. 2) Enough time has passed for TI: 3rd ed to settle down so that Thunder's Edge will not cut into it's market share. After all Thunder's edge is the precursor hex game to TI and traces humanities development with its factions forging into SolGov/Federation of Sol at the end. 3) It was released in 1999 so this marks the 10 year anniversary of one of the founding FFG games (It was one of the three original Hex games along with TI and battlemist). ~Lord Balor
  13. Thanks for the replies Dominik, I might have to read up on some MC lore to help understand the background(s) behind the unit(s). As for the questions, they've been answered in the 5/5/5 battle report thread and were basically all the questions we had come up during battle that we weren't 100% sure on - the FAQ has helped although there were some other Q's not covered by it. Still very tempted to write up my own campaign for the game in the holidays I have in a few weeks time although I'll have a fair bit of catching up to do with reading about the MC universe to make sure its somewhat relevent/accurate so input from other people is very much welcomed when the time comes.
  14. So there's Original Map from the starter set (double sided) Lost Legions Map/Intro Map Downloadable Map 1a-2b Downloadable Map 3a-4b Many thanks for the confirmation Brian. As an aside, do you know if FFG plan to re-release Lost Legions at any stage, be it old stock recalled, a second production run or am I best left prowling ebay for those done with the game?
  15. Well one of the things I've been wondering reading through old threads and topics on these boards are the various mentions to a map pack or map pack software or solid maps etc and was wondering if any such thing came out (well before I started the game) or if it was all speculations/looking forwards to something that never materialised. I know there's a map in the starter set (I've got one and going to pick up another two for the maps, dice and command cards) and a map in the lost legions set (unfortunately I missed out on LL) so are there any other official maps that were released or just these two? Regards, Lord Balor
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