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  1. I found her actually tougher than Spider Man. I thought she would be easy but I must have gotten crushed under getting pummeled by Rhino, or getting the Threat level too high. At least with Spider Man I was able to pull off a few moves to score a win. Is she easier than Spider Man? Unless I am playing wrong I do find the game pretty punishing. I will try some of the tips given in this forum though.
  2. I looked at the different characters, and I can't help but think that the Brotherhood of Steel character is the one that everyone is going to want to be, much like the race car from Monopoly. "...I want to be the Brotherhood of Steel character, or else I am not playing..."
  3. I am thinking of getting this game because I have 2 buddies who love Star Wars. I see that this is a 2 to 4 player game. Can someone please explain to me how a 3 player game would work? Thanks
  4. So sad to hear that Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight part ways. However, Warhammer is too big to just stop. Surely there must be talk in the wind of another company picking up the licence and starting a new RPG game line.
  5. Excellent article! What oath would be best for the mission and which squad modes would you recommend for the final battle?
  6. Some ships like Star Destroyers are bristling with weapons. Let's say a Star Destroyer and a Corillian Corvette are duking it out. Would you need to roll for every weapon in a firing arc separately? That might take a long time.
  7. Thanks for letting me know. I had NO idea it came out last Friday. Even the Fantasy Flight news feed on drivethrurpg.com gave no indication it was one of the new books. I really am starting to wonder why some Fantasy Flight books are invisible when they come out. You would think they want to maximize sales.
  8. This is taking a very long time. Usually there is a PDF version of the books within about 3 weeks. It has been much longer in this case. Since the other books were in PDF format, is there any news when we can expect Enemies within on drivethrurpg?
  9. I think a source book on Titans would be great. Actually creating Titan orders the same way that one could create Space Marine Chapters and Imperial Guard Regiments. Titan Legions could be an excellent supplement which would work for other games like Deathwatch, not just Only War. It would allow for epic warfighting rather than just being a grunt in the mud.
  10. I saw on a Wiki that the number of Mon Calimari cruisers in the Rebel fleet numbered around 40. Not bad punch, but still tiny compared to 25,000 Star Destroyers that the Empire could field.
  11. OM OMG, you wrote exactly what I was going to address. A sector group had 2,400 ships, including 24 star destroyers, times the number of sectors which in this case is 1,024. You read my mind...
  12. Just a fluff question, was there ever in indication giving the size of the Imperial and Rebel fleets in the Star Wars Universe? I recall reading somewhere that there were about 25,000 star destroyers scattered across the Galaxy. Some books have been really good at giving org charts for both armies (especially back in the day of the Star Wars RPG from West End games). The new book called a Star Wars guide to Warfare was also really good. I would imagine that the Rebel fleet, if it was ever assembled, might be about 200 capital ships but I might have just imagined that number. Does anyone have any numbers from the fluff? I know that the imperial fleet is going to be obviously bigger, but it probably gets small really fast when you spread it across a Galaxy. The rebels benefit from being an insurgent group to even the score (able to strike where they want, when they want).
  13. Out of curiosity, how did everyone find 11th hour? Looking at the stats of the Characters vs. the stat lines of the orks, the orks seem very tough, especially compared to the weapons that the players will be using (being imperial guard). Some battles would have the characters outnumbered 2:1 by orks. How were the players able to defeat the orks and make it to the end of the adventure?
  14. I saw alot of talk about this on the forums and wanted to just clarify. If a character chooses the Commodore character class, what kind of ship would he or she most likely command. The default rules state that a group can start with a Lambda class shuttle, but that would be rather lame since it is just between a starfighter and a capital ship. I would imagine that the most common kind of capital class ship in the rebel alliance would be a Correlian Corvette. Maybe after he proves his chops he might them move to a Nebulon B, and then pilot a cruiser. What would be the most likely command vehicle for a starting commodore and what would command progression look like?
  15. Maybe they were having lousy dice roles. When a crack soldier and a smuggler are having a stand off with 3 storm troopers you know that something is amiss
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