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  1. Hey all, Brief rules question that we weren't able to figure out... what do you do if both sides are routed?
  2. As an update, my players have decided to see if they can assassinate the leader of said "Rome" and take over his armies... so, this pleases me. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys!
  3. I like the penal colony idea, but that raises a question; how much known human settlement is there in the Expanse? I always got the impression it's relatively lawless and unexplored, and for the most part, the players are out solo until they get close to the Maw.
  4. So. Yes. Well, I'm running Rogue Trader, and as an ex-GM of the swashbucklingly awesome 7th Sea game, I tend to go with a far less lethal, more "you're the goddamn heroes, so act like it" over-the-top style of game. If my players want to do something that makes sense, I roll with it, even if I never saw it coming or it derails the plot. My players are aware of that, and generally things work out great. However, I've hit a snag. The players have managed to find the wreck of a battlecruiser, with a Rome-sized city-state built on top of it. There's another city-state on the other end of the continent, and managed to end a nearly millennium-long war via some rational arguments, and by leveling a range of mountains as a sort of "just making a point" thing. The next problem in their way is an "infestation" of mutants that live in the deep catacombs within the world, who are likely led by a Greater Daemon. My players are thinking that they should personally go into the tunnels and try and seal them. The problem is... these tunnels cross the whole **** planet, and while the mutants aren't that tough, there are a lot of them. Enough to pose a significant risk to not just the players, but eventually the folks living on the world, when they eventually surge forth a-la LoTR. So... I'm trying to figure out alternatives to the players' current plan. Any suggestions?
  5. Actually, the stats for a murder-servitor are in the Free RPG Day adventure that was made for Black Crusade. I imagine it's available for download on the product's support page.
  6. I had a player who had just rolled a Navigator, and obviously wasn't having much fun, but was making the best of it. In between sessions, I pitched the idea of him playing a Grey Night. However, he'd be a neophyte grey knight, so to speak, out to prove his worth before becoming a full brother. The players have accepted the company of one of the acolytes of an Inquisitor, who was tasked with advising them on the treasure hunt they were undertaking. He brought a large variety of "luggage" with him, arms coffers, stasis crates, etc. The new Knight is sealed in one of them, having been sent out by his Brothers to prove himself by fighting the foes of the inquisition without the aid of blessed weapons or armor. Functionally, the player is starting without any of the crazy-awesome gear of the Grey Knights, or even of a regular Space Marine chapter, and without the black carapace implant, as well as without any psyker powers. The powers I'll allow him to unlock, the armor I fully expect him to "discover" as the party's adventure continues. So far, it has been nicely balanced.
  7. I, too, would love some info on this... confusing stuff, it.
  8. Hmm, a good idea all-round, I think. I'll keep some of the "suicide-suggestion for the weak-minded, but make sure that in the center, there'll be what looks to be a heavy weapon team set up, with craters blown out of the wall their were facing, charred to the bone with a few other soldiers. The ones with the self-inflicted wounds will be spared from a torch-y fate, I think. Do you think that'd get the idea across? I think I'll have the players' rival (Feckleton) be in the ruins with them instead of having already been there... that'll add some spice to things, and give them something to do before the Monster shows up. Every time they encounter him, he'll have noticeably less men...
  9. Awesome stuff Gregorius! I'll be stealing a few of these... Also figured I'd post what I had for the Maze Monster... let me know what you think, or if you've got any suggestions. After about fifteen to twenty minutes of exploring, the players will come upon a great plaza, with a sand-filled courtyard. Have the players make an Ordinary (+10) Awareness Test. Those who succeed will notice crumpled forms along the edges of the dark plaza. They bear the livery of the Feckleton Dynasty, and are all recently killed. From basic investigation, it would seem they killed themselves; all wounds seem to be self-inflicted, from head-wounds to slit throats. The character who succeeds with the most degrees of success will notice the howling wind seeming to fade, despite the storm overhead raging unabated. They will also swiftly realize that it's not just the wind that seems quieter, all noises seem to be muffled, from their own voices to weapon discharges. Quickly, the air will fill with what sounds like whispered voices, just at the edge of hearing, and a foul wind will begin to blow down the alleyways, towards the heroes, as if something was heading their way... The whispers grow stronger, and a light becomes faintly visible in the direction of the wind. The whispers speak to each character differently, but in each case stating their worst fears and self-doubts as true. As they realize this, the wind will grow stronger, and the flickering light will begin to grow brighter. The Sentinel has a Fear Rating of 2, which will now become apparent and require a Hard (-10) Willpower Test. Any nearby NPCs that fail their rolls (which should be done en-mass for grunts) will begin to shake, and slowly make motions towards suicide. If anyone has Into the Jaws of Hell, this is ignored, otherwise, one player may attempt a Very Difficult (-30) Charm: Inspire Test to break this effect's hold on them. This is made more difficult by the oppressive silence, which clings to every word spoken. In a few moments, the Sentinel becomes visible, a wall of pitch-black smoke, illuminated by an inner roiling flame. Hands of smoke reach out and seem to drag it forward at a decent clip, at the speed of a slow jog. The air around it crackles with unholy light, and it seems to fill the entire room as it moves forward. The whispering and fear grows more palpable and coherent as it draws closer, and it should hopefully become obvious that tangling with this thing is a bad idea.
  10. Errant said: The simplest method is largely the one thing all GMs have to learn; namely, how to impart a sense of urgency without having to actually do much. "The partially caved-in tunnel before you is still lit by the burning corpse of Ensign Ricky. The Fire? Smoke? Throne, whatever was, that... engulfed him, still seems to be fixated on his remains for the moment. You're able to pick out two exits at the end of the corridor. Left, or right?" Don't give them much time to consider it. As they progress further into the maze, describe less about the environment and more about what's pursuing them. Have sudden cave-ins force Strength or Agility tests to get past, let the techpriest's auspex (really, I've never seen an explorator without one, if only to make exploration challenges absurdly easy) flare in and out of life, the mass spectrometer component of it screeching that the explorers are currently surrounded by tons of crushing water, et cetera. By all means include set-pieces for combat or challenges to overcome, but don't try and plan the maze out ahead of time. Keep them in the maze until they're beginning to get used to it, then change things up. Suddenly they burst into a brightly-lit arboretum, surrounded by the skittering sounds of chitin on stone, or they bump into kommandoes sneekin' about all proppa like. Et cetera. Fan-tastic. Thanks muchly!
  11. Hello again, all. A modest question, a seeking of opinion, here. I'm planning on running a modified version of the adventure out of the back of the Rogue Trader core book, and have run into a complication, so to speak. When the players wind up looking for the Celestial Spyglass, the adventure describes the ruins that surround the structure as a maze-like hive-city built in three dimensions. My thoughts were that if it's actually maze-like, wouldn't that mean there'd be some complications in getting to the Spyglass? Thus, my idea for having a maze, and something nasty in it. I took the liberty of moving the hive to the "dark side" of the world, so that it'd be, well, dark. The players will land a distance away, able to see the spyglass gleaming from afar. The maze-city will be somewhat empty, save some sort of roiling wall of smoke and fire that'll be stalking them; ideally, it'll insta-kill an NPC to give the players an idea of lethality. Of course, it won't kill player (as I find one-shot kills kinda... disappointing), but if it gets too close to a player it'll start inflicting corruption/insanity, haven't decided which. I figure with this thing showing up semi-randomly and inspiring chase scenes, that'd keep things somewhat tense. The problem is... how do I incorporate the maze element to it? So far, I figured I'll draw up a simple maze, and let the players navigate through it, with some set pieces at pre-determined locations along the way to keep things from being an "endless identical passages" sort of ordeal. But then again, it'd be good for players to be able to use skills... bah! I'm flummoxed! What do people think? Suggestions? Hate it? Hate me?
  12. Quick and simple question... my players are likely to discover some of the remains of a battle between the forces of chaos and the RT's descendants. There'll be a few more-or-less intact Chaos warships. We're talking about, honest-to-God in the employ of daemons Chaos, not just "we like the idea, only attend on Christmas and Easter" chaos. Should it be possible for these ships to be salvaged? If so, what are the consequences of something that has a home to evil for so long being used for something new? Do old habits die hard?
  13. Glad, then, that I purchased Frozen Reaches... I guess I'll check it out.
  14. Sadly, "Battlefleet Koronus"'s release was pushed back on Amazon past the go-date of my RT campaign, and I was rather looking forward to having solid rules for how to handle armies, ground forces, their gear, and otherwise. How do you deal with that sort of stuff for your players?
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