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  1. You have the 16 card deck for the city location encounters. There is a 20 card Dream-Quest deck that works like the expedition deck. (4 different backs which are the 4 wilderness locations) Then the standard 4 encounter decks (Americas/Europe/Asia/General) all get 4 new cards. It also adds 6 otherworld encounter cards. 7 clue and 3 gate tokens for the sideboard. I hope that helps LeRoux.
  2. Glad you had a good time too. Darrell was the unfortunate investigator that suffered in my Perlude card so I didn't get to see him in action. He'll be selected in the next round for sure. You have the dreamlands mechanics correct, easy to get there but leaving is a tad tougher Each space containing a Dream Portal is connected by a Local Path to the space that corresponds to that token. Spaces connected by Local paths are so close to eachother that moving between them does not reuire an action.
  3. Today's Dreamlands adventure. *Spoiler light* Prelude- Lurker Among Us.... Ancient One- Hypnos Investigators- Carolyn Fern, Luke Robinson, Vincent Lee, Kate Winthrop Like most of the Arkham Files games for me, the first two rounds were mixed blessings. By the second mythos phase I had turned down three offers to gain a dark pact, one of which cost everyone 2 sanity and 2 health. First mystery was all about getting gates managed, Luke was up to bat and didn't disappoint. With Carolyn out managing sanity for everyone her Dream Journal was very helpful keeping clues out on the board. Second mystery was a little more daunting and the team still managed to knock it out in 4 turns. Last mystery spawned one of Hypnos special encounter decks and was only tricky due to the fact that clues needed to be encountered on city locations. While there were no shortage for clues they all seemed to be anywhere but city spaces. Overall the sideboard was used frequently, I found myself there more often than not. Several fun encounters gave some extra options if Hypnos was the ancient one. Each sideboard expansion has improved upon the last and I think Dreamlands will be finding ways to come out even if it means I'm selecting my ancient one or prelude card directly.
  4. I'm delving into the Dreamlands tonight. Hopefully get a few plays over the weekend since both MoM2 and AH:LCG are getting expansions next week.
  5. So final outcome was: Amanda Sharpe Carolyn Fern Darrel Simmons Gloria Goldberg Kate Winthrop Luke Robinson Vincent Lee William Yorik
  6. So much Arkham so little time. What a time to be playing Arkham Files games.
  7. UGH, I've had that happen to me before. Try reaching out to FFG and see what they can do.
  8. Got my shipping notice too, ETA is thursday...
  9. I'm excited but I think I'm more excited for the teased DLC coming this month.
  10. When in doubt, use the good old Crown Royal bag. Now with the different flavors of Crown Royal out there you can get a bag of the color you want. Apple comes with a green bag for example. Crown royal has been my go to Monster cup for Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, and Eldritch Horror. Hard to argue a dice bag that comes with free whiskey
  11. I saw this too 26mm coin cases are what you'd want to get for the chaos tokens. I'm torn on caseing them or just waiting to see if acrylic replacements show up.
  12. The more expansions you play with the less special each one feels. I personally played a bunch of each with the base game before blending them with others, and then even when I play more than one expansion I will keep it to 2 plus Miskatonic Horror. If you want a little more varity of your game play Kingsport gives you a new area to explore with a lot more flavor text for the new locations. More investigators to play with and guardians to balance the heralds. While Black Goat makes is the Dark Young gone while story, but keeps things to Arkham proper. I hope that helps, personally I would suggest Kingsport over Black Goat, mainly since you get much more with it and you don't already have any board expansions yet.
  13. I haven't gotten a single Hero and Monster collection, yet. Since RtL is the main way my group plays Descent is there any collection that is better than the rest or are they mostly the same?
  14. Sorry, didn't mean to tease for so long. Non-mythos life got in the way. Just like the other large boxes you can either have an ancient one or a prelude card generate the Dreamlands sideboard. The board connects in 3 major locations on the main board that you generate randomly by flipping gates. These portals to the dreamlands can move as the game progresses. There is another way to get to the Dreamlands just like the other sideboards, when you take a rest you can "will" yourself there instead of healing. The one big thing that I recall from my play of it is that gates are used much more with the expansion. A particular rumor card spawned the Render of Veils which just started moving around the board opening gates for fun. Talents are still around and so are the inclusion of tarrot card items that have various effects. My game was preset with investigators so I didnt get to see all the new ones. We played with Charlie Cane, Lily Chen, Jim Culver, and one other I can't recall.
  15. Just got back from Arkham Nights and got to play the Dreamlands there. Really loving some of the flavor for it, keeps with the sideboard theme that the other large box expansions have but is still different too.