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  1. So playmat is a yes. Scenario 2 of the Guardians of the Abyss has been true since they announced it. Doesn't look like the first scenario that was at Gencon will be there. What about the dividers? Also why are they packing 2 of the class dividers and not a full set of classes? Seems like an super awkward way to release it.
  2. I can’t speak with 100% but even at gencon the alt art promos were pack in the scenario that you got. If they run it the same you get the scenario as part of your promo bag when you check in. That’s how it’s been in prior years. Only things like the Card concil cards were passed ou after the fact cause they needed to be designed and printed first.
  3. There is usually a schedule of events. This is normally things like the RPGs and play with the designer sessions. Last year they scheduled the LoL times since the epic multiplayer version is timed I don’t know if this year they will do the same with the scenario. Other unique events will be scheduled like the 16 player Eldritch Horror and maybe the Arkham Horror Board game 16 player version. The rest of the weekend is open play and demos.
  4. The extra unlisted swag that seems to add to the cost is that it looks like we are getting shirts for this year. Getting my ticket it asked for shirt size, which hasn't happened since 2012 when they had shirts during that event too.
  5. Great summary, I got to play the first quest only so far. It sounds like, I'll enjoy my time in the village.
  6. Taking a closer look at some of the extra promos that were set out since the card box didn't ship in time, I noticed something odd. I personally grabbed "The Dark God" for Elder Sign, as I thought I had it and it looked a little familiar but at the same time not. Getting it home with my set the Dark God I got back in 2014 has different art on it, the one printed was using the art off Yibb-Tstll instead. The bonus promo is also missing the Arkham Nights years on the back too. Were the others printed correctly? I'm curious
  7. I remember the raffles. It would also be good to have more than 1 table of each preview expansion running. Elder Sign is semi quick but Eldritch and Mansions are not short games. I can understand Mansions this year as the plan was that we could all get Streets on our own but the other two should of had 2 tables of each going at the very least.
  8. I'm going to build a deck or two this week, not sure who yet. I'm curious to see what investigators everyone are planning to bring along.
  9. I'll check what extras I have still lurking in the shadows.
  10. For the main Arkham Horror board, is it the revised board? I have a buddy looking for the lighter tone revised board to replace his original dark board.
  11. That's pretty exciting, last year reminded me of what it was like when I first started to go.
  12. A thought struck me, while I'm excited to be able to get Streets of Arkham early it is app driven and without the app getting updated early it's not pointless. I'll hope that's not going to be an oversight.
  13. My group might be, however it will depend on what other events are going on during Arkham Nights
  14. It's a hard call, last year was the Arkham Horror LCG launch so we all bought our cores, then tore into them using the sample decks and what we could cobble together. The Call of Cthulhu LCG was very much build your own, so Arkham Horror might follow that format. I do know for the GenCon event they did not supply decks.
  15. The GenCon Labyrinth of Lunacy packs came with extended alternate art Leo De Luca cards. I'm curious to know if they will be included in the Arkham Nights packs too.
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