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  1. I'll be picking this up as soon as it shows up, but if there's one aspect that gives me pause is there only being 4 Ancient Ones, and apparently only 4 mysteries per Ancient One to choose 3 from each game. Not a deal breaker, but on the surface it seems like a lot less variety from game to game than vanilla Arkham Horror provided out of the box. Hopefully I'm wrong; as I said, it's a Day One purchase.
  2. I'll take a look! Been busy as all get out lately, haven't had time to muck about with the custom stuff in a long while. Much less even get much AH in (though friends are on notice this is to change soon). Shocked anyone remembers my little contribution from ways back.
  3. Er, "now." That wasn't a lame "not" joke. ANd if there's a way to edit posts after submitting, it's been too long since I was on the MB to figure it out *sigh* Anyway -- they're on the boat! Fingers crossed for the July 4th weekend...
  4. Don't know when it updated, but there's that nice little merchant shipping icon next to both titles not. Back off, Dagon. You let that boat dock.
  5. WAAAAAAAA!! YOU'RE ALL STEALING MY A.O.!! MY FEELINGS! MY FEEEELIIINGS!! Oh, I kid, I kid. I kid! But I am feeling a little bad for somehow kicking off a Hecate frenzy (Ms.Gamura, go ahead and use whatever image you want it is very cool). I did manage to get some playtesting in this weekend, but I won't post up the tweaked cards until I'm sure I'm final with them. First game, Hecate only, no heralds, in the last version I posted. Cursed game, all right; base game only, random 4 investigators (forget which, but on the casting end of the spectrum). Thanks to hateful random draws and dice, they ended up with almost no physical weapons, very little money, and thanks to the Stars Are Right Rumor and an incredible streak of bad rolls Hecate woke up with the team ridiculously unprepared for the Final Battle. A gate never opened at the Witch House all game, so that never even became an issue. Anyway, after one round and a quick check on the numbers, I figured I'd try it without giving her Physical Resistance. That even with -5 at least gave the team a fighting chance, but the dice caught up when she was maybe a quarter down. Couldn't expect to do any better with their equipment. I still like the attack mechanic, it's not nearly as confusing as it seems. I swear! But just a snakebit game all around, hard to judge. But I'm definitely losing the Phys Resist. That -1 to Luck checks is grimmer than I'd expected, too. In a good way. Second game, Hecate + Dreams in the Witch-House herald; 4 new investigators, a bit more combat-ready out of the box, with clues and cash as well. Funny enough, again not a single gate opened in The Witch-House! And no Yuggoth gates until there were already 4 seals up. But then that did make it interesting. Had the firepower to handle the pumped and stalking Witches, Rat-Things and Cultists that showed up all game. Got a sealing victory fairly easy, the doom track only half full (lots of monster surges and lovely repeats on the early seals). Had 2-3 investigators go insane, and have a Yuggoth trip; one encounter tried to delay them in Yuggoth, so I had to add a rule to the herald ignoring this. One nutso investigator got a clue from going there! And on the forced move toward Yuggoth gates, I added a line "...or stop for combat" so as to not force evade checks. Monsters are more compelling than Pluto. Next up will be a Hecate + Brown Jenkin herald test before attempting both heralds at once (4 new random investigators). I set it up but I'm not sure when I'll be able to kick it off. Did open the first gate, just to see -- it's on The Witch-House, of course. Brown Jenkin's gonna be a much tougher little bugger, I have a feeling. Before I even try, I'm thinking of making his Night Nuzzling effect only occur on a 1 instead of 1 or 2. Avi, I'd really like all three of these elements to be able to operate independently of each other; either herald with any AO, Hecate with/without any other heralds/expansions, etc. That's why I haven't added any notes claiming the other cards need to be present. So far, all that requires an expansion are Rat-Things and (technically) Stalker movement rules, and Rat-Things aren't crucial to the gameplay. But, have all three cards have their elements complement each other into one nasty, evil, hopefully will-crushing "The Dreams In The Witch-House" theme.... I should add I dig the other Hecates that cropped up. And I love the Mignola art!
  6. Indio

    Custom Heralds

    Now then, the slightly revised and hopefully final Brown jenkin: Link: i98.photobucket.com/albums/l253/mcgee_02/Brown-Jenkin-Front-Side-1.png And for the full effect of the Lovecraft tale, there's now -- Link: i98.photobucket.com/albums/l253/mcgee_02/Dreams-in-the-Witch-House-Front-Sid.png Put a lot of what I'd tried to cram onto the AO here. The thinking now is, you can go for Hecate with either of these, or really slam your head against the theme by going up against both DitWH and Brown jenkin, in upcoming Dagon-and-Mother Hydra style. Hopefully they'd be useable against other AOs, same with Hecate and other Heralds/boards; I didn't want to restrict any of these elements too much, which was a puzzle. I'm definitely going to give the double-whammy a go this weekend -- using only the base game plus Rat-Things in the cup. For now.
  7. OK, here's the stripped-down Hecate: Nothing all that shocking, but then there's her heralds... heraldS...
  8. I really like The Darkness, just one question: Is that "raise the terror level 1 AND draw a madness" or "...OR draw a madness"? Wasn't sure if you're giving a pick-your-poison option or just being brutal. And glad to see you put the rat picture to use on The Pied Piper, very cool herald, but minus points for cropping out the purple pimp hat. As for Hecate, well, I just had to download Strange Eons the week work decides to go FUBAR. But, I have an idea for an overhaul that simplifies a lot of the muck. Hopefully I can get to that tonight or this weekend. Picture stays, not a whole lot else...
  9. You're right, I forgot all about Y'Golonac having the same gimmick. Hrm. And I was flipping a coin on the Luck difficulty; maybe just a (-1) penalty instead. Especially if Brown Jenkin is putting The Black Man in action all over. Devourings left and right! But you're right. forcing a pinned Luck/Lore slider may not be entirely fair. How about the Attack? Back to the drawing board...
  10. Avi_dreader said: ::Laughter:: I haven't read the card yet, but I just want to say that that is an *awesome* picture. Heh heh, I agree. Thanks, Deviant Art! Too bad I couldn't fit the whole thing... fc08.deviantart.com/fs11/i/2006/254/2/5/Cthulhu_was_a_girl_by_DonnaRicci.jpg
  11. Indio

    Custom Heralds

    Slightly revised Brown Jenkin herald, mainly getting Witches and Rat-Things more action and clarifying a Black Man point. The link: i98.photobucket.com/albums/l253/mcgee_02/Brown-Jenkin-Front-Side.png And finally came up with a Hecate AO I put in that thread. That one feels a lot more iffy to me, but I'll leave the judgment to the experts here (especially the math-wonky stuff; not my strong suit!).
  12. Apparently Work is a Stalker with a nasty Evade modifier. Lost a bunch of sanity and stamina... So, finally got to work on a Hecate GOO. That's pretty nasty, Avi but other than the gate fun in the WH, which I paraphrased, it doesn't have much to do with the story's theme. (Then again, neither do my cultists, but I wanted an extra terror trigger.) There wasn't really a rat cult going on -- though something like that could work for a Rats In The Walls/twilit grotto scenario... hmm.... Anyway, this sucker may just be too busy, trying to get everything from DitWH into it. She currently feels more like a second herald than an AO. No token accelerator other than a hemorraging Witch House, but some situational delays built in. As for her attack, I was trying to come up with a mechanism that potentially gets progressively easier until it suddenly doesn't. Especially with her defenses requiring some Fight and/or meaty weapons. But I wouldn't be surprised if there's some loopholes making it infeasible. Anyhoo, can never tell if photobucket's resizing me, here's hoping the fine print's legible... Also made a slightly revised Brown Jenkin, which I'll put in that thread.
  13. Indio

    Custom Heralds

    Rat-Things! *smacks forehead* Hecate GOO... hm, someone feel free, I'm not sure where to begin with that.
  14. Indio

    Custom Heralds

    Avi_dreader said: Have you tried google images and deviantart? Yep, scrolled through dozens and dozens of google image pages, and got this off deviant art (only a page and a half of... interesting... Brown Jenkin takes there). So I went with the justification that they only had B&W photography back then, anyway. Thanks for the encouraging words, everyone. I figure in the base game, a simple seal on the Witch House would negate Walpurgis Night, so wanted to make just being there somewhat dicey; and with expansions, a gate burst would add a token as well... Wasn't sure if I should make the Witches more present, or just leave them pumped up. Maybe make a Witch, if available, the first monster placed on the Witch House on Walpurgis Night openings and surges? Though the card's pretty dense as it is.
  15. Indio

    Custom Heralds

    I know, I know! I looked and looked, and could find nothing nearly as well drawn of the little creep, and in color. So I went with quality of pen work, minus the Technicolor... I guess one could rename it simply "The Dreams In The Witch-House" and plop a generic spooky house on it. Anyway, thanks. Any suggestions gameplay-wise? I'll probably give it a whirl with just the base game, see how that goes.
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