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  1. I got it but haven't read it yet. Did you see on the back cover that The Dice App should be a free download today? The app store still has it at $4.99 though...
  2. It's hard to infer intent on the internet. If they weren't trying to be snarky then I apologize.
  3. No dumb questions! We are all new at this! So yes, allies just take it on the chin. Excess damage only splashes over if the enemy has overkill. Also yes, only your basic attack causes exhaust (unless the card you are playing says otherwise) and other hero attack cards can be used even when exhausted (again, provided they don't have exhaust as part of the play requirement) Enjoy!
  4. Eh, I had to look it up too when wondering if minions had a boost card. Congrats for finding the rulebook clear. That doesn't make you any smarter than the OP. Let's try to follow Wheaton's Rule, k?
  5. I wrote a massive wall of text on hero / aspect pairings, but I think player count is even more important than that. I can take a solo Marvel / Aggression and do pretty well whereas a SheHulk / Protection got smoked in my games. ( I think Stark would have the same issue Solo, as card draw is a real problem for both - at least until the tech upgrades are installed) What are your pairings you have found effective and at what player count?
  6. Big thing to remember, actions by default do not require exhausting. It is only those that have exhaust as part of the text that force the exhaust or can not be used while exhausted.
  7. Yes, Villains always get a boost card when attacking (some like Klaw always get 2!) Minions never get a boost card. They skip that step during attacks.
  8. Yes, actually the 2 columns of the box are wider than standard sleeves are tall so you get a slight bit extra room (i suspect I might be able to fit deck boxes in there) You also have some grooves to possibly create seperating inserts. That said, sleeved the core game takes up one entire column leaving the 2nd for expansion. Tokens fit nicely in the provided end caps.
  9. Trust me, with my blood pressure, being pissed is the last thing I want / need. @Caimheul1313 I bought some testors plastic cement (not the red bottle, but the triangular black one with the plastic spout) but the glue didn't seem to bond at all and it was sliding around. Once I went ultra control gel, I still had a few "cussing up a blue streak"moments but for the most part it was just about patience.
  10. So with the help of loctite ultracontrol gel and plenty of bourbon, I have managed to assemble most of the b1's. I apologize for the frustration guys, but I don't think I've ever been that pissed off at an assembly process before and, like i said, this is with 30 years of mini assembly experience. (and the loss of dexterity over that time compared to some of the kids here probably didn't make my experience any easier - at lest in that regard I can't *****, I am not the target demographic anymore) For those of you having a hard time, there is some amazing advice up there, especially the Simonsays3 guide. It really helped.
  11. @Caimheul1313 Sure, but shouldn't the idea be to keep as much of the player base as you can? Last time I checked, avoidable customer turnover is awful for a business. Here you have at least 2 people who are upset enough to tell FFG (via their forums) why they are disinclined to continue purchasing product and you have some folks here who are happy to watch an already middling community dwindle further on the hope that maybe new SW IP Entertainment means more people will start playing. Also, if these folks do start playing, wouldn't you rather they start with easy to assemble models rather than these? Not that I expect responses other than 'bye' from the douchebags who dwell on the internet, but FFG likes money so I would hope they would be interested in knowing the reasons why I am taking your advice and voting with my wallet. Cheers.
  12. I think you are failing to consider that dexterity levels vary and I can only speak for myself, but the frustration is that Legion and FFG established the easy to build precedent with IA and Legion Rebel/Imperial and this set is a real departure from that. Edit: Holy god... I hadn't even tried the B1 heads yet! You have got to be kidding me...
  13. Aaaaaaaand if this is true, I am out. I wonder what's up with my XWing community...
  14. Thank you to those who pointed out the video! Admittedly, I am a fairly impatient dude so watching the video is gonna be a challenge (lots of jibber-jabber, didn't see time stamps for relevant assembly of special models) but I will absolutely do it. One thing that does really bugs me is how much harder assembly is with the CIS than it was with previous offerings. The droids are comparable to skeletons, from other games and while I love the undead, that was never going to be a thing because of my massive, uncoordinated bratwurst fingers. Anyway, I don't think FFG is going to change but based on how badly I butchered my first set, I might need to get set two to at least have some models to put on the table. (I straight up ruined the Droidekas.. really disappointed in myself)
  15. I picked up the first of my clone war cores today and I am absolutely dreading (and considering canceling) core #2. "But Loki, 2 cores is the most cost effective way to start the new factions" you say...and I agree! But the new model assembly is simply horrendous. In the first set, figs were easy to assemble and the skill required was a 2/10. This set, the droideka droids were a 7/10. Small, fiddly, mediocre connection points coupled with unclear sprue cut points and overly (dare I say unnecessarily) complex instructions made for a lousy few hours of frustration. When you put figs on sprues, you need an assembly booklet. GW figured this out. The instructions in the book are a wall of text with a diagram that is not easy to follow. This is 30 years of modeling experience speaking. I can not recommend this set to beginners and in fact don't think I'd recommend it to journeymen either! Unless they go back to the old style, my days of new legion purchases may very well be at an end.
  16. Yeah, Actually it is fine. I have as large a collection as you do but I realized that A) Epic is probably dead so I don't need that many ships and B) I would never use more than 3 of anything other than TIES, Z-95's and maybe xwings...So who gives a **** if i have a bunch of extra ships with no dials and boards. They weren't going to see the table anyway. In the end, you can whine or you can play. I whined...alot! Then I played and now... I am fine with it.
  17. I think the upgrade cards points are handled by the app, not the cards themselves.
  18. I wish I could, but I cannot justify it. Maybe I'll just stick with one faction and take the $50 hit... i dunno.
  19. So how do i feel? I feel as if I have been punched in the gut. I have supported this game through thick and thin since launch. Now, my collection spans about 4 of most ship and almost 20 ties and xwings. And now it's all useless because I cannot justify spending another $250 just to play with the new edition. I understand that this is a business and a luxury item, blah blah blah, but you asked how I felt and there ya go.
  20. Not at all WAC47, I appreciate the thought but it wasn't you. There were some folks who thought it was a simple "RTFC" and "case closed". I can understand how someone might see it that way, but this isn't my first rodeo (i've been wargaming since the mid 90's; ASL) and having seen alot of different rulesets, it just wasn't that cut and dried to me. Oddly enough, I think if it read: (Treat this action as an attack action) <action symbol> << Saber Throw text here>> It would have made perfect sense to me... ah well...
  21. I am glad it's not just me! I asked on Reddit and the wave of snark made me feel like I had no clue what the **** I was doing? I am not a fan of the way they did this. Most games require you read from the top down. I would have made it a Ranged attack action, period. The 'card action' makes it seem like you need an action to initiate it. In any case, glad to see the community here is much nicer than on reddit.
  22. I love the extended arts, so thank you. But please, for the love of god, Stop With The Aurebesh!! It's not even a language, just a stupid substitution cipher!! And if you aregoing to insist on doing it, could you do it only for cards that have no rules text on them? Flavor text in that stupid scribble is fine, but anything I gotta be able to read is just silly. Thanks alot, Loki P.S. XOXOXOXO
  23. This warrants a solid Rochambeau. Where are you so you can get your well deserved testicular punt?
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