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  1. Yeah, Actually it is fine. I have as large a collection as you do but I realized that A) Epic is probably dead so I don't need that many ships and B) I would never use more than 3 of anything other than TIES, Z-95's and maybe xwings...So who gives a **** if i have a bunch of extra ships with no dials and boards. They weren't going to see the table anyway. In the end, you can whine or you can play. I whined...alot! Then I played and now... I am fine with it.
  2. I think the upgrade cards points are handled by the app, not the cards themselves.
  3. I wish I could, but I cannot justify it. Maybe I'll just stick with one faction and take the $50 hit... i dunno.
  4. So how do i feel? I feel as if I have been punched in the gut. I have supported this game through thick and thin since launch. Now, my collection spans about 4 of most ship and almost 20 ties and xwings. And now it's all useless because I cannot justify spending another $250 just to play with the new edition. I understand that this is a business and a luxury item, blah blah blah, but you asked how I felt and there ya go.
  5. Not at all WAC47, I appreciate the thought but it wasn't you. There were some folks who thought it was a simple "RTFC" and "case closed". I can understand how someone might see it that way, but this isn't my first rodeo (i've been wargaming since the mid 90's; ASL) and having seen alot of different rulesets, it just wasn't that cut and dried to me. Oddly enough, I think if it read: (Treat this action as an attack action) <action symbol> << Saber Throw text here>> It would have made perfect sense to me... ah well...
  6. I am glad it's not just me! I asked on Reddit and the wave of snark made me feel like I had no clue what the **** I was doing? I am not a fan of the way they did this. Most games require you read from the top down. I would have made it a Ranged attack action, period. The 'card action' makes it seem like you need an action to initiate it. In any case, glad to see the community here is much nicer than on reddit.
  7. I love the extended arts, so thank you. But please, for the love of god, Stop With The Aurebesh!! It's not even a language, just a stupid substitution cipher!! And if you aregoing to insist on doing it, could you do it only for cards that have no rules text on them? Flavor text in that stupid scribble is fine, but anything I gotta be able to read is just silly. Thanks alot, Loki P.S. XOXOXOXO
  8. This warrants a solid Rochambeau. Where are you so you can get your well deserved testicular punt?
  9. I know it hurts, but years of MTG taught me that after a box or two, cracking packs is a suckers bet...
  10. Fast Hands, like electroshock beforw it, is an exception to the rule of meh, but I see your point. Fine, I'll conceed it is a CCG+
  11. Sure, but find me a "collectible" non-rare/non-legendary. I'll wait..... They are at most $1 and are so easy to come by I have started throwing them in the trash rather than fill up. boxes with the chaff... Seriously, only dice cards have any real collectability. And the cards can be sleeved so they won't wear but the dice will...
  12. Collectible Card Game. This is something different where the card is the least collectable part of it. In DM the dice were easy to come by. Need one for a rare Gobby? Buy a single common gobby...done. Here, you only need 1/2 the character cards you ever get. Have a freakin bonfire, it doesnt affect play a tinker's cuss....
  13. No, what you smell is yourself, a putz who. doesn't know how to read. If you had followed the thread you'd see we were talking about the dice holding up with use over time. I mentioned my old MTG deck looks like *** because we didn't sleeve and I don't expect the dice to hold up to. 20 years of wear and tear from play either. I am ok with that. I also said it's not a real CCG. I stand by that. Maybe I am wrong... is dice masters a real ccg? Anyway, I don't play MTG and I probably own way more Destiny than most here... so no... you don't smell anything of the sort.
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