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  1. Alsciende speaks. http://atgn.com.au/netrunnerdb-back-online-atgn-got-official-statement-owner-alsciende/
  2. Yes, I cannot really argue with the plausibility of the scenario you present, even if it is conjecture. Particularly where your fourth point is concerned. It seems reasonable to me that the main issue FFG would have with NRDB would be its API. My main gripe is the lack of communication from FFG's side. In the absence of any kind of word from them, we have to believe that Alsciende, offered to remove the API but was instead told to bring down the site anyway. Now I'm given to understand that they can't communicate in fear of litigation. This while sadly believable, is ridiculous to me, there has to be some way they can go around that and communicate in some fashion to their fans. In any case, I myself have modified my stance. I am still buying Netrunner cards and I am still buying Dark Heresy books. To do otherwise would primarily punish me, not FFG. However even if I find the scenario your present plausible and likely, it does seem to me a case of FFG putting the customers second, and as such will not be buying new products from FFG. For example no Conquest for me and no Imperial Assault. Thank you for clarifying.
  3. I'm also a sceptic, and I have to say that I see a lot of issues with the argument you are making. Yes, I understand all the things you are saying. I've read your posts before. Your reasoning is sound, what it lacks is any kind of evidence. Do you have some legal expertise on IP issues? If so can you give us actual examples of IP law working in this way? Yes, I'm aware of the history of netrunner originally in WotC hands, I was there, I was playing it back then. I don't disagree at all that this is what happened. I don't disagree at all that it is plausible that since they don't own the rules or the IP they need to be more diligent with their protection of said IP. What I'm asking is do you actually KNOW that this is the case, do you actually KNOW of similar cases? I apologise if you've shown such evidence before and I've managed to miss it. If you don't have such evidence, you are making a rational argument, but it is based on conjecture as much as anyone else's here. If you are an actual sceptic, you know where I am coming from with these questions.
  4. NetrunnerDB seems to be back up. Maybe FFG has decided to stop being idiots. By the way Grimwalker, my main issue with your argument, is that while a lot of what you say make perfect sense, the notion that FFG has to be uber protective of WotC IP, seems spurious. It could be I'm wrong, since I'm not really familiar with IP law. It is just that as a layman it strikes me as very unlikely.
  5. I've been a FFG fan for well over a decade, from their RPGs like Midnight, to boardgames like Arkham Horror and to LCGs like Invasion. It is with a heavy heart that I say, that unless we get a reasonable explanation as to why NetrunnerDB was shut down Upstalk will be the last Netrunner product I buy, and I will be limiting other purchases from FFG to the bare minimum. You don't treat your customers like this. In the absence of any form of dialogue from FFG, our only option is to vote with our wallets.
  6. Basically one of my players ended up losing all of his episodic memory, all the events of his life not his knowledge, I was wondering how I might traslate that into game mechanics, heck I was wondering if I should translate it, or just ignore it from mechanics side. It should be noted that from the point where he lost his memory, to when he will be put back into action, a gap of six years would have passed, which I assume is spent with him readjusting to his situation.* *This whole thing happened as the group is about to make their first step into Ascension, and to further complicate things, this is the character that is most likely to be raised to Interogator.
  7. White wolfs Storyteller system is for me one of the best RP systems out there if not the best, for what it does. If you want crunchy combat there are better things out there, however if you want RP and great character progression it's just brilliant. I don't use it often because I don't like WoD, but whenever I want to run something that hasn't got anything to do with a ready made RPG I use that.
  8. I've solved this problem and the problem that fully automatic fire is extremely powerful by NOT allowing fire selectors to add clips, fire selectors can switc to different bullets in the same clip. Basically if you use fire selectors to triple ammo size, fully automatic weapons like Armageddon and the Orthlak Mark IV become far better then Bolt weapons and heavy weapons like the heavy stubber. With this in mind in my group the guardsman's heavy stubber is a well loved and extremely powerful weapon, you can fire it twenty times on fully automatic and not change clip, also it has 3 pen without having to buy special bullets for it, it's wonderful.
  9. You are again missing my point, possibly because I'm not making it right. Your starting gear is basically scraps, it's not decent, it's in some cases awful, the characters you mentioned in the novelisations have good gear. Laspistols are not meant to be good weapons, they are meant to be easy to mass produce and maintain weapons for example. Of course a character that lives and dies by how he fights might be inclined to get something better when he can. Some point in your characters career you manage to have good gear, it doesn't have to be huge bulky armor or top notch melta weapons, might be a good quality autoweapons and some easily concealable mesh armor, at that point you are basically where most characters in novelisations are. They have gear they like and isn't scraps. If your characters inisist on constantly upgrading what they have, then something is wrong, if they have a clear understanding of the system they should not be doing that, the high powered costly weapons have disadvantages attached to them. What I fully agree with you is that the way weapon profficiency is handled is just wrong. Maybe if you had generic type proficiencies like Melee, Pistol, Basic and Heavy, then you could choose to specialize, that would be better for the system. I fully blame Black Industries for this and not FFG.
  10. LuciusT said: I must say, I'm baffled by this. Why should a bunch of mangy heretics be better equipped than agents of the Holy Inquisition? Xathess Wolfe best replied to this. I don't throw gear around in my own campaign, but my own group at around 2500K xp has a lot of gear and gadgets, they are still better equipped then most of the heretics they fight, but every now and then someone they encounter might have a piece of gear they prefer. For me it makes sense, they've been around the sector, visited five different planets so far and have done two jobs in Hive Sibellus, it makes no sense for me if they where using the same exact gear they started with a couple of years ago. Peacekeeper_b said: Eisenhorn often went out with an autopistol. Commissar Cain uses a Laspistol and Chainsword. Commissar Guant has a Bolt Pistol and a Power Sword and so forth. They dont do four adventures then updrade in armour and weapons. They dont come back after a "mission" and go, alright I now have training in melta weapons. Autopistols are great weapons and are likely to be used into the higher ranks, for example the scum I'm playing in a campaign will never upgrade from the sidearm he started with. Laspistols might be a problem, they are generaly inferior weapons, both lorewise and statwise, however Cain is a Commissar so his weapons I assume are standard issue. Chainsword now is a great weapon, the only problem it has is against power fields, but other then that you might keep one of those your entire career. The Bolt Pistol and Power Sword combo you mention is quite extreme, if an acolyte has that, I doubt they are ever exchanging it for anything. I think your argument suffers greatly from lack of system understanding, just because a weapon is more expensive and higher in the ranks doesn't mean it's allways better, meltas do massive damage but their range is horrible, Plasma weapons are unreliable as hell, Bolt weapons cost a small fortune to keep firing. So I've seen players prefer to keep using their trusty auto weapons and even Las weapons. If your players keep switching their gear all the time, it's probably because they don't get what they can do with their original gear. Not to mention that a good Auto weapon is less likely to cause attention then a fancy bolt, in my campaign at least the group needs to keep a low profile very often. PS: I hate the software this board uses :S
  11. I see the problem in that it doesn't make sense to me unless they are fighting enemies that are really poorly equiped. It really depends on the setting, if it takes place somewhere that new high tech equipment is impossible to find, then sure. However if it's the generic Calixis sector adventures he's using, then something wierd is definatelly going on. Also, while DH is not D&D, DH is not CoC either, and should generally not be treated as such. That said, if your group is genuingly enjoying it, who is anyone to judge.
  12. Without knowing details, yes I would say you are a very stingy GM. Also how in the nine hells did they reach 3800 xp and not pickup better stuff from the heretics and scumbags they kill in their line of work?
  13. I have two different groups I GM, both have five people in them and both have managed to have similar team compositions. Slot one: Original group has an Arbitrator reluctantly leading the team, he is from an agri-world, ebony skinned, well built and discretely handsome. He dyes his hair red usually, but changes the color when they want to operate on more rural planets. His weapons of choice is his mono-sword which he uses to defend his comrades, he's also been known to use a flamer against xenos or daemons, but dislikes using it on humans and doesn't usually carry it with him unless he knows there will be heavy combat. Second group has an Arbitrator, however this group very much functions by democratic process and discussion, this one is of the Nobility of a Shrine world, tall and well built as well, he is usually dressed in fine but practical clothes. His cloak is known to store all manner of gadgets that he loans to other members. His favorite weapon is his power-sword, and he has a tendency to charge the enemy and create chaos behind enemy lines, he's recently bought a flamer as well but hasn't had a chance to use it yet. Slot two: Original group has a Mind Cleansed Assassin given to them by their Inquisitor, nothing is known by him or other members of the group of his background, he does have however a rebellious nature, even if he is clearly loyal to their lord and master, is caucasian and bleaches his hair white. His weapon of choice is either a good quality Armageddon rifle that he uses to snipe at the opposition, or two hecuters that he uses gunslinger style if things get close and personal. He has a cyberlung since the original was destroyed in combat. Second group has an Assassin from Gunmetal City, even if the man has free will he still manages to be more reliable and professional. A very quiet and discrete man, he avoids speaking unless he has something important to say or the groups course of action is being planned. Clearly extremely reliable, and the second groups most deadly and efficient party member, with nonchalant ease he's killed both Xenos and Daemons with his Longlas, his secondary weapon is an Orthlak Mark IV loaded with manstopper bullets. Slot three: Original group has feral world guardsman, he's big and extremely muscular, has some ritual scarring on various parts of his body, known for his thuggish behavior and yet somehow still managing to charm ladies and win the trust of various contacts. His weapon of choice that he's even named is his heavy stubber, when the party wants to keep attention low, he's been known to lug it around in a big duffel bag, his other weapon is his Lasgun with a melee attachment. Second group also has a feral guardsman, this one from dusk in specific, tall and heavy built, however not remotely as strong as the original, he's been known to speak gruffly, out of turn and has been known to be of more use when he keeps him mouth shut. His weapon of choice is a combat shotgun with which he's been known to charge the enemy with, his other weapon of choice is a huge two handed mono-axe. His violent and thuggish behavior has earned him out of character wookie jokes. Slot four: Original group has a Volg scum, brown skinned and generally unassuming in his appearance, he tries to be a bit of a con man, but for all his efforts he usually messes up, still he has proven himself over and over due to his technical knowledges and his effectiveness in combat where he handles himself with bravery. Weapons of choice are shooped up Armageddon with silencer and telescopic sights and a hecuter loaded with manstoppers that has claimed many a heretic. Second group again has a scum, this one is from a forge world, rogueish in looks with long black hair and a goatee, he is a great con man with an easy smile that makes people trust him, has slipped into various role to help the group find information very successfully, his fave seems to be the harmless drunk. In combat he handles himself well using a simple Autogun or Autopistol as needed. Slot five: Original group has a void born psycher, quiet and haughty in demeanor he avoids taking part in group decisions unless he objects to them, he favors robes and bulky clothes where he hides his force blade. A member of the Temple Calix, he is a deadly swordsman, more warrior then mystic in many ways, he refrains from charging into melee, but if the enemy makes the mistake of moving close he shows why he is called a blademaster. Second group has a battlefleet void born psycher, composed and stately, he has short cropped blond hair and pale skin, he favors practical well cut clothes that give him a military look. In combat he stays at the rear and supports the group with his biomancy and using his trusty Hecuter or the larger Armageddon rifle.
  14. @SlimeTheGreat Ah okey cool, that actually makes sense, I disagree, but it makes sense. Far as I am concerned since these are rules, and it is not mentioned that it is a -sight- which is the term the rules use. Ruleswise unless you want interpret the rules you can have a targeter and a red-dot laser sight or a telescopic sight. Just to be clear: "A red-dot laser sight/telescopic sight counts as a sight and a gun can only have one sight." that is what it says in both those equipment, nothing like that in targeter. The single shots only rule for Red-dot laser sight is ofcourse correct.
  15. @SlimeTheGreat I am really confused about what you mean, there is no "one scope" rule as far as I know, if there is, please tell me which page it is. You -might- be meaning the "one sight" per weapon, which is in page 142 of the main rulebook. As far as one shot at a time, the only thing that comes to mind, is that you might mean that when you take an aim action, either full or half, it only applies to the next shot fired, however if your next shot happens to be on full auto or using a dual-shot talent, it applies, because you are basically making one roll.
  16. @Allasseo Where does it say that? Not trying to get in anyones face mind you, just rules I've never read before.
  17. Zarkhovian_Rhythm said: Can't use the upgrades in a single shot, not can't have them on the same weapon. What are you on about? There is nothing anywhere that I can find in the targeters entry that says it can't be used in single shot or that it is actually a sight, which is what would limit to one per weapon. Furthermore the scope if we are talking about a Telescopic Sight, can very well be used in fully automatic mode, you just need to spend a full action aiming first, which by the way would make one hell of a bonus +40 by that time. For assistance, Targeter is one page 179 of the Inquisitors handbook, Telescopic sight on page 142 and full aim action on page 192. I looked in the most recent errata as well, but I might have missed something, if you can explain how you came to this conclusion I would be very interested.
  18. I would be very interested, however I am in europe, just giving fair warning.
  19. If I was in Forfax game and I witnessed the events that transpired I probably would have shaken my head in disbelief and not had a good time, that said if the players involved had a good time, then in my book that means the GM did a good job. People have different standards and perceptions of how things work, end of the day we all have different goals and motives for what we want to achieve with our RP, so live and let live please. Also on weapons, I allways had a soft spot for two lovely good quality Orthlak Mark IV pistols, with laser sights and loaded with man stopper bullets, makes combat a bit expensive but worth the investment.
  20. Would be interested as well, experienced GM of DH and other RPGs, however haven't played in IRC in over a decade. I'm good either Sunday or Saturday as long as I know well in advance. My time zone is eastern europe, so GMT is good. PS edit: ehem, my mail is brighteyesgr@gmail.com
  21. Da Boss said: enjoy - I did yeah GW dances around sex - possibily due to the target audience for the TT game ? Thanks, that is very helpful, I allready ordered it, and yeah the target audience for the TT is the reason that flat out dealing with sex is a no no, showing cleavage and nice curves on the other hand is no problem, kind of like mainstream media really. I still find it a bit annoying even if I understand the reasons for this. Also I really do not think that the Empire is the worst of humanity, I think the Empire is humanity teetering on the edge. I am a very open minded liberal left leaning individual, however my love for the WH40K stems from how often I feel that the authoritarian goverment is the only way that mankind can survive at this point in time, any destabilisation can unfortunately slide mankind into oblivion. At the same time the setting also shows us how much more man can be, courage, valor, honor, sacrifice and even mercy in some cases, Eisenhorn protecting the mutants of Tharga IV springs to mind.
  22. I don't find this discussion sad at all. What I do find sad is that GW generally avoids dealing with matters of a clear sexual nature, and yet they still have daemonettes and scantily clad eye candy (Dark Elves anyone) because it sells. Also all this discussion has convinced me to track down the Ciaphas Cain books, the first three seem to be out of print.
  23. My feelings about Necronomicus post are best summed up by: Graspar said: No but seriously, wtf? However I would have commented with more hate and flames, so I'ld better not. Do you think Scourge the Heretic is worth the read? Also what book are those two lesbian troopers from?
  24. Interesting points, but most don't answer my actual question. I am not interested in how people perceive the setting, I am interested in actual instances where homosexuality is mentioned and dealt with in the 40K fiction. Personally I think I see the matter the way Luddite and Graver do, it's not a matter of being PC, I think pragmatism is what the Creed is all about, most of the time. Anyway, thank you for the replies from Da Boss and Peacekeeper_b, carry on the argument.
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