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  1. Can anyone access the first page of this very thread? I've tried three different browsers (IE11, FF, and Chrome) throughout the morning and every single one times out. Page 1 of this will not load. This is the address...can anyone else see this page (I'm trying to see if it has links to the content discussed). http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/55012-act-1-missions-1-2-3-and-4/
  2. Thank you for posting these. I like a lot of what's there… especially the new battle builder Please note there is one prominent (but not critical) typo on the "file folder label" that runs vertically along the edge of the pages… it still says VERSION 1.0. Even though the front page says 2.0, it still made me pause for a moment!
  3. My brain is dead… Sorry, referring to the next Campaign Book - Icarus. I picked up the PDF from WargameVault for Dust Warfare, and want to get Zverograd when they have it (no sighting there yet, and WGV says it has to do with the manufacturer providing it to them first). So I'm wondering how long it typically takes a printed campaign book to become a paid-for downloadable from the print-it-yourself sites?
  4. topic says it… How long until Operation Hades the next campaign book Icarus arrives in a PDF paid-download (from WargameVault, among others)? (thanks to Loophole Master for pointing out the typo!)
  5. Late to this party... but, did Tibs ever complete Episode 4?
  6. Thank you for your feedback, yet I wanted to inquire further (I may have it now). You said that "you get to roll close combat dice regardless of whether you've used your unit or not"? The manual only says that the defending player in Close Combat rolls at the same time as the attacker, but does not address whether the defending unit was activated earlier in the turn or not. From this, I guess you have to assume that earlier activation does not affect its ability to roll in defense. And, by extension, that a previously unsuccessful Reactive Fire attempt also does not affect to its ability to roll for defense in close combat. If so, then I understand your reasoning. I just wish the manual made it clear, rather than leaving it for people to figure out. Thank you. J
  7. Here's a situation I ran into last night: I'm curious if there's a clear answer I don't see. My enemy has a squad one space away from my own squad (not adjacent, there is one space between the squads). For the first part of his turn, he moves into the square adjacent to my squad. I opt for Reactive Fire, but the roll is a MISS. For the second part of his turn, he opens fire with ranged weapons and takes out 2 squad members. Then comes the Close Combat roll. Here's the question: Because I "used" my squad for the failed Reactive Fire opportunity, am I able to roll dice for them in Close Combat? Are they also de-activated from responding in a close combat situation because of that?
  8. Conflicting reports from GenCon abount. But the price for the product is shown here on FFG, so it's obviously not unknown. What's in the box, FFG?
  9. Thank you! I have a few more questions and will post them separately so they are not in an unrelated thread. James
  10. When I choose an Action, then, I am choosing it for both of the Marines of that color (i.e., that Combat Team), assuming both are still in play? Just got this game today, and my sons and I wanted to try it out to get the feel of it and see how it flowed... this was one of our first questions. We played it that way, since there appeared to be no other interpretation that made more sense, but I was curious all the same.
  11. A BGG member attempted to create an e-magazine on TOI, called Wave of Steel, but had difficulty receiving active support from FFG. He cited long response times as his primary reason for ultimately abandoning it after one issue (one danger of that is that you can lose interest in something over the length of time it takes to establish contact and exchange correspondence). I mention this not to dissuade you...but to say Don't get discouraged! I would venture that FFG has dozens of pots on the fire, and TOI is only one of many. Officially, I'm not sure they can encourage you to create a product that isn't somehow approved by them, since it would have to use TOI artwork to look "right." Are you familiar with "TileSystem"? It was built by a BGG member to be a generic map editor. There is a version for the 3rd edition of the game Space Hulk that uses a modular approach where the artwork is referenced to a specific folder of graphics... this gives it the freedom to be almost an "any game" map maker (not a scenario maker, as it lacks what's needed to support TOI-specific details). The author is CRasterImage, and if you google it you'll find it. It's pretty nice. If you design along a path like that, then you probably skirt the stickier issues of violating copyright, and I would think make a system more easily updated. I am neither a programmer nor a copyright lawyer, but I think this would allow you to create a scenario tool that FFG would not disapprove of. I'd love to see a good editor for TOI.
  12. Would you mind emailing me (or posting somewhere) the Assault on Singling scenario by Aljoscha C. Nett? I've poked around the web and don't see it anywhere. Thank you! James
  13. Hello! This sounds very cool and I would like to try it out also. However, I cannot find your e-mail address in this forum... and I see no private message function. How can I contact you to play test or try out the Redux? Thank you! James
  14. Question 20 confuses me... How can gnomes trade tiles outside the sub? There is only one aqualung. If another gnomes attempts to swim out, isn't it suicide for him? Is there some situation/strategy that involves exiting the sub without the aqualung?
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