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  1. Ok, We all know FFGs app is sub par. So how about listing all the 3rd party X-Wing 2.0 Squad Builder Links here. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v4!s!&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  2. I think FFG wants Digital Sculptors based on this website.
  3. Hi, Luv your paint scheme. I am going to take inspiration from you and paint my stormies in a similar manner but each of my teams will be a different color. Red, Blue Green and Black
  4. My Vader is deformed and will need to be replaced in my set, it looks like he took a blaster shot in the shoulder.
  5. We need color bottle caps for the bases to sit on. Like the caps that come with the reprinted Talisman game or something similar.
  6. Hey there, is it true that The Blood Moon expansion will be next for DT? I see it listed in My Collections as "Coming Next"
  7. Good catch! Just read the mystic card and it does move to village instead of discarding it. Yea you can get rid of the Hag at the chasm. Thanks everyone for the discussion.
  8. Note Page 5 of the cataclysm rules and I Quote " After a character visits a Denizen, that Denizen is discarded unless the trait on its card matches the name of the space the character is on.". I also know there are other ways to rid ones self of the Hag. Also remember we were only playing the Base game and the cataclysm no other expansions or their cards so opportunities to discard a follower are rare and ditching the Hag because you get turned to a toad leaves her on the board for the next person.
  9. We played a game this weekend with only the base game and the cataclysm. There is no Mystic to encounter on the board so how would one get rid of the Hag? We had a player where they got the Cursed by the Hag. We played it where they could not remove the curse until the Village mystic appeared on the board from the Denizens deck. To make matters worse the mystic was drawn by someone else and it got discarded so the player who got the hag was SOL. We played this correct I think. What do you all think?
  10. The events are on going is how we view it in our games
  11. I have used Dice for years. d12's for Life, Strength and Craft, d6's 1 Black and 1 white for fate. We tried a d12 for gold but switched to real coins, I use 45 old Mexico 20 centavos coins, they have an eagle on one side and a Pyramid on the other and 1.5 inches across and stack real nice.
  12. Also, I agree, card packs, Character packs, even themed card packs that replace existing cards.
  13. Yea, Build up like what was done in the 3rd addition.
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