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  1. The barber-surgeon isn't part of the campaign anymore since he moved, but honestly we've always been a pretty casual "beer-and-pretzels" kinda group, so I can't promise things will have "improved" at all if you didn't like the early recordings. Sorry!
  2. We're almost done with The Gathering Storm! Download our latest ep here and see if the Misanthropes can make it through in one piece!
  3. Hidey-ho gang. Another fortnight, another wacky episode of our WFRP game for y'all to listen to. On a side note, I must admit I'm amazed at how wonderfully-lethal squigs can be... just saying...
  4. Hey hey, y'all. Episode 10 of our ongoing WFRP game is up, for those interested in that sort of thing. C'mon by and check it out!
  5. Howdy y'all! It's been awhile, so I thought I'd mosey over and say hi again. Things have been busy over at the A Fistful of Misanthropes, but we're still around and we're still playing games and generally making asses of ourselves. We'd been taking a break from WFRP for a bit, but we got back to Stromdorf to finally wrap up the campaign, and the first of those episodes is up on the site now for you to peruse at your leisure, with more to follow soon! We've also got some non-Warhammer games recorded, if that's your interest as well. Enjoy, and feel free to drop us a line if you like (or even if you don't) what you hear.
  6. James Sparrow said: words word words Dude, quit being so hurt. It's the internet. It's like that with every game system that gets a new edition. Why should WFRP be any different? No reason to go and take it so personally. I still view StS as a good resource for info and ideas, as others have pointed out. I just don't bother posting because I don't care to hear grognards come up with half-ass excuses as to why their "favorite" system was "ruined". I got games to play, yo. Ain't got time for dat noise.
  7. Yeah, I'd been tempted to post on StS in the past, but... they all seem a touch too grognardy for my tastes. But hey, different strokes for different folks. I still get amused at seeing some of the fallacious arguments still being bandied about in regards to the "negative" aspects of WFRP 3e. If people don't like something, they'll find whatever excuse they can to validate their dislike as being the "correct" stance.
  8. Finally got around to listening to what you guys got up so far today at work, and just wanted to comment that you guys are doing a great job starting out. You guys really seem well-organized and knowledgeable about your subject matter, you keep the topics moving with little downtime, and everyone seems to have a good chemistry together for interesting discussions that flow and don't seem forced. As far as the mic issues with your first actual-play, the heavy breathing issue has already been mentioned, but I also wanted to point out that you guys had some echoing in there as well which was a bit of a nuisance. The most likely culprit was someone had their speakers turned up on their computer which was causing the audio to echo into the mic, so for future reference I would just remind everyone to turn their speakers way down (or preferably off and just wear headphones) and keep the mic as far away from them as possible. Otherwise, good show chaps. I've listened to some long-running podcasts that haven't started nearly as well as you guys. Looking forward to future eps!
  9. Nice to see more WFRP 3e love out there on the podcast front! Keep up the good work, guys!
  10. Hey guys. I know this thread's a bit dated, but I wanted to say thanks for the plug, as well as try to explain how I run combat. Honestly, most combat I handle abstractly to the point of not even using the standees (or figs that some of my PCs have) or range indicators or anything. Most combats are usually just a handful of people4 or 5 PCs against a comparable number of enemiesand usually take happen in some place with tight quarters, such as the tavern in Rough Night at the Three Feathers, or the mausoleum battle against Mourn and Stichelm in the Gathering Storm. That being the case, I find it's pretty simple to just let the guys imagine things and just sort of wing things like distances (usually close or medium range in these instances); it seems to flow pretty well and keeps things moving and simple. This isn't to say we've not had more complicated encounters; our Eye for an Eye game had some fairly large battles in open areas, and for those we use minis/standees and some lovely range markers made by UniversalHead that I printed out (thanks for that, UH; your goods are an absolute godsend, I kid you not). I still keep things fairly loose; I don't bother detailing too much of the area aside from key things or terrain (for the running battle against the beastmen in the opening parts of Eye for an Eye, for example, I simply used a couple location cardsone for the road and one for the surrounding woodsand a miniature representing the cart the PCs were riding) that the PCs might interact with; if they do soby say, moving from a open road to the woods flanking itI have them reference the card for any effects they need to take into consideration. Beyond that, I'll mark out ranges for all the NPCs and PCs so everyone gets a rough idea of where everyone else is (and for my own sanity since I know I'll forget otherwise), and really, that's about it. About the most complex battle we've had thus far was the massive engagement against Izka to claim the "lightning stone" in the Gathering Storm, and honestly, if I had it to do over, I would probably handle that one a lot differently. The entire fracas was messy and convoluted and just seemed to drag on for awhile there, and the wording in the book itself was a little muddy, meaning I gave the boys stiffer opposition than I really should have. Needless to say, we used a lot of minis and standees to try and keep things straight, and still ended up becoming a bit of a mess (okay, so we started at long range from the beastmen, but then one of us moved one range band to the side to flank them, and then they moved on closer to us, and then we moved one closer to them, so where does that put everyone now? Aaaaaack.). I don't know that this really explains anything very well at all, looking back over it, but that's about the best way I can put it for now. I hope it helps some, if at all.
  11. I side with Gallows' opinion; while I might impose a Misfortune die (or two, depending on the size of the melee) to represent the random chance of someone spoiling an otherwise spot-on chance, I typically assume someone using a ranged attack would wait for an opportune moment to fire into melee. In the case of magic, I feel it's more of judgment call whether a spell is direct (like Magic Dart) or just requires line of sight (assuming it's successfully cast). For example, when I ran the fight with Mourn, I felt none of his spells really seemed to require more than line-of-sight to the target (save Hand of Dust, since that's essentially a touch/melee attack), so Stichelm's involvement was a non-factor in that regard; though he was blocking the PCs' path to Mourn, the necromancer had little issue leeching life essence with Curse of Undeath, or causing noxious gas to materialize around them with Mortification. My PCs (2 of them, since the party had split at that moment), naturally had their hands full trying to fight off the hero's skeleton, and upon being bombarded with necromantic spells, they (uncharacteristically wisely, I might say) retreated down the hallway, luring Stichelm out while breaking Mourn's line-of-sight to them. While this gave Mourn time to drain a little more power out of poor Brother Grabbe, the two of them barely managed to dispatch Stichelm, and then bum-rushed the necromancer before he could amass too much more power. It was a close fight, which I feel is the best kind, especially considering I thought it very likely I was going to end up killing (and reanimating!) the both of them. In the end, they were still bloodied and exhausted, and left dragging both the piece of the mapstone and Brother Grabbe's unconscious body back to Stromdorf.
  12. Just making a bump to the thread here; Episode 7 of our Warhammer actual play series is now up, as well as some other stuff. Enjoy at your leisure!
  13. Ha! I had a Dwarf Navigator attempt the exact same thing in my campaign. He ended up unconscious on the floor having nightmarish visions of daemonic eyes everywhere... Then when one of the other PCs found him, the painting was gone. :3c
  14. The Strolling Bones said: Really funny though. I love the Kislevite in episode 1, great accent although it goes a little tex-mex at times. Probably not-at-all a coincidence, given that he's a born-and-bred Puerto Rican. Sadly, his availability varies widely, which is why he's sort of randomly in and out, but hopefully he'll be around for more eps as time goes on!
  15. Yeah, I'm still learning how to mix all this stuff properly. Hopefully later episodes will have better audio quality.
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