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  1. The Warp is a fickle beast indeed....
  2. With Xmas just round the corner, the feeling of schadenfreude begins to suffuse me in ways that only tears on boxing day can quell. But until then, and perhaps well after then, why don't we share a memorable death or two of either our characters, our friends character or even NPC's. C'monm fess up with your Best (as in most Memorable, or Funny or GrimDark or even Totally Pointless) Way to die, it doest have to be from This game, any that you've been in should be fun to read about, though if you can keep it on DH/RT/DW tracks, even better. I'll get us started.. From a recent game.. The group i run had infiltrated a Heretek Cult, and decided that they needed to get through an "obviously trapped in some foul and cunning xenos technological manner" door way. They decided to send the assassin (one Trix Roth who i've mentioned in the past and even done a story about in the fiction section), to turn off the power in some manner or other. So off she goes, stalking through the compound until she finds a Standard Mars Pattern Shed with some black and yellow chevrons around the door and some kind of funny squiggly runes that look like a man being zapped by numerous lightening bolts, the rune she was told to look out for.. Ignoring the Big Rubber Gloves next to the door she pops it open, descends in to the Batterarium and promptly starts to feel a bit woozy. In a fugue state she decided "to cut the Blue Wire", causing the generator to start to over load, unleashing its pent up electromagnetic/microwave fury on what ever was not insulated in the room. Staggering to the stairs in pain, touching a metal bannister with her bare skin she promptly is electricuted to death, critting 9 on the Head & Body locations. Stumbles up the stairs on fire, with her skin cooking off as the fat from her body flash fries and her eyes pop. The Techpriest suddenly remembers that the assassin has next to no real technical skill at all, and rushes off to find her and comes across her smouldering and still twitching corpse, realising that she's still infused with the raw power from the power generator down stairs he decides to siphon it off from her, plunging his augmetic arm/sword through her body, severing the spine and only just managing to ground the energy safely. Leaving him with his flesh cooking off from his face where a skin graft didnt go as planned, the pins, staples and micro pistons beneath and flashing away. Both players had to burn a Fate point, the Assassin so she could essentially remain "alive" though skinless, with some of her brain cooked off and her muscles all but making players hungry at the thought of bacon and sausages cooking.. The TP burnt his to get a reroll on a failed Medicae/techuse check to siphon off the power, which resulted in his only losing his skin graft. The assassin has been packed in a stasis tube and will receive numerous implants (courtesy of having XP and Fate points set aside for the Cyber Reserrection grade 1 trait) Needless to say the mission was a right mess up, the bad guys got away and the galaxy now has a new cult running round freely in it... I love my players But they really should consider asking for a little bit of cross skilling, especially as the assassin had worked with the TP for a couple of years now, she really should have picked up even basic tech use... I love them, but i laugh at them. Actually, our whole group laughs at each other. The laughter keeps us sane. Ish. So, what memorable death, or near death or just fun maiming tales have you to share?
  3. In our games we've used the names as a reference to what the basic knowledge of the power is, as catalogued on the whole, but we're (as players) allowed to change small facts about How the power manifests for us in game. For Example, when my psyker uses his Force Barrage and anything over half his power rating other people can physically see waves of energy like water ripples coming from the guys hands & head and striking the target down. As opposed to the catalogued version of "unseen hands strike at the target". We've allowed for some flavour in our game (we do like it a bit more cinematic feel and less tied fast and hard to the rules) If you as your ref nicely he might allow it to go from one Crit type to another Crit type. My ref, and myself who runs games would happily say yes at such a suggestion.
  4. For all my games over the las few years i've tended to keep a kind online sumary of what happened the previous session and thought i'd share one with you. Not sure if any of you guys do something similar, but my players use it as a kind of recap for the prior games as well, keeping them all informed and reminded of things they may not have in the heat of the moment forgotten. Death of a Lord (premise: investigate the use of possible Xenos Weapons on a Mechanicus tributary world in he death of a minor house noble, set 3 months after the story Innocence ) (Characters: Julian Echo 24/Tech-Priest, Trix Roth/Assassin, Lev Rollins/Scum) (Pre-brief that characters received before going down to the planet) <<Notes diligently compiled by Archivist Archimedes Grimm>> Sector: Druscus Marches {Spinward/Rimward} System: Opus Mecharius Planet: OM Quintus Hive: Calderascape Population: <<<CLASSIFIED>>> Tithe Grade: <<<CLASSIFIED>>> Tithe Type: <<<CLASSIFIED>>> Government Type: Noblesse Oblige & Mechanicus Sector Magos council Ministorum Presence: Heavy Military: N/A. No PDF attached to planet Trade: <<<CLASSIFIED>>> Journey Time: <<OM Prime: 39 Days Standard>> <<OM Secundus: 19 Days Standard>> <<OM Tertius: 10 Days Standard>> <<OM Quadrus: 18 Days Standard>> All journey times are based on in system flight times, no Aetheric Travel is permitted in system except under extreme conditions, and even then it is only permissible by Adeptus Mechanicus fleets. There are however, recognized Aetheric Translocation Junctions some four to five days towards the System Rim from OM Quintus. No Translocation Junctions exist deep inside the system. Should a vessel breach the Law in regards to this point they face a strong chance of impoundment with the vessel being taken by the Adeptus Mechanicus as a levy against the crew being freed and sent back to the last out of system port they departed from. There have been numerous accounts of Arbitrators arriving on the planet to sue for the vessels return. As yet no cases have been successful. {{see attachment: <AG/OM/Q/Arbites1-2-3-4-5----503-504-505-506-507>}} Calderascape, assuredly called such due to the fact that the hive itself is built around the rim of several still active volcano's, is owned essentially by the Adeptus Mechanicus, however it is ruled by a parliament of Contractual Nobles, each founded by Traders with wealth from their endeavours. Each family owns specific contracts dealing with aspects of life within the city, a list of the current Major and Minor Houses, but not including the Least Houses due to the rate of flux from which they change, will be included in this report. All Citizens can be identified by the fact they wear Respirators whilst out of their hab units, though lung infections are still highly common as are numerous tumorous cancers of the Skin, especially around the Face, Hands and Back, do not be surprised if cancerously mutated individuals approach you for Alms as this is an expected act on the planet, when such citizens are too infected to work they are forced to beg from other citizens and also from the House they worked from, often receiving meagre Subsist Allowances for duties performed that (presently) uninfected citizens to not perform deeper in the Hive City Manufactorums and <<<CLASSIFIED>>> works. Each Major and Minor House also requires its incumbents to show indenture-ship with Electoos, which can be “Flashed” upon request by any other citizen. Houses each, as mentioned, own contracts for services around the city, Travel (Inner City)/Travel (Orbital)/Ground Haulage/Lunar Orbital Storage are all examples of the Contracts the Houses own and perform duties relating to. Each House jealously guards its Contract, however they are not above using subterfuge and wage personal “Buyouts”, which is to say they each wage a quiet war on each other to get more Contracts owned by themselves and ruin other Houses. The “Buyouts” can be very bloody, essentially a whole portion of the city will wage street battles on another portion of the city, if they are successful the citizens will settle down, families are generally very large and as such, a Steading can often split in two to take control of a new home in the recently razed city zone they have won for the Houses (Major & Minor). Those citizens who have been ousted are either Dead, or are re-employed by the winning House, though on significantly lower Subsist Allowances. Once a year the Houses Major (and often the Minor but never the Least) will dole out food parcels on what's known as “Cakey Day”. The bulk of the parcels contain heavy breads and doughy cakes very rich in fruit and preservative spices. As to exactly where this festivity came about has since been lost to history. Each house is required to educate its incumbent to a critical level, they must know their letters, numbers, the sacred Periodic Pyramid and also show the proper worship of the Cult Mechanicus in other numerous ways. Some houses will give broad training, whilst others will provide what might be considered highly specialised, and possibly even heretical knowledge outside the Cult Mechanicus itself. Testing is performed yearly between the ages of 14 and 17. Those who fail the testing are forced to work on ¾ subsist rations in the lowliest of duties, whilst those who pass exceptionally well are given further training and inducted in to the Adeptus Mechanicus as Novices, with their standard ration of subsist rations given to their Steading as a reward for producing a suitable candidate. These additional rations continue until the novice has passed their final indoctrination and has ascended to the ranks of the Cult Mechanicus proper, usually taking 5-15 years depending on the adherent themselves natural ability and faith in the Omnissiah. Following is a list of the Houses (Major & Minor) and their Contractual Obligations. <<Maynora>> Owns the contract on the OM Quintus Orbitus Beta unit (affectionately known by workers as Cob). The unit is in fact the 2nd moon of OM Quintus which has been hollowed out for approximately one third of its component minerals and converted to <<<CLASSIFIED>>> storage, which is, as we all know, highly combustible. <<Fereq>> Owns the Surface to Orbit transit contract, they ferry both Personnel and Freight. They married in to the Maynora House some 8 generations ago, however they maintain they are a separate (Minor) House so as to avoid certain Taxation and Levy duties. <<Borar>> Own two relating contracts: Smelting & Purification. The Purification contract was won little more than 10 years [Terran Standard] ago. As they own two strong contracts they are a Very Powerful House, and could be considered The Eminent House Minor. <<Enjo>> Own the Ground Haulage & Hive Transportation Contracts. They are very aggressive in protecting their assets, and it is rumoured that no other “Buyouts” could happen with out their agreement (possibly purchased) as citizens need to move about from one Zone to another during times of “Buyouts”. <<Calo>> Not based on the planet itself they own the contract for <<<CLASSIFIED>>> mining on Orbitus Gamma. They do not send representatives to council meetings or House Parties. But they do keep good relations with Maynora as would be expected. <<Payh>> Owns the Nord Prime to Octus mining contracts, 8 land zones outside of the hive which is all of the Northern External Mining Contracts. They should be considered the Very Powerful House, and could be considered The Eminent House Major. Many of their children spend 15-30 years in apprenticeship to the Adeptus Mechanicus and train often Off Planet. <<Levk>> Now a Minor House, having been the former owners of the two Purification Contracts, Levk only possess the Air Purification contract, though through some manner of largesse House Borar allowed House Levk to retain the Gas Extraction contract as it is so heavily relating to the Air Purification Contract. As a house they badly manage their business (which caused the loss of the Mineral Purification Contract) and are said to be in considerable debt to the Adeptus Mechanicus. <<Charod, Speto, Riceh, Bahpa & Esteb>> each control one of the Southern External Mining Contracts. The remain 3 divisions of the Southern continent are controlled by the Adeptus Mechanicus to their own devices. <<Nil Contractus>> There is no Ground Storage Contract, each house is expected to store (specialised) goods themselves within their own Zone of the city or export them with all due expediency. There is no Law Enforcement Contract, each house is expected to Pacify its own citizens through self policing. There is no Food Production Contract. The Adeptus Mechanicus provides Sustpaste and Nutritabs for all, including for the Disfigured (those workers who have been mutated via working environmental conditions). The general effect of the Sustpaste and Nutritabs is one of malnourishment, forcing many Steadings to pool its Subsist Allowance to purchase food from Off Planet. Those who're high up in the Houses or Ministorum will be considerably fuller figured due to better dietary conditions and access to less marked up Off Planet food stuffs. The Adeptus Mechanicus keeps all of its adherents well fed with better quality Sustpaste and Nutritabs. <<Other Icons of Authority>> The Holy and Most Righteous Imperial Inquisition. General citizens are unaware of what the Inquisition is, the Adeptus Mechanicus are the dominant power on the planet. That being said however, even the Houses do not really know a great deal about the Holy Ordos, certainly less than they should given the past histories of the Contractual Nobles. Such knowledge is either guarded very closely, or it has since been forgotten. There has only been one recorded case within the last 275 Standard Terran Years, a minor dispute of deportation of unsanctioned Psykers. The house involved was fully purged, and all rights of commerce and contractuality revoked. Law Enforcement. The Adeptus Arbites do not host a Station House on the planet, it is generally very peaceful and the only real violence is present at the times of “Buyouts”. Cult Assassins are only read about in the Throne Thriftfuls, mass produced pamphlets detailing lurid life in the rest of the System, almost all of which show heroes of the Adeptus Mechanicus performing abilities beyond the scope of plausibility., such as leaping from habtop to habtop, foiling daemonic plans by injecting Logic in to the heretical rituals and thus corrupting them in to rituals of Pure Logic. There are no Death Cult Temples on the planet. It should be noted that whilst not unlawful, it is not standard for weapons to be carried except during the “Buyouts”. However, it would be remiss of me not to include a cautionary note regarding some weapons commonly carried that are beyond the standard Stub pistols, Shivs and Wrenches. Choker Grenades are a common device used to cause extreme nausea and debilitating breathing difficulties, some variants are also able to pass through the basic re-breathers that the average citizen wears whilst out of their Hab. Nailers, a deadly gas powered pistol, fire as the name suggests Nails which pierce most non-hardend armours. Grav-Hooks are an unusual impromptu weapon, normally used to move heavy loads they are weaponised to capture then fling people against walls or in some recorded instances in to the way of speeding maglev trams or other haulage vehicles. Rad-Cleansers have been used in some port side altercations, however due to their size and weight they are never seen outside the Fereq Dock. The Holy Institution of the Imperial Cult The Ecclesiarchy holds very little sway on OM Quintus, the Omnissiah is the Holy Icon of the planet, the Emperor is simply considered the Human part of the Divine Architect. Whilst disturbing, I am reliably informed that this is a standard practice on worlds and systems where the Cult Mechanicus is dominant. No doubt there are shrines to Him on Terra, however they will be in the severe minority when compared both numerically and visually to the Cult Mechanicus Templum. This may require additional investigation when the chance comes up at a later date. Psykana Mysterium The planet is not home to any Astropaths, however a small Choir Host do live on the Alpha Moon. They are adherents to the Adeptus Mechanicus Lores, Laws and Catechisms, and are closely monitored by the Adeptus Mechanicus who also use the moon as a powerful message relay station for the system which acts in accordance to Rites decreed by OM Prime Psykers are very rare, more so than normal, however those that are born are handed over to the House in who's zone they are born in, many of which are dispatched to the Black Ships, it is rumoured that some remain on planet in secret, especially those with the powers of Healing, Divination and Beast Speech. It is said that those strong enough are Sanctioned and work directly for the Houses in one aspect or another, however all investigation in to this matter has been inconclusive. Warp Currents are generally not Unfavourable, but then again neither are they especially Favourable for travel to and from the system via the Aether. <<Electoos of the Houses Major & Minor>> It should be known at this juncture that citizens call them “Flashies”, and only request others “Flash Up” if they do not know them or if they know they are from another Zone in the city, this is rarely requested outdoors due to the often toxic atmospherics of the hive. But do not be surprised if you're requested to enter a nearby building to “Flash Up” Each House/Zone has its Electoo on a different part of the head, details of which follow. House Incumbents/Citizens are Electoo'd at the age of majority, which is between 14 and 17 on OM Quintus. Majority is considered to be in effect once the child engages in full contractual passing of basic education, as done by the Adeptus Mechanicus and notably comprised of Mechanicus Basic Rotes, basic literacy and numeracy. Session 1 With Julian Echo 24's injuries causing him to be repaired back on Omega Mecharius Prime the group fell in to the standard routines of exercise, rest, gamble, and almost relaxation. Kept virtually in the dark about what was happening around the rest of the planet. Almost three months had passed, and Julian made a reappearance, looking some what worse for wear, his skin stapled on to his face, though at times seeming to move of its own accord. The group were hurried by a stressed out Kramer, Magdelenas PA, on to a shuttle to an orbiting Dauntless class refitted ship. there they were told that Magdelena would leave them with some one else whilst she was undergoing "Judgement". They were left in the hands of Captain Tybald J (short for Judas) Kirrock. After Kramer had left Kirrock revealed himself to be much more than he seemed, to his "Naval staff" he was an uptight ramrod straight pinnacle of Naval Captaincy, but once they were no longer around he came across as a bit of a rogue. He informed them that they would be heading back to the Omega Mecharius system, as under orders by Mags. She thinks something is afoot in the Adeptus Mechanicus controlled zone and wants agents left in the area "just in case". Journey back to the system was totally unremarkable, other than the fact that the acolytes had been given the entirety of the fore/port quarter of deck 17 as their own, with staff to see to their needs, though they were told they would not be allowed to mix with the Ordinary Staff of the vessel. Trix & Julian began sparing sessions, with Julian showing he was more proficient than others had initially realised. Having arrived in the OM system the acolytes were called up to the bridge, and for a while marvelled in the warships many systems before being marshalled before the captain who was making the ungentle disconnection from the ships spirit to talk to them naturally. The group were informed of a murder, possibly by Xenos hands of a planetary lords son. Information was sketchy, but between the captains chief of staff and Adept Grimm a briefing pack was assembled and the crew dispatched under the orders of "if you find nothing of importance with in a week, call and we'll arrange collection". Apon arrival the group found themselves in what at first glance was a typical Forge/Hive world. Set around the sides and very caldera of an active volcano, (nearly the size of Germany), the city was essentially split in to several "House Sectors", as described in the Briefing documents. After a swift discovery that there is no real "public transport" the group took the cargo transit tube to the House sector they were due to visit, though not before they had met a Civilian Militiaman who demanded they "Flash Up" and declare their House. Once in the (Green) House Levk sector the tone suddenly changed, whilst there were less people on the streets there were more doss rooms and recaf huts. Entering one they found it to be a 9 story affair, though corkscrew like with canted floors. After getting recaffs they settled on on of the upper tiers and chatted about their next steps and what to do. During this Lev Rollins became aware of a sizable group of people on on the 3rd tier gambling, using 8 sided plas-bones. After watching the game for a bit he decided to join in, though not before "Acquiring" some of the local sector currency "Levk Shekels". Having been told that he wasn't welcome "no flash no play" he went and informed his compatriots just what he'd witnessed and asked about Gambling and chance games on other Forge/Hive worlds. Though he did find out that after 3rd shift he might make an appearance in the Alleys and might get a game that way. Julian took a personal interest, having noted how inefficient the workers down time seemed to be, and managed to corner one individual who was decidedly "Homer Simpson-esque". Julian gathered quit a bit of info which amounted to not much, but did come to the realisation that the citizens are Idiot-Savants, Extremely intelligent but not able to do anything with it due to their schooling and indoctrination, other than their specialised jobs. Once all the workers had left the recaff hut Julian approached the barista and asked about the gambling, and this seemed to cause some form of mnemonic shutdown, causing her to essentially repeat Recaff over ad over, looking confusedly at the group who then chose that time to escape and get on with their investigation. Approaching House Levk Incumbent Constables the group managed to arrange transport for their 40+ kilometre journey Up the volcano to House Levk proper. Arriving they found it to be protected by a plasbubble, and took some time gaining entry, before walking almost two miles up the "drive" to the house itself where they were met at the doors by the Honourable Door Master of House Levk, who took their particulars and then led them to Lord Imba Levk, in the Solarium, where he was working on the house books, in the terribly out dated manner of ink and parchment. It tured out that Lord Levk did not request the party, however he thought that perhaps his wife might have and directed them to where she was, up in the hermetically sealed Lofts. (Lord Levk is very much a Bill Nighy type look, dressed in faded green velvet with golden trip and embellishments) The Lofts were a veritable art gallery, pictures of all sizes (from 2inches to 3 meters in height) of all manner of contents, from people, places, fruits and animals not to mention various "Heroic" portraits. Lady Leesha Levk confessed that she did, through a friend of a friend and a cousin of that friend, request the Utmost available investigators of the Inquisition, little expecting real members of the Inquisition to show, and so promptly.. she told them of her sons death, that his body had been buried, but she did have a copy of the post-mortem report ad happily handed this over before asking the Door Master to take the party down to Lord Minor Jarro Levk's study. Julian entered first, having had experience in B&E himself and knowing just what to look for, gaining a lot of information that at the time didn't add up to much. With the others then entering, including the Door Master and Leesha, clues suddenly came in to focus, and levk realised that when Jarro was killed, there was Three people in the room, the lord himself, his killer and the Mistress of the Lesser Corridors, essentially the chief house maid. The party asked Lady Leesha to summon the Mistress of the Lesser Corridors to the study immediately... And thats where that game night ended. Session 2 After much examination of the Mistress of the Lesser Corridors (Chief Maid), followed by questioning the Door Master of Levk it turned out that Lord Jarro had a member of House Maynora as a guest. It was firmly suspected that the Maynora guest killed Lord Jarro, and some how made the Maid cover it up. Mister Thomasz, the Jeeves to Jarros Wooster, was reported to have been sent out on business before the arrival of the Maynora guest, and had been absent for several days on Important Business on behalf of Lord Jarro, not knowing that his boss was killed. Mister Thomasz returned to the grounds of House Levk, and was informed of the death of his lord. He was some what taken aback and refused to believe it was real. After a quick examination of the Lords Office, Mr Thom revealed some details to the group. The group spent some time hunting down *Designate* Arbuckle, the fatter gambler Lev and Julian met in the first day they spent on the planet. The found out that he had recently (18 months) been demoted from Warehouse Controller to Pipe Scrubber. They successfully posited that Arbuckle was in the pay of the (by now it seemed) feckless Lord Jarro, still cooking the books and providing him with goods to gamble with. Following other leads (provided by Mr Thom) the group moved in to Fereq sector, and found the site where Arbuckle was killed by some one known only as the Enjo Dicer Collector. The Red Lumin Board Gamblers quickly provided some information about the Collector, and in a sudden flash of greed made a deal with Lev to get him in to the local gambling circles over in Enjo sector. The group wet in to Enjo sector, where over the course of a half week (sleeping in the back of a Hovercraft), Lev managed to garner enough attention for the Enjo Collector and his goons to notice his Big Big winning streak. Lev went to the Collectors office, and questioned him a little before Trix and Julian burst in, killing an unsanctioned psyker and a goon who almost got the drop on Trix. After a brief gun fight, the Collector was left gravely injured. Julian patched him up, but not enough to stop a slow death, with some assistance the Collector called for a Worter Person (yes, spelt that way), who turned up with in a little while to heal via the power of the warp, the Collector and also Lev who'd been shot (by accident) by the Collector when Trix and Julian burst in to the room. The Collector thought that Julian and his cohorts were Investigatoria Draconis, sent by the Ad-Mech, looking in to the failing House Levk. The Collector was simply under orders to redistribute the stolen food chits back in to the Levk system one way or another. When he realised that Julian, Trix and Lev were infact Inquisition he became quite resigned to the fact that he was a dead man walking and has since answered a number of key questions providing the following info... ::The Collector is the cousin of *Designate* Arbuckle, who in turn is the cousin of the Butler, Mister Thomasz. ::The Collector used an Unsanctioned Psyker, so that if they died then it didnt matter much. ::The Collector killed Jarro. ::Jarro tried to shoot the Collector with the Pulsed Plasma Pistols, but the Collector got the drop on him and used the guns on the young Lord instead. ::The Mistress of the Lesser Corridors was in the room when Jarro was killed, she blackmailed the Collector (for a few sust-chits) to keep the whole thing quiet then blackmailed the Door Master (for a few chits more) to get the Collector out of the House. ::The Mistress and the Door Master invented the Maynora Guest to throw off any questioning, and also claimed that Lord Jarro escorted his guest out before returning to his study and asking not to be disturbed whilst he worked on some book keeping and the like. ::House Maynora have all been banned from the Gambling, they all seem unusually Lucky at dice and games of chance. ::House Maynora are all Voidborn, they are all bald and between 6.5 and 7ft tall. ::Something called the Stellar Cartel are much maligned by House Enjo, they seem to be some conglomeration of rogues and traders of nefarious upbringing. ::The Collector isnt a bad person per se, he was simply doing what he was told by Lord Enjo, and he was trying to help a LOT of families and hab blocks stop from essentially starving because of Jarros bad gambling skills. ::Jarro could well have kept Arbuckle on his private books (keeping Arbuckle some what fatter than other workers), but Arbuckle was cooking the books he was cooking or Jarro. Jarro was Lazy, and divied his work out to 6 other people, not including Arbuckle, but those 6 people would all appear to be clean, not of them were gamblers unlike the now dead Arbuckle. ::Arbuckle was killed by The Collector for robbing Jarro and making a bad problem ever so slightly worse. ::Jarro was in debt by approx 80 million sust chits (each one enough to feed some one for a week) to several other houses and gambling groups, and stole from his own Houses' warehouses to pay for the gambling debts and was getting himself deeper in to debt. Leads to follow up that make the most sense: Re-interrogate the Door Master (Simpa), the Chief Mistress of the Lesser Corridors (Ceena) and Mister Thomasz. Find out where the pistols came from (currently being looked in to by Mister Thomasz for the group) and follow up info on who's bringing in Xenos technology to an Adeptus Mechanicus tributary world. And thats where the night ended, Session 3 The evening was spent putting many people "To The Question". though not until after arriving back a House Levk, only to find the Lady of the house had arranged an art show of her works, with some forty primary guests and their lesser staff. Julian was promptly toured on Leeshas arm around the art work and the guess whilst Trix and Lev got to hunting down the Mistress of the lesser corridors and the Door Maser. Mr Thomasz started working fully for the group, digging up information from his former masters decrepit cogitator, finding a number of heavily encrypted files that took some hours to deal with that lead the group to finding out about INSI Shipping & Haulage in the upper Enjo sector, very close to the Caldera itself. The Mistress revealed, after a lot of will power, tears and eventually defecating herself, that she was in the room, and that she managed to blackmail The Collector and got him out of the house with the Door Masters aid. The Door Master broke much quicker, and even tried to punch out Lev before attempting to flee, showing his utter guilt. Opening the door on to Trix who promptly broke his arm in three places, his jaw and gave him a bit of a nasty glare to finish it off because he got blood on her gloves. After splinting his arm, providing pain killers and then a note pad he proceeded to confirm what the Mistress of the Lesser Corridors said, and even had the gall to threaten her in the process. The Mistress and the Door Master were essentially put under house arrest and confined to their separate quarters. Whilst this was going on Julian met Lord Enjo and a some what familiar Trader who wore mainly Black with gold trim. Though who he was eluded Julian for some hours until the Trader was gone. Then it hit Julian just who it was, Lord Friday, a meat shipping lord from across the sector who was known to them after the Targe Fiasco, and threw the groups plans in to a bit of a frenzy as to how he might be related to all of this. Friday was well known to use mutants, removing some of their deformities and replacing them with augmetics and giving them a job and a better future. Once the art showing had come to an end, as had the Questioning of the menial staff the group gathered the Lord & Lady Levk in to their sons office and unveiled just what had been happening under their noses, showing the utter ruination of the House Levk fortunes and name, offered some form of ways out and generally taunted them a little over it. The following day the group went to the INSI Trading office, only to be attacked by a pack of cybermastiffs and then fall victim to a rigged trap, an Autogun set to knee height on a moving arc of fire tripod. Mr Thomasz had one leg well and truly removed, and his other was damaged beyond the groups repair by the trap. Lev was assaulted by one of the dogs just after the trap was sprung and Trix miscalculated just where she was stabbing, blindly, through the flakweave walls.. The group managed to salvage some information before the final trap went off, the Cogitator that Julian had soul-merged with, exploded resulting in even more damage being done to the beleaguered and bloody group. Retreating back to the relative safety of the hovercraft the group are ending to their wounds and heading to the nearest Enjo medicae trauma center... There was some confusion as to whom is/was related to whom. Lord Enjo is the Collectors father. The Collector is Designate Arbuckles cousin. Arbuckle is Mr Thomasz's cousin. Thomasz and Collector are 2nd Cousins by marriage most likely. Trix has a new tooth or her necklace, as knocked out from the Door Masters mouth when he tried to run away. Thats where that session ended Session 4 (final) After a near violent end at the hands of medicae guards the group were mostly patched up, Mr Thomasz was left in the Crit-Con Ward after the loss of a leg and the rendering useless of another one despite valiant efforts of JE24. The group had to give a Sit Rep to Kirrock, and then after spoke again to his aide Keller, and found that the Insignum Rex is a trader vessel captained by Simeon Tollester, and that it had departed four hours prior to their contact with Kirrock. Which was about 5 hours After they had assaulted the INSI trading office. Suspecting that Lord Friday was onboard, not at all suspecting the truth, they eventually followed suit, and 4days 19 hours later appeared in orbit around planet of St Lucita, in the Archaos System which the warp currents favour strongly, what with it being a pleasure planet and all that for the uber-riche. They asked the captain to do what he saw and required to stop the Insignum Rex from bolting, though they did note that the Insignum Rex was essentially powered down and its engines were running cool, as if it had been in orbit for a day possibly two already. Relishing the chance to "put on a bit of a show" Kirrock ordered his crew to shut down comes in the localised area, jamming them with prayers on all frequencies and gunning the engines to Eleven before pulling a hard turn to land almost alongside the Insignum Rex. Kirrock sent the group and a sortie party of ratings across, and the captain was subsequently interrogated and his ship holdings searched. During the questioning it came to light that the cheif enginseer was called Var and he dealt with all trading on the Om5 planet in the Levk Sector. Lev remembered that he had stolen a picture of a tech-priest at Lady Leesha Levk's art showing and recalled a detail he'd otherwise over looked initially. Etched in to the corner was some words that had been painted over "to my son, Various, love mumsie" Various Levk. Soon they were winging there way down to Oioi Island, where Var had gone, along with all the other the priests from the Insignum Rex, and within a matter of hours they were infiltrating a base which turned out to belong to a splinter from the Cult of Sollex. The Cult of the Starry Anvil. Finding that the Cult of the anvil had access to heavily modified technology, infusing Imperial tech with possibly Xenos tech with devastating efficiency. Julian had Trix attempt to shut down the main power generator for the complex, but sadly Trix was from a psuedo medieval world and had no real understanding of technology other than what had been taught to her by rote as she grew up with in the Inquisition. Trix suffered a massive heart seizure from the overload of electrical energy in the atmosphere within the room, something that would have not bothered JE24 in the slightest with the most basic of preparation. Growing concerned at her lack of contact he went in to the generator room and found her smouldering body having seizures and took her away from the room, only to have her all but burst in to flames as he touched her. Rapidly returning to the surface he started to suffer from the overload as well, though defeated the machineless spirits with savvy use of tech rituals of grounding. Realising the only way to save something of Trix was to Ground her he plunged his powersword in to her guts, through her spine and siphoned off the amassed current stored within her, whch caused his own skin (recently replaced on his face) to burn off as the ritual of grounding took place. With her spine severed, her ears burned off, her flesh charred and her lungs half cooked Trix remained some how still alive, though certainly no recovering any time soon and soon an evac was summoned. Lev stayed behind to watch the meeting, and even took part in it, recording both visually and audibly. Levs recordings showed what was essentially a "Squat Exo Armour" suit appear on the Anvil/alter of the cults meeting room and dispense a sermon of hate and fury, a jihad like rant soon about the revenge about to be taken upon the betrayers and that "The Plans" must be given to the chosen ones. Twelve techpriests, including Various Levk, were then given ornate scroll cases or a sort, archaic info-storage devices. The armoured individual, known only as The Lord, the teleported out of the chamber in much he same manner as he appeared in a sudden flash of light, but also taking the Anvil/Alter with him. The 12 then left he room, went in to the Walkers and other modified tanks up to the surface for a with. Lev went in to hiding for a couple of days, using one of the smaller house domes, and repeatedly stole what items he could from the now abandoned cult encampment. Meanwhile, up in orbit the Insignum Rex was destroyed by a vast vehicle of unknown designation, Kirroks ship slipped back in to real space only to be damaged also, knocking it out of action for almost three months. During those months JE24's facial skin was replaced, Trix was sealed in to a stasis coffin to prevent any further deterioration and Lev was rescued from the planet, along with his horde of tech heresy items. Inquisitor Magdelena was delivered by an other wise unidentified Inquisitorial cruiser, which slunk of in to the void to throne knows where. Kramer was setting the table for four with Barillian Wine and pink wafers. One seat for Magdelena, one for JE24, one or Lev and the last left empty for Trix, though a wine was poured for her and two wafers were set aside for her also. Realising that Mags had been through a Rejuve process they took in her more youthful countenance. Selecting a daa slate from the desk she thumbed through is contents, not saying anything to the group other than to wave them in to seats, motioning to the wine and the wafers whils she finished her reading. Her first words, after almost 4 months were a simple "so, give me a sit rep please.." all said with one of her Special Smiles she reserves for either the condemned or those who have done so very well but do not realise it yet and await their death sentence only to be given a reprieve.. With House Levk now Son riven and struggling to not be liquidated by the Cult Mechanicus, the Cult of the Anvil exposed to the Ordos Xenos, and the Cult of Sollex from who they came suddenly under close scrutiny for signs of Heretical Learnings. And some where out there are 12 Chosen Ones with "The Plan"to bring ruinaion to who knows what. And just who is Lord Friday, and why does some one with his voice keep cropping up in very different bodies... And that's where Death of a Lord came to a close... With the virtual death of Trix, burning a fate point to remain a husk of a barely living paralysed from the waist down assassin in deep freeze, the Tech-Priest needing yet again his facial skin replaced after it burned off whilst saving Trix (also burning a Fate point to help her live and to stop any overflow of damage being done to him to much) and Lev comiting any number of acts of Tech-Heresy in his scavenger hunt for loot... The character of Trix might go the route of Cyber Reserrection, seeing as she has not only the fate points set aside for it but also the Xp set aside as well, though if she does come back it'll be a year, possibly two in the games time line but for now the player has ended that character on what they consider a high note and given the group, despite a loss, a chance to kick some butt in revenge.
  5. Having Witch Hunters turn up is all well and good if the character is alone, but what if the rest of the party are with him are they just likely to hand him over with a shrug? will they say "through our dead bodies he's a comrade who's a tool of the Emperors will and we're the ones assigned to kil him if all goes Klybo" and then defend him as he would them? Your punishing the whole group for what is a valid character class given at base rank. It's like QQ'ing that Assassins are to uber after rank 4. They're just very good at what they do. It all comes down to the player picking the right skills and talents. hand 2 players the option of making a psyker with rank 5xp and you'll get a few different types of character back at the end of the day. The player already has the 9's to worry about, as well as the fact that they know the group will be an execution squad if things get Too Weird. Of course, you Could always go the Ravenloft route of things, strange psyker things are happening in he hive and the cha is he only one who's a psyker around. Cue the player going bug nuts about whether he's possessed whilst asleep, and any cams set to watch him fritz out for long enough to cast doubt on the characters protestations of innocence only to be the only one with an insight or way to solve it. Give the character a chance to shine and prove just how useful he really is. Yes an Adept might get the same skills, often better, and later on the option to purchase some psyker powers, but only he psyker will understand the fear of the blackships, what it's like to be exposed constantly to the corruption ad the sheer strength of will it takes to hold it back.
  6. From last nights game came two related incidents.... The groups scum, who's a bit of a klepto (in the way that Kender from Dragonlance are all kleptos) asks the party techriest if he can have a closer look at one of the two "Unique & Most likely Xenos" plasma pistols. With out thinking the TP hands one over, he's busy compiling a report for his higher ups. The scum starts messing around with the pistol and gets not only a fail on his techuse (with a -30 mod for messing around with a xenos weapon for the 1st time) check but two degrees of Botch as well. Unwittingly he turns it on,selects Burst Fire and presses the trigger all quite by accident. The group assassin was going through her daily exercises suddenly has to twist to one side (having spent a fate point to avoid being shot point blank with a 2d10+5+degrees of botch plasma burst to the chest) as the balls of plasma graze her chest, giving her 2 new scars and ruining her armour. The plasma bolts go through the side of the pressurised hovercraft they're using for transport. The TP looks up from his dataslate and says "interesting". The assassin shoots a look at the scum and says "Intersting? you could have killed me" The scum quickly passing the cooling plasmapistol back to the techpreist says "Well, it's not like i did though is it?" The assassin player (not IC) says "i'll get you back for that.." An hour or so passes and the game progresses and the group find themselves in a fight with a cybermastiff, the assassin is insode a room whilst the fight is happening in the corridor. Already having lost an NPC to a rigged gun trap the assassin makes a half move to the wall, roughly where fight is on the other side and plunges her latheblade through the flakboard wall. Sadly, not having blind fighting she had a -30 modifier, she was given the option of removing the wall with a couple of her attacks and Then attacking the dog who by this point had the scum pinned down and was ripping away at his flak vest and trying to get to his neck... Choosing to just put the blade through the wall and hope for the best she rolls.. Her WS failed, with two degrees of botch causing the scum to be skewered in the side as the assassins blade whips in and out of him. After the fight was finished, the next round with a shotgun to the dogs neck after the TP's Lumin Blast scored a massive 22 dam and the dog was all but dead (it was ignoring all crits due to combat drugs and had essentially 1 wound left) the assassin help get the very heavy dogs carcass off the scum helping him up. The scum looks at her and says "you could have killed me.." She retorts with "well, you shot me first.." We all chuckled for a bit
  7. In the Grim Future there is no LOLage Repent now and face execution for spreading seditious humour with a clean mind already embracing the Emperor..
  8. Yup, probably the best one to date on the matter as it's not devolved in to arguements or the like
  9. A LINK HERE to a recent chat about Sensei, including what their powers would most likely translate in to as based on the older Realms of Chaos book..
  10. Having looked at the Codex, as well as a quick google search shows that they do not have triggers that humans would instantly recognize..
  11. Lady Gaga has filled the void that was left by Marilyn Manson after i got bored of the music. And i can even listen to Gaga's music to, visually arresting, lets hope burn out doesnt happen to soon..
  12. Theres also the matter that the Imperium (often via the Adeptus Mechanicus) reverse engineered a lot of technology, thats why you get imperial versions of weapons like the Shurican pistol (as seen in most editions of WH40k, both in rules and in fluff), though these reverse engineered weapons tend to be bigger and bulkier than the original versions..
  13. It could also depend on how superstitious the planet/tribe is, they may have some sort of prohibition from sporting skulls, bones and boxy looking things due to some prior intervention by either clerics teachings about Khorne being all skulls thus bad, or an Explorator trying to keep a society from advancing and so banning wheels, boxes and other holy looking weapony things..
  14. *nod* Mon Edged is a bit of a misnomer, its just an Upgrade of generic sorts, when applied to a bladed item it's Mono, when given to a different type of melee weapon, say for example a hammer, it gets the pnuematic quality which doesnt really exist but does the same as Mono quality. Its a Q that gets asked once in a while. Well, this once, and its been a while.
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