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  1. Krogan said: yep, still not on "Faraos Cigarer" or "Fantask" webshops... dammit... Without promising too much I expect to get it in store mid may at the latest. Cross my fingers. CHeers.
  2. I have just the creature vault and it works fine. There are some explanations of the traits on the cards in the guide, though, but I think you can find them online somewhere as well. -L
  3. 40k uses a system more similar to WFRPG 2nd edition with some significant differences though. Careers for instance. I've been fiddling around with various conversions as well since the release of WFRPG 3rd. Some methods takes a lot of work and will douse your fire before you finish a project like that unless you have lots of help. Atm I'm working on a very lighteasy conversion where the basic rules are WFRPG but all the gear is still 40k but with a few changes to balance them for the WFRPG rulesaction cards. Good luck with your con. cheers -L
  4. Jack of Tears said: While I, personally, see it is a great opportunity for some rp, I can see the argument that it makes the afflicted PC feel singled out and picked on..... Well, in Warhammer he won't be singled out for long if his friends stay close. Diseases spread. But I understand your concern. on a sidenote, Its possible though to use it as an excuse should a player be unable to come to a session and he happens to suffer from a disease, you can send the other players after a cure while he is trying to recover. opportunity for small side adventure. @ Shinma: your concern with the criticals wound cards will be short lived. Remember with the Khorne expansion coming up there will be permanent crits. -L
  5. I think its supposed to represent the precision of the hit. Or something... -L
  6. shinma said: Lucas Adorn said: I don't see an unsuccessful use of an action card as 'the action never happened'. Quite the contrary. The action did happen and you missed and must now spend some time to regain your balance or footing in ordcer to carry out a similar action again. I never really understood why recharge shouldn't be put on just because your attack misses. -L That's partially a "your perspective" issue, and partially a 'player mentality' issue. As to the first part: Jack's interpretation is probably closer to the way the creators envision it. Most combats are described as a sequence of blows (round time is never defined but is definitely more than a couple seconds) where your 'move' comes inside a sequence of attacks, dodges, movement around the battlefield etc. It may not be that the 'blow didn't happen' but it was one of many blows, and you didn't invest enough into it to pull it off. Also this becomes a big problem with non-combat situations. If you invoke a blessing and don't succeed, how do you 'miss'? Your god's still listening or you couldn't use another one. Why just wait 5 minutes and try again instead of beseeching more? It's simply alot cleaner to have one simple rule for all. As to the 'player mentality' half: Missing is rough. You get one action a round, and missing (particularly repeatedly) is very hard. In DnD for example, when someone misses on their high level encounter or daily, there's a noticeable deflation and unhappiness. Having them miss as their only action and then punishing them by taking their special attack away really brings a player down. So from a 'having fun' perspective, its a really bad idea. Its true. I tend to forget that each round is a series of swings and attempts (which I like). **** me for forgetting. And in that perspective it makes more sense the way you describe it. I can relate to the 'having fun' part. The mechanics should never ruin the fun, which is also why I like the high succes rate of this game. I like the fights (most) to be fast and deadly instead of drawn out. That holds particularly true in games with lots of ranged weaponry. -L
  7. shinma said: LukeZZ said: So if you get a Comet in green, you will simply reduce the number of successes to get less power (and thus ignore the effect). If you get a Come in red, you will simply use th extra power (this can also be higher than your 2 x Willpower and you won't get any side effect) with a Quick Spell. If the spell fails, well no problem since the power will still be gone. Sorry, but strictly speaking about the Comet effect I think the Red one is much safer that the Green one. With the Green you max out the power at 2 x Willpower, with the Red you don't have this limit. You're not making any sense. Neither side has a Comet effect. And what you think doesn't necessarily hold up in play. Lets take a look at a concrete example: You are playing a celestial mage with: First Portent of Aman Thul, Omen, And Lightning. Combat begins. You are Equilibrium (WP) at 4 power. Round 1: You channel/quickcast lightning right away. You gain 6 power and spend 7. You're at 3 power. LB has 5 recharge left. Round 2: You channel/quickast First Portent. You gain 6 power and spend 3. You are at 6 power. Round 3: You channel/quickcast Omen. You chaos star out. LB has 3 recharge left. Well you have only 3 or less power remaining spells? Now what? You can take the minimum success line (2 power) and quick cast for 3. But then you're still 2 over your will. You gain 2 stress. This isn't counting any stress you picked up from red dice. If you were green, you'd gain 2 power min, and no stress. I hope that delineates the difference. Remember the equilibrium in round two: he gets one power for free putting him at 7 total at the end of the round. -L
  8. hmm.... seeing as you can only increase your main attributes once per rank, how can a commoner ever use the third fortune point advance? -L
  9. Jack of Tears said: From what I understand, Cwell is correct, you only place recharge tokens on a card if it is successful; doesn't make a lot of sense to have to recharge an action that never actually occurred. I don't see an unsuccessful use of an action card as 'the action never happened'. Quite the contrary. The action did happen and you missed and must now spend some time to regain your balance or footing in ordcer to carry out a similar action again. I never really understood why recharge shouldn't be put on just because your attack misses. -L
  10. Free meaning it doesn'y cost you a fatigue under normal circumstances. The first manoeuvre is free unless you're affected by some condition that says its not. -L
  11. There's a few included with most expansions. Can't remember if any comes with Edge of night. -L
  12. I'll look forward to listening to som third edition actual play. -L
  13. Here's the answer I recieved: Improved Counterspell should be superior to Counterspell in all respects. In essence, Improved Counterspell allows you to interfere with spells cast within close range of you even if you are not the target. It can still function whenever a spell is cast at you, regardless of range. Enjoy the game! ~Dan Clark Thanks, Dan -L
  14. Unless you have just spent some or channelled you power is equal to your WP. This is the equilibrium. If you have more or less it will slowly balanced out to your WP number again, by gaining /loosing one power per round of doing nothing to changed your power level (channelling or casting or concentrating to keep you power at current lvl above WP(costing 1 maneuvre)). Hope this helps. -L
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