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  1. "Questionable future" is probably a bit on the side of extreme. There has been a bit of a push to contracted work vs actual employed people for several years now, esp in the RPG world. I called it... I knew this would be the next one. It is their new hot property and they cannot wait to shove it in our faces. Unfortunately my interest in this setting is somewhere around -27%. Hopefully some new cool new talents and rules at least. THREE WORDS are all I am waiting for... TWILIGHT... IMPERIUM... SETTING...
  2. Bah, heck with it. I just redesigned the "cover" anyway. Now the logo is on both. Also re-upped some edits on both files. Slight rewording and some typos.
  3. So by cover... do they mean the thing that shows in the picture on the webpage, or what is in the actual download? I was kind of wondering about this. The photo you see in the page with the guy in the robe is not in the actual download (since the one sheet is... just one page). The Foundry logo is at the bottom of both front and back of the document itself (see the preview). Any ideas? One-Sheet 01 has been there for a few weeks and no one has complained so far.
  4. Both One-Sheets 1 and 2 are up on the Foundry and available for download Free of Charge (Pay What You Want). Featured in One-Sheet 01 are: Custom Careers: A set of rules to allow players to create their own careers on the fly instead of using the pre-made ones. Minions Unhinged: Alternate rules for more powerful minions, yet still work like minions and not rivals. Dissimilar Minions: A very simple rule to use different types of minions in a group. Featured in One-Sheet 02 is: Modern Horror Magic: A new framework that completely reorganizes Types of Magic, Spells and associated Skills in a way themed for Non fantasy settings. Enjoy!
  5. WHOA... LOL. I didn't even think about the fact it might be expanded off of CORE talents! 😂
  6. How has no one mentioned this here... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/11/25/genesys-foundry-spotlight-something-strange/ Congratulation are in order sir!
  7. As anyone else noticed the "Animal Companion" talent is missing? There is the Improved one that mentions it... and somewhere else it mentions it (an example I think) and states it is a Tier 3 talent... but there is nothing in my book.
  8. I appreciate it... and am proud to be in the book even in a minuscule way. I am planning on using it for my next campaign. It's a great kick off Foundry Product. Congrats.
  9. Correct. If he does not credit me, and keeps it in... there is nothing I can really do... nor would anyway. It's all a matter of principal. "You must do what you feel is right of course". - Obi Wan Kenobi
  10. You do not need to take it out... Its under creative commons. Just a name in the Thanks would be appreciated. If it was an accident, no worries. We all use each others stuff... however, I worry now with pay coming into play people are going to be more bent out of shape. Please feel free to keep it if you add me to the thanks. I have no interest in taking any money you make off it. You did a great job. If you do choose to thank me, you can just put it in the thanks area with the others. Just put James "BrashFink" Brandt.
  11. I am curious why page 10 in the upper right takes my Custom Career rules and gives me no credit... and I mean EXACT wording (see screen shot at the bottom). I do not care that you used it. I do not care you are making $10 on each one (its a nice setting, I bought it, am going to use it for my next campaign)... I do not appreciate lack of acknowledgement, even if it only used my "BrashFink" net name. Twilight Imperium Race thread from December 2017... And Custom Career Template from January 4... Compairison of page 10 vs page 1 in my Twilight Imperium setting Book...
  12. Link to PDF has been updated fixing some typos, etc.
  13. Excellent. This is literally how I was handling my "Savage Edge" RPG I was working on a couple years ago but never finished.
  14. Agreed... however the price point is what is what is making me suspect the size.
  15. What you are missing is this ruleset is doing the EXACT opposite as the SWRPG. The base rules are cheaper because it is the basic way the game works all of the simple rules to make the game work. Then the meat of the rules will be in setting books which will include all manner of special little rules for the setting. Look at that photo of the book... look at the spine. This thing is going to be the size of the SWRPG Core books (hence the Price). It will literally be the small 6 page Fantasy bit in the base game expanded to like 500 pages. Keep in mind, there will be TONS of stuff about the setting... a map, a gazetteer, races in detail... etc Without a doubt require the base book. Nah... RPGs Started with D&D, a fantasy setting... this made the most sense. SAME
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