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  1. Dropbox ruining the way their public folder worked, breaking the old link. This forced me to spend my money with someone else. Had a couple PMs asking for the zip, so here is the new link: I also edited the first post with the link Cheers
  2. Dropbox ruining the way their public folder worked, breaking the old link. This forced me to spend my money with someone else. Had a couple PMs asking for the zip, so here is the new link: I also edited the first post with the link Cheers
  3. This will be the last post in this thread. When this is completed I will post it in a new one. Here is a teaser showing cover and interior art...
  4. (Sorry I kept editing my post above and decided to put this in a separate post) Also, combat works nothing like Savage Worlds and completely like SWRPG so raises are not even used. Basically Combat, skills, dice and rolling is SWRPG, but talents from SWRPG are being replaced with Edges. So what I will be sorting out is what elements from Edges mean when thrown into SWRPG. Wounds and Strain from FFG will be used in favor of Savage Wounds and Shaken. Careers and Specializations (as well as Trees) are gone. Skills are bought in the way they are in Savage Worlds. The trees have been replaced with Edges and Hindrances... which also allows us to use the Powers section from Savage Worlds as well. I am also making a more "universal" Obligation system, that just ties to stuff from the characters past... but works like obligation. Literally imagine the entire "Core Mechanic" section being lifted and replacing the entire core mechanic of Savage Worlds, but using the creation of Savage Worlds. Also, the skills are a bit different. Vigilance and Cool are tossed out (however, If you want to use them, toss them back in). I will be using an Initiative system that is closer to Savage Worlds with Elements from a FASA one.
  5. So: Attributes: d4 = 1, d6 = 2, d8 = 3, d10 = 4, d12 = 5 Skills: d4 = 0, d6 = 1, d8 = 2, d10 = 3, d12 = 4 So your warrior with Strength d6 and Fighting d10 would roll YYG (2 for Attribute, and 3 for skill). Target number (TN) is usually 4, which is Average difficulty (PP). There are various difficulty mods in Savage Worlds that can be converted to dice numbers on even intervals: -2 is Easy, +2 is Hard, +4 is Daunting. Odd numbers are handled with setback and boost, e.g.: -1 is a setback, +1 is a boost. Then you need to decide how many Advantages are required for a Raise (4 over the TN). I'd say 2A per Raise, or 1 Triumph = 2 Raises. For combat I can't recall how the wounding works, but additional successes might make wounds more likely (bypassing Toughness or Spirit). Just some rambling thoughts... This is pretty close to what I am doing... however, I have it start at 2 and buy one for one just like savage worlds. Same here. Thanks for sharing this, it gave me ideas for my WH conversion. Sorry, I kind of put this off for a long time and recently started working on it again. I am in the middle of mashing together character creation. I think when I have this done, I will simply have a quick set of conversion rules for "on the fly" decisions, as opposed to a full set of rules.
  6. I mostly used search, but I also let the characters do what they wanted. I had one player looking for household stuff to make some kind of chemical bomb/ corrosive bio weapon. I let them go with it. The ending LITERALLY boss battle, 1 player dead, second combat oriented character would die next turn... and the banishment finished that turn. My players LOVED it.
  7. Dante, as I said in the main post, "This is more of a “Playset” than a published adventure. Use the pieces, put them where you want and send the party in to their doom." If I am not mistaken, there are tips and tricks in the read me. I also put some thoughts on things in posts here in the thread. Do it however you want. I put things in various rooms, in drawers, etc. You can give them random ones at the start, or certain things. Put monsters where you want. If remember correctly (I think I ran this in 2013), I sealed them magically once the came in. They needed something in the attic, that allowed them to get out through the cellar, which lead to the boss fight with the "Cellar Thing". But seriously, run it however you want.
  8. After much thinking, I have completely changed my mind on this project. While having a loose understanding of the Savage Worlds rules, I recently actually bought the book and am currently reading it. I have realized that I am making this too hard and what I really what to do is the exact OPPOSITE of what I was doing. What I want to do now is take elements from Edge (specifically the dice)... and incorporate them into Savage Worlds.
  9. Actually, its called OVER the edge.
  10. It's out. Mine arrives Wednesday...
  11. There an Edge of the Hyperborian Age (or something like that) mod somewhere on these forums also.
  12. Yeah thje stuff in these books is crazy. Fully detailed out. Snickett, I love your sig. One of my players/friend is facinated with Sarween Tools. For his birthday, we got him a blank Star Wars cake, we ended up putting "Sarween Tools" on the cake instead of happy birthday. I have a photo somewhere..
  13. They are featured in the forthcoming Avengers vs M*A*S*H Suppliment.
  14. As did Empire if you think about it. Man some of these ideas are genuis. Thanks for the laugh at work.
  15. This is what I do all the time (even when my campaign is in the same era). I do it just to make things fit better. For example, players from my D6 converted campaign, already worked for Jabba, so I converted the whole Long arm of the Hutts to Jabba with a Black Sun operation muscling in, that I connected to actually the Black Sun adventures... so all of them felt like one connected story. Whoa... errrmmm... Awayputurwpn... great minds think a like sir... I was going to simply say Pick out Key parts of the story instead of actually trying to convert the whole thing.