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  1. I appreciate it... and am proud to be in the book even in a minuscule way. I am planning on using it for my next campaign. It's a great kick off Foundry Product. Congrats.
  2. Correct. If he does not credit me, and keeps it in... there is nothing I can really do... nor would anyway. It's all a matter of principal. "You must do what you feel is right of course". - Obi Wan Kenobi
  3. You do not need to take it out... Its under creative commons. Just a name in the Thanks would be appreciated. If it was an accident, no worries. We all use each others stuff... however, I worry now with pay coming into play people are going to be more bent out of shape. Please feel free to keep it if you add me to the thanks. I have no interest in taking any money you make off it. You did a great job. If you do choose to thank me, you can just put it in the thanks area with the others. Just put James "BrashFink" Brandt.
  4. I am curious why page 10 in the upper right takes my Custom Career rules and gives me no credit... and I mean EXACT wording (see screen shot at the bottom). I do not care that you used it. I do not care you are making $10 on each one (its a nice setting, I bought it, am going to use it for my next campaign)... I do not appreciate lack of acknowledgement, even if it only used my "BrashFink" net name. Twilight Imperium Race thread from December 2017... And Custom Career Template from January 4... Compairison of page 10 vs page 1 in my Twilight Imperium setting Book...
  5. Link to PDF has been updated fixing some typos, etc.
  6. Excellent. This is literally how I was handling my "Savage Edge" RPG I was working on a couple years ago but never finished.
  7. Agreed... however the price point is what is what is making me suspect the size.
  8. What you are missing is this ruleset is doing the EXACT opposite as the SWRPG. The base rules are cheaper because it is the basic way the game works all of the simple rules to make the game work. Then the meat of the rules will be in setting books which will include all manner of special little rules for the setting. Look at that photo of the book... look at the spine. This thing is going to be the size of the SWRPG Core books (hence the Price). It will literally be the small 6 page Fantasy bit in the base game expanded to like 500 pages. Keep in mind, there will be TONS of stuff about the setting... a map, a gazetteer, races in detail... etc Without a doubt require the base book. Nah... RPGs Started with D&D, a fantasy setting... this made the most sense. SAME
  9. I guess I should also expand the answer. Being a bit older... the concept of a "Weird War" has been around all my life. There were comics when I was a kid, like WEIRD WAR TALES which were kind of related to Weird West comics that were also popular. The Weird West moved into RPGs with DEADLANDS obviously. The first real weird war setting I saw was WEIRD WARS... Savage Worlds has moved into a number of other wars also for different eras. Weird West and Weird War were kind of related. Both were usually horror based alternate histories. I think their popularity in games was also expanded by a number of "alternate WW2" products from all areas... (Command and Conquer, Dust, Etc)
  10. The first I heard of it was the board game... https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/25261/tannhauser So are the books good? I have some of the Cthulhu and Android ones... but still have not read any of them. I kind of hated the board game. It was like a Deathmatch game with no respawn. I felt it needed a respawn mechanic... and be point based. Who knows though... I played that like 5+ years ago. I could completely have a different take on it now. The atheistic of it is very cool however.
  11. Also I should stress, these are not just arbitrary choices I made. I used all the Role Based Careers in the book as a guideline None of them have more than 6 General Skills, more than 3 Combat or Social. The only one that kind of breaks the mold is Leader which has 4 Social Skills, the rest are 3 or lower. Actually if you wanted to make it fit the mold perfectly... make the first 4: "Choose 4 Skills, 3 or 4 of them must be General Skills, 1 of them may be a Social Skill". Social Combat General Knowledge Entertainer 3 1 4 0 Explorer 1 2 5 0 Healer 0 1 6 1 Leader 4 1 3 0 Scoundrel 2 1 4 0 Socialite 3 0 4 1 Soldier 1 3 4 0 Tradesperson 1 1 6 0
  12. Nah nah. No worries. I also work with my players directly and decide. I have a couple of Min Max Murder hobos that will just be like... Give me all 5 combat Skills, Vigilance, Cool and Stealth... also my dinosaur riding vampire ninja has a lightsaber... ummm no. (see Happy Jacks RPG Podcast song "No You Can't Be a Ninja")
  13. You don't play with my players. LoL I am not sure you understand what this list is. You say "why would I limit myself..." are you the GM or a player? As a player the answer is "because the GM said so." I think you are missing this is a guideline to put the Career creation in the hands of the player. As with all things I create, feel free to to do whatever you want.
  14. With all the customization in the game, I find it weird there seems to be nothing about Careers (or I have missed it, I am not reading the book in order). For my Twilight Imperium campaign, I studied the book's basic careers and devised this template. I thought I would reshare here, for those who may not look at my Twilight Imperium thread because they were not interested in that setting. CUSTOM CAREERS Create your own career by picking 8 Career Skills using the following template: Choose 4 General Skills. Choose 4 more Skill of any type within the limits listed below: Your remaining 4 Skill: ...must contain 1 Social or Combat Skill. ...cannot contain more than 3 Combat Skills. ...cannot contain more than 3 Social Skills ...cannot contain more than 3 Knowledge Skills. ...cannot contain more than 2 additional General Skills Other that the limitations above, there are no other requirements. For example, you could have 1 of each of the 4 Skill Types and be in compliance. Choose 4 of your 8 Career Skills, and take 1 free rank in each of them. Give your Career a fitting 2-word name like: Fierce Negotiator, Brash Pilot, or Reckless Archeologist. All Career Skills chosen are subject to Game Master approval. [NOTE: The "3 Knowledge Skills" is assuming you have made custom ones for your setting]
  15. The character sheet PDF from FFG is editable (not locked down) if you have Acrobat Pro. The background can just be snatched out.
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