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  1. I know, but yet all players can complete quests part of the same story. If I had to define it, I would call it "competitive solo".
  2. There's almost zero player interaction. Aside from reading cards to each other there isnt any real method to influence the play or decisions of another character. You certainly can't fight another player and there isnt any incentive to trade items with them either since you might be giving your opponent something they need to fulfill an agenda card. Its not fully co-operative since you can't complete tasks or combat together but its not fully competitive either for reason listed above. What are everyone's thoughts on this?
  3. core + rise of the empire is great, but I wonder if we'll see something else? Maybe a new big box "Resistance" pitting the Resistance vs First Order?
  4. X-wing has jumped the shark. many of the "Fly Casual" players have moved on leaving and attracting the more competitive players. The latest wave hardly feels like Star Wars to me. Srsly, wookie gunship? they have gunships now? I thought Kashyyk was enslaved by the Empire? THEY DONT EVEN WEAR CLOTHES BUT THEY HAVE GUNSHIP FACTORIES??? effin stupid.
  5. "officially" this product is not released yet. Might expect something after June 8th.
  6. I'm not angry, just a little saddened. I saw the video of the incident, it seemed very clear to me. I feel that FFG made a mistake when they began to look at intent. A players intent can never be truly known, only their actions especially those caught on stream. I'm not looking for a witch hunt or demanding bans be handed out like candy. But if these things arent dealt with firmly does it not embolden others to cheat? does it not hurt organized play and the game in the long-run??
  7. So what was done about it? "nothing to see here, move along"? Wizards hands out 5 year bans for cheating in Magic, Valve gives out LIFETIME bans for cheating in Counterstrike. Good Guy FFG threatens to turn the car around?
  8. Has there been any update to the cheating incident at Worlds 2017? It seems there was a massive outcry then Gold Squadron Podcast told everyone to "move on".....so they did. FFG Banned a player from all FFG games because he cheated during a Conquest match in 2015 but yet Parker Guidry's cheating has been largely referred to as an "error" and that no malice was present. Where's the out-cry? or we all good now!?
  9. vyrago

    C-Roc update?

    or maybe it will be like the Raider and it wont get here until September. (Raider took 8 months)
  10. vyrago

    The Fel Challenge

    I did something really bad. I went for an all Interceptor list, really basic....no tricks. 1 • Soontir Fel - TIE Interceptor - Push the Limit - Stealth Device - Autothrusters - Royal Guard TIE (35) 2 • Lieutenant Lorrir - TIE Interceptor - Autothrusters (25) 3 • Alpha Squadron Pilot - TIE Interceptor - Autothrusters (20) 4 • Alpha Squadron Pilot - TIE Interceptor - Autothrusters (20) I played 2 games with this list, against sorta competitive lists: Dash + Miranda and Ryad + Redline + Tomax. I got completely wrecked. Managed to take only one ship off the board and that was Tomax. My list just melted, usually about turn 3 of each game. Soontir died hard and fast, usually with 5 or 6 damage cards. The old Interceptor just isnt what it used to be.
  11. I'm still confused about why FFG would think there was no malice in his dial change. I've watched the video and looked at the stills very closely. Here's what I think happened. I'm PURELY SPECULATING, but going off the information available. when he reveals his dial for his HWK-290, it appears to show a 3 Left Bank (red). He changes it 2 moves clockwise so it shows 2 Right bank (white), which he then performs. Its important because Palob is the Attani feeder his Scouts. his original move doesnt make much sense since its Red and would allow no action. I'm guessing that he somehow chose the wrong move, or maybe his dial is loose? either way he didnt want the 3 bank so he changed it so what he wanted (or what he thought it SHOULD have been) which was 2 bank right. He gets the attani, lays down 3 tokens and carries on to win the match. So either A) he made the wrong choice and thus conspired to change his move. Malicious. or B) He *did* select 2 bank right but his loose dial somehow moved to 3 bank left and he simply moved it back to his original choice. THIS IS STILL CHEATING. if you have a loose dial, you need to tell someone.
  12. so they've never considered this might happen or had any contingency if it did?
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