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  1. I see it as a situational problem. Yes it can be abused, but I would think it wouldn't be abused until the cylons are known. I often don't use my Executive Orders simply because I don't know who to trust yet. And sometimes it could be a bad idea for someone to always use Executive Orders on the Prez. What if something more important needs to be done? Kill a Centurion, move a civilian ship, repair a room, FTL the fleet. How many turns does it take for the President to draw the entire deck? By that time, it may simply be too late to take advantage of the never-ending combo? There are no quorum cards that gain you fuel or population (I don't think) .. and those are often the resources you lose on.
  2. I would say she gets two Loyalty cards even if revealed before the Sleeper phase since the deck is constructed (with that negative ability in mind) before the game begins. Speaking of Boomer, I know this has come up before , but I can't remember if there was a consensus or official answers (and searching these forums seem impossible at best). Boomer gets a Loyalty card at beginning of the game. She knows she is a cylon. Sleeper Agent phase hits .. Boomer gets two more Loyalty cards. She gets the other cylon card. She reveals ... Next turn she goes to the Ressurection ship and wants to give the extra Loyalty cards to another player. The ability reads (paraphrasing). Give your extra Loyalty card(s) to any player. Boomer wants to give one to two different players to sow dissent on the table and protect his now unrevealed partner. We feel by the wording (and using the non-plural "player") they have to give both her remaining Loyalty cards to ONE player. (Since if it was any other character, they would only have ONE Loyalty card to give anyway). Cylons won anyway .. it didn't matter .. hard to win when the Admiral mysteriously becomes a cylon and before anyone can Brig him, we jump!
  3. It's replayable as is because of the randomness of the Crisis and Destination decks, but not quite as replayable as other FFG games like Runebound, Arkham Horror or Descent, especially if you play it with the exact same group. To me the game needs more characters and more variety in the skill decks to be truly replayable on those otehr games scale. Right now we randomly have to assign characters (while still maintaining balance) to keep the game fresh (otherwise we'd pick the "best" characters in our oopinions (and playstyles)). There are just certain characters whose abilities are overall better throughout the entire game (Roslin, Boomer, Helo come to mind). Starbuck, Apollo, Tigh, Tyrol, Zarek all have abiltiies that are good, but situational and maybe only used once or twice throughout the course of a game (compared to say Boomer and Roslin's which are used EVERY turn). With the games above there are so many characters each game is new with a different character each time .. a different mix of characters. It would be hard, but BSG could stand to have at least twice as many characters to choose from (and they should be assigned randomly).
  4. You played it correctly. It's rough though. On the flip side I've seen cylon's hopes just sink when the humans force an FTL jump .. then the crisis card on that same turn has the FTL icon it. So in one turn .. they greatly moved up the track ... with just two more FTL icons away from another jump (which when it is the "winning" jump just stinks).
  5. Locutus Zero said: Last time I played, someone refused to tell me how many skill cards they had, saying they didn't have to. I always assumed this was public knowledge. It needs to be known to enforce the 10 card limit, plus it just seems like I should be able to find the number of cards in any pile at any time, including a hand. Thoughts? I would think number of cards in hand should be public knowledge. We play that way, heck we often say it ourselves as a way to "tell" how much you can contribute to a crisis. ("I've only got one card" is a legal way of saying you won't be adding much value to the crisis.) As for the piles, that would be public knowledge too I would guess but not sure why that is really needed for the strategy of the game. It would just bog the game down ...
  6. For me .. the sympathizer card is a pretty neat aspect of the game .. if the humans are winning, one of the humans sympathizes with the cylons and jumps on their team .. but isn't truly a cylon so is "gimped" in comparison to the real ones. If the humans are losing, he sympathizes with the cylons, is discovered .. thrown in the brig, but eventually repents and realizes he has to help the humans survive. I like the mechanic too .. it really can shake up the balance of the game mid-way through. I almost wish there was a way to play with a sympathizer card in a 5 player game. In early playtesting of the game there originally was a "cylon sympathizer" and a "human sympathizer" card ... having two different types like that was confusing enough. The sympathizer card went through a lot of changes during playtest to keep the cylon deck building simpler and less confusing. The final result is pretty darn good, though the rule that the sympathizer only helps the cylons if none of the tracks are in the red CAN be worked around. Usually in 6 player games (even if human) I try and let one resource drop to the red just so the sympathizer won't join the cylon team. 4v2 is a lot easier to manage a victory then 3v3.
  7. Schroinger said: Our group thinks that Battlestar Galactica is a very nice game. However, we feel that it is so hard for the humans to win, at least in the first plays. The official variant to balance the game sugests that two points of every resource are added to the dials at the beginning. That of course may balance the situation, but will add for sure more lenght, and we believe that Battlestar Galactica don't need any more game time to be fun. In fact, lwe believe that longer games could become tedious and repetitive, so it is better to keep the original time frame or even get shorter in time. So, how about cutting the game to a 6 or 7 distance points and a jump? Has someone tried it? Any other ways to balance the game without adding more lenght? Must depend on the group and how you play. My group feels that it isn't hard for humans to win .. and we've had 3 out of 4 human victories (though close) Cutting the distance to 6 or 7 isn't the answer. Then you have balance issues with the Cylons. What if no cylons are known before the sleeper agent phase? Then the players who get the cylon card(s) at the sleeper agent phase of 4 don't have as much time to turn the tide. Same with the sympathizer (if there is one). Maybe if you changed the sleeper agent phase to distance 3 then ... It really all depends on the choices your Admiral can (or chooses) to take. You make get lucky and get a few 2 or 3's and jump fast. You may get unlucky and get a bunch of 1 distance jumps. The key for the humans to win, we feel, is NOT be that paranoid .. infighting does nothing buy letting cylon's win. Even though it may seem good to do, but wasting skill cards on taking the presidency or throwing people in the brig (if you aren't 100% sure) just gives you less chance to pass the critical crises. Also making the right choices .. just letting the right things fail (you can usually take morale and food hits easier than fuel or pop) and saving cards for later. I've also found it key to purposely let one resource to fall to half to prevent a Sympathizer. It is so important that I have made votes fail even though I was a human at the time. But let's face it . .I think the game is pretty balanced and it can sometimes simply come down to luck. I've had games where the cylons win if a roll damages Galatica and the humans got lucky and rolled a 2. I've had games where the humans couldn't roll a 7-8 and a centurion marched through unharmed for turns to win the game for the cylons. I've had games where not many cylon attack cards come up and rash of FTL jump cards come up giving the humans an easy coast to victory. I've had the reverse happen where several cylon attack cards come up in the first time round the table and really destroy the humans early on. As for the length of the game .. through more plays the game should speed up .. people should be able to pound through their turn there isn't THAT many decisions to make on any given player's turn.
  8. Four games .. (two different groups) Humans - 3 (all very close (several resources at 2 or 1)) Cylons - 1 (A centurion loss since it was 2v2 and the two humans couldn't roll a 7 or 8 for a few turns in a row!)
  9. I feel the game could be expanded in several ways: 1 - Just add more characters. Granted they are a little hamstrung based on the show, but more characters makes the game more flexible on replay just like an Akham Horror or Descent or Runebound that has tons of characters. 2 - Add more "You are a Cylon" loyaly cards .. to give variety to those "reveal" actions. 3 - More skill cards. We always felt that two actions per skill deck wasn't enough variety. And some of those are limited use (viper cards, repair cards, etc.). Also in larger games it is possible to hoard a color or two .. we actually have had colors run out as people had full hands of cards. Playing with the Crisis deck (the key component of this game) would be rough .. you can't simply add things to it without disrupting the balance inthat deck. Maybe build a "Season 2" or "Season 3" crisis deck that you can use instead of the original .. a deck that either replaces the original one, or that replaces some of it.
  10. I think Boomer is probably one of the better characters .. equally as good as cylon or human. Definitely the best pilot to pick. Too good as a cylon? Nah. Just one of the best characters.Using her piloting cards while in the brig to help cylons attack is only useful IF there are ships on the board .. a lot of time space is empty. Her ability to dump the top crisis card is handy, yes .. but I'd rather have boomer in the brig only being able to throw one crisis card into the mix and NOT drawing her own crisis cards than out free OR as a revealed cylon. The ability to use the skill cards in either direction (for good or bad use) is what makes the game exciting. Being able to use the Communcations action to move colonial ships INTO danger .. activating vipers to move them AWAY from the action.
  11. Easy . .hands down. Best Pilot - Boomer Boomer has an ability to look at that top crisis card. KEY if you are human or cylon. The game is ALL about the crisis deck. If you're human and you can ditch a cylon attack card to the bottom .. that is major plus for the humans (since there are only 10 cards in the deck). If you're a cylon and you can ditch the "mediocre" crisis cards (ones where the humans probably won't care if it fails. ... (people just get thrown in brig ..or losing a resource that is high). She can make a crisis check pass or fail once per game .. awesome. She gets thrown in the brig during sleeper agent? Rough . yes . .but postiives far outweigh that. Best Poltiical Leader - Roslin Same as boomer .. but better. Get to choose the best of two crisis cards? Awesome. Who cares if she has to discard two cards to activate a location . her ability to control the crisis deck far outweighs that .. usually she'll be getting quorum cards anyway and she doesn't have to use the one on Colonial one. Best Military Leader - Adama (though Helo's reroll ability is nice). Better as a human (obviously) making 1's count positive on his crisis .. and his OPG (once per game) to draw all cards into his hand? Awesome. Ditch everything to make a check pass (or fail) and have a full hand to be ready for next few crisises. And he can't throw people in the brig? Not really that big of a negative .. just executive order someone else to do it. Whoever says Lee is one of the top? Disagree. Apollo is ONLY good IF there are raiders on the board .. and even then .. you don't "need" him to deal with them He goes out there . maybe kills a few, but then is vulnerable to getting put in the sickbay. If you need to deal with cylon ships .. just activate vipers from the inside or move the colonial ships .. or just FTL to clear the board. His OPG to activate 6 vipers . . again .. only if raiders are on the board .. and even then isn't really game changing like other OPG's are. Every time I've seen Apollo played .. we've had opportunities to use that ability, but no one has ever taken it .. I'd rather have Starbuck or Boomer as a Pilot .. hands down.
  12. I'm sold. This game is a lot better than during its playtest days. Seems very balance .. almost every game we play is close. Two games yesterday (4 players).. the first was awesome .. more what we wanted out of the game. We got a ton of cylon ships on the board .. Galactica took tons of damage (to the point where we almost died .. but got lucky and rolled a 3 on the last basestar attack). So it was an early struggle, but the humans recovered and won the game .. barely ... population was two .. morale was low ... there were civilian ships on the board and raiders and due to communications we knew that one of those ships had two pop on it! It was intense .. the lone cylon (Starbuck) had to reveal because it was pretty obvious in the late game who she really was and she was quite effective with cylon actions .. activating ships to pose a threat .. drawing crisis cards and getting lucky and getting an attack card to fill the board again. Was basically a roll away from winning! Second game was weird .. quick and we lost (for the first time) to a Centurion! Early on the heavy raiders got three quick activations (one to spawn it, two to move it in) .. we had a few people try to shoot it down with Weapons control . but no dice. It got on board and the humans were doing well (since everyone was human before the sleeper agent phase) .. but we couldn't roll worth crap to kill the centurioun (and not everyone was trying .. the president was looking for .. so well we got a sympathizer .. we couldn't roll worth crap and the people with the tactics cards to give the +2 to a die roll was a cylon (or sympathizer) so several missed rolls and the centurion crept his way to the lose game spot. 2v2 in a four player game is rough .. it is hard (if not impossible in some cases) to pass crisises. Once the sleeper agent phase hit we lost all our crisises and quickly dropped from like 8 morale to 3 in just a few player turns. But two games in under 3 hours .. great fun. As a note ..we randomized character selection (while still maintaining class balance) .. thus getting some characters out there that normally wouldn't see play if we just picked them. (In our group Boomer, Roslin and Adama would probably always be picked as we feel they are the best pilot/political leader and military leader). Great game .. the randomness of crisis cards and who is a cylon makes the game more replayable than I originally thought. And the game seems like it could easily be expanded ... add a few more characters .. add some more actions to each skill deck .. some new crisises. Quick and easy SMALL expansion.
  13. I consider it a non-issue. Too many limiting factors I think: 1 - The President would have to spend ALL his actions on drawing two quorum cards a turn. An executive order or two would be needed. Even by the time the entire deck is in his hand, the game easily could be over. 2 - Threats from Centurions or Raiders isn't as big as the threat of losing resources. The actions spent on drawing quorum cards could have been used to use the Armory to try and take them out. 3 - The Presidency can be taken over by someone else pretty easily (an unrevealed cylon for example) ... Yes .. it sucks when the situation comes up .. but I don't think that potential combo makes or breaks the game.
  14. My last game Baltar was the President. He got several ways to peak at Loyalty cards (including his ability). He simply kept it quiet .. and let us breed distrust and paranoia ourselves. He was a cylon from the beginning and didn't feel he needed to drop a false accusation as it may bring suspicions on himself. It worked out pretty well too considering he ended up with BOTH cylon cards and none of us trusted anyone else since we couldn't figure out who the 2nd cylon was.
  15. Sam Gamgee said: Last_Crusader said: - FTL jump cards come up .. a lot ... (in a large game it is possible to make a jump before a cylon player even gets to go again!) I think my main criticism of this game is that turn order / seating of humans & cylons is enirely random and a big factor. In 4 player games, cylons going twice consecutively can wreck the human side with no chance of responding. In 6 player games, humans getting 4 turns in a row means that the cylons can't get any momentum. Not sure about 5 player games. Agree .... The worst for two cylons sitting next to each other is when this happens: The jump token is at -1. The first player after both cylons uses FTL .. they jump. He draws a crisis card that has FTL icon on it. So they just moved twice on the jump track in one turn. They are now just tw jumps away from being at -3 and being able to jump again. ... So unless a Cylon Attack card comes up .. when it comes back to the Cylon's turn the humans will be ready to jump again .. and there is nothing a revealed cylon can do to slow down their jump progress besides pray the next few crisis cards don't have FTL jumps on them.
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