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  1. Donate those stolen Imperial weapons and armor to the rebellion for covert actions. Maybe they have something to trade for it that you would like to have. Use the crafting rules and modify the appearance. Or just use and ditch it. Have fun.
  2. I'm sure others have asked this, but are there going to be more published adventures?
  3. Anybody go to Game Cafe on the Independence Square to play? There and Tabletop Games in OP KS are where I shop, but have never played there.
  4. I think 24 hours is too much for either a penalty or boon. That can too easily turn into permanent.
  5. I always enjoy seeing the work others put into fleshing out their games. I didn't see any problems on a read through, but I did have an idea. You listed Luxurious accommodations, and it struck me that there should be a benefit from such. A boost die to physical activities for 3-6 hours for feeling great. A boost die to social if the other party knows you're staying at The Swank also sounds appropriate, or because they laundered your clothes etc. Just my 2 cr worth.
  6. Just several mentions in forum discussions, all of which probably refer to the info in The Revenge of the Sith Visual Dictionary. I have not read Lords Of The Sith yet, that is set early enough that it might be mentioned there. Edit: Page 63 of that book in the Data File box
  7. I have read several times lately that Palpatine said Vader would never be able to conjure Force Lightning due to his damaged/missing hands. Kanan Jarrus had a period of readjustment, learning to "see" with the Force after Maul blinded him. My vote is that here is a narrative reason for disconnect if you want it.
  8. Well, if it can't be shared, then how about published? We need more adventures for the SWRPG line. A collection of adventures say, including a Boba Fett solo adventure, the Jedi Council group adventure, a Poe Dameron espionage scenario--all including high level or iconic pre-gens. Take my money!
  9. Palpatine showed tremendous ability with Move, so why didn't he save himself with it if it can be used to break your fall?
  10. A bounty hunter penetrates the base and mistakes one of the PCs for Han Solo.
  11. What i didn't say explicitly was that I thought it should be more deeply story and less just a financial transaction. And....Imperial stooges are everywhere. Hey, wasn't there a Kubaz dude over there just a minute ago?
  12. In the end, how many credits do you want the PCs to walk away with? Is there a bounty on them? Their buyer might give them more as long as they wait an extra day while he betrays them.
  13. Let's not get off into a discussion about past national leaders' personalities. That's tangential at best. The topic is naming Imperial Star Destroyers. Did anybody use Devourer or Crusher?
  14. Is your group composed of Star Wars fans? If so, what kind of question is that?
  15. Try giving them an extra 2 points of force rating. That could ramp up the power use.
  16. Looking at the X-Wing and Armada game lines, I would expect some kind of books going into the sequel era and the Rebels era.
  17. Leia, I am a parent and here is my advice. Tell your parents you need that game more than you need socks, unmentionables, extra data or lunch for a week. Or tell them I said they need to loosen up.
  18. If as GM you have a problem with what the player does with his character, then put him in situations where Brawn is not an asset. Puzzles, social encounters and technical problems don't use brawn for solutions (usually). Pretty soon he'll see the value of having that force die to enhance something else.
  19. If you do this remember that she is the most accurate shot in the movies.
  20. Using Win7 with Chrome they all look fine. Opened with Adobe Acrobat X then problems appear. The first two do not line up, the second two are not identical and the despair symbol looks...I don't know, maybe out of focus? It's weird at the bottom.
  21. I just started a campaign, and I am keeping custody of all character sheets between sessions. That way I can generate gear cards, vehicle sheets and ensure correct info. I also provide printed talent trees for ease of reference. I have downloaded plenty of sheets from the resources thread, but not used any yet.
  22. I've been thinking about this as it is appropriate for my campaign. I will watch this thread closely, since I am not sure how to do this.
  23. I am not an actor, and this is not a paid endorsement. You should buy all the books, if you can afford to. They all offer something, even if they are not for the core book you are using. I only have two books left to get plus keeping up with the new releases, and don't regret spending for any of them.
  24. Oh yes, I'm sure that I want more cards than you will make. Book references are nice, but if it causes a problem, let it go. Just my 2 credits.
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