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    Doodlebug reacted to Daveydavedave in Thank you FFG!   
    I agree that this is great. Especially because it's the book license rather than movie and FFG does positively fantastic Tolkien art (for the LCG).
    Hoping the gameplay is as strong as the art and miniatures!
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    Doodlebug reacted to Veve7 in Thank you FFG!   
    A while ago I suggested FFG to make a LOTR game with miniatures and cards as I would like it. Thank you for taking  into account my desire!
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    Doodlebug reacted to Corver in Things you don't want to see in this game.   
    Actually I use IA C3P0 and R2D2...as objective markers! they work great becasue they are the droids that everyone is looking for  
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    Doodlebug reacted to BigKahuna in Things you don't want to see in this game.   
    I don't know if it counts as "things I don't want", but I really hope that they don't over develop the game. 
    One thing that happens to all of these miniature games is that they establish "core mechanics" and than design units that completely circumvent the point of those mechanics being the game.
    Some examples from past games.
    X-Wing:  A game about getting enemies into you firing arch and avoiding your opponents arch (Hidden & Tactical Movement).  All of it is today totally circumvented by 360 shooting ships and equipment.  The game is about dice manipulation.
    Armada:  Capital ship combat focused a massive "big ship" tactics.  Totally circumvented by small "throw away" ships that do nothing but pad activation to allow manipulation of the squad game while totally avoiding capital ship combat.
    This happens in other games as well.
    Star Wars Destiny:  Having a mechanic like shields, then creating "unshockable" attacks that ignore shields.
    To me personally you create a mechanic and than force players to deal with it through tactics, its lame to create a card or upgrade that says "oh that whole mechanic.. don't worry about it, this card eliminates it from the game".
    I really hope they avoid this with Legion.
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    Doodlebug reacted to LordUrban in Is Legion WYSIWYG?   
    What  is the point of the miniatures if not to provide an accurate visual representation of your forces?
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    Doodlebug reacted to Dosiere in Is Legion WYSIWYG?   
    A little torn on this for Legion, but usually I’m a big proponent of WYSIWYG.  It really does make it easier for both you and the other player to know what’s what.  Sure, there are cards 4feet away from you and upside down you can check, but it just makes sense to look at the play area and be able to see who, what, and where.  I find it’s more visually satisfying as well.  
    It might seem easy now, but once we have 20different units released it can get difficult to keep in mind all the upgrades during a game without WYSIWYG.
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    Doodlebug reacted to Darth Lupine in Is Legion WYSIWYG?   
    I'm putting everything on my ATST. if I'm not equipping a weapon, I'll tell my opponent the weapon is just out of ammo, or power packs. And can't be used this game....but it's there. ?
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    Doodlebug reacted to kaffis in Vader a Core Commander?   
    Units still get suppressed near Vader. They use the commander's courage against panic, not suppression.
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    Doodlebug reacted to KalEl814 in Sorastro's Painting   
    Real talk I saw that the Vader tutorial had no Nuln Oil and my reaction was exactly like this classic scene that took place in the lounge of the Millennium Falcon...

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    Doodlebug reacted to Leveton in How do you think they'll bring in new factions?   
    I think the Runewars "Half Core" model for adding factions is both appropriate and likely.
    I'm getting the core set and plan to build at least one modest army, but what I really want is a Separatist army. B1 battle droids, B2 super battle droids, BX commando droids, droidekas, AATs (or any of the various tank droids), and some of my favorite possible commanders -- General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, Count Dooku.
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    Doodlebug reacted to flightmaster101 in How do you think they'll bring in new factions?   
    Maybe we can play the game as if for a while first?
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    Doodlebug reacted to Hawkstrike in I'm building/painting my FLGS's demo Core Set, any questions?   
    What  ... is the airspeed velocity of an unladen speeder?
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    Doodlebug reacted to Sorastro in Get Started Painting SW: Legion - New Article   
    Hi folks!
    I’m flattered by the assumption that I had a hand in the painting article because I think it’s really nicely written and layed out, but just to end any speculation I can tell you I wasn’t involved at all.
    Don’t forget they have some very experienced and awesome in-house painters at FFG including the wonderful John Shaffer (who I had the great pleasure of meeting last year) so I don’t think we should be surprised by the quality of this guide.
    Now.. back to doing what I do best - editing the next video (the AT-ST). 
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    Doodlebug reacted to Zrob314 in I'm building/painting my FLGS's demo Core Set, any questions?   
    The core set AT-RT on base is approximately 3 7/8" tall
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    Doodlebug reacted to Caimheul1313 in I'm building/painting my FLGS's demo Core Set, any questions?   
    Ranges are six inch increments. So Range 1 is 6", Range 2 is 12" etc.
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    Doodlebug reacted to svelok in Los and area terrain   
    No, you don't measure based on individual trees - it's the whole area encapsulating the trees, you can even remove the trees themselves for convenience if necessary.
    A unit whose leader is touching or inside the area can shoot out freely*, a unit shooting into or through the area treats it as light or heavy cover (depending on what type of cover it was agreed to provide during setup). In any case, the individual trees don't block line of sight, and the entirety of the area provides cover and possibly difficult terrain.
    (Which might bug people - I can put my unit leader just toeing a forest and thereby completely ignore it - but keep in mind because of coherency, if my unit leader is toeing the terrain, I could put the rest of the squad a full speed 1 move into it. I may or may not actually do that, but in order for the terrain to differentiate, the coherency and movement rules would have to adjust - since movement only cares about the unit leader, the terrain has to as well. Houserule as you see fit - just be mindful of what you're breaking before you decide to break it.)
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    Doodlebug reacted to Orcdruid in Prediction for "Wave 2"   
    For the same reason they shouldn't do it in armada. It makes 0 thematic sense. We are not talking about a small bar fight on some backwater planet. Legion is about large scale strategic actions and what you know as "scum" don't organize at that scale. They are small gangs of slavers, smugglers, and bounty hunters; that is why they work in X-wing and IA, those are smaller scale fights.
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    Doodlebug reacted to VAYASAN in Weird Painting Ideas   
    While i wouldnt object to playing vs people painting Vader in pink...id just think it was very strange.
    If I play a game of star wars, I want to get 'into' the theme and enjoy a battle (not just try win).  Playing with a pink Vader would in some way detract from the game for me personally.
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    Doodlebug reacted to UnitOmega in Artillery   
    There's a few ways I think people have figured out this could work.
     As seen already in game with AT-ST mortar, weapons built in or attached via hardpoint to big vehicles can have arty-like abilities. They probably won't be dedicated but more optional.  is what @Caimheul1313 said, as we've seen already a Command Card can have a very long ranged attack to represent "off-screen" firepower. Reminds me of the Mortar/Artillery commands from Valkyria Chronicles.  As @Crabbok suggests "Stationary" is a unit keyword, so static mortars or other big guns might be placed at deployment and allow to fire at the "Beyond" distance so they have real coverage. It's also possible they might be able to "switch" to mobile as basically you pack them up and drag them around but can't shoot with them Battle cards like Conditions and even Objectives. We already have minefield, so why not some kind of "bombardment" condition? On set turns maybe all units not in cover get hit by artillery. 
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    Doodlebug reacted to LunarSol in What I took away from the demo game...   
    What I took away from the demo was that suppression is the game's secret sauce.  It makes activation order more interesting than the usual "which model do I think I'll lose if I don't activate it first" and makes you consider your options a little more evenly as you have to consider that a "safe" unit might still find themselves suppressed if you don't take the opportunity to activate them early.  It also has an interesting influence on the game in the way it limits the value of focused fire.  It's often better to spread damage around and reduce enemy numbers and actions rather than wiping them to the man both because they lose effectiveness and because its harder to kill a suppressed unit, which is more interesting than the way game's generally reward target priority.  It also does create something of an assassination mechanic, where taking out the enemy commander can trigger flight in units fairly easily.
    Ultimately, when I read the rules I thought they felt like someone played a bunch of 40k and implemented all the things they thought would "fix" it.  When I played, the suppression mechanic was really the thing that stood out as something more inspired and innovative.  Nothing about the suppression mechanic itself is super unique, mind you, but the way it interacts with other rules in the system makes it the most important rule in the book for me.
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    Doodlebug reacted to Dash Two in Painting rebels   
    Check this out.  
    Camo is easy enough.  Deconstruction of a camo pattern and the individual colors equally simply.  An accent color that may work well with you not as easy.  
    I found this on Saturday, while doing some research on color combos.  
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    Doodlebug reacted to UnitOmega in First full game   
    Doesn't the RRG have Vader proccing Relentless on Saber Throw in the example of how Standby works?
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    Doodlebug reacted to Watch It Played in Star Wars: Legion - A full How to Play video series by Watch It Played   
    Hi folks,
    My name is Rodney Smith, and I have a Youtube channel dedicated to teaching and playing games, and I recently wrapped a series taking you from assembly, to army customization, setup, and everything else you need to know to play.
    I figured this might be of interest to some of you, and wanted to post it here.

    Model Assembly Overview: 
    Army Building: 
    Setting Up To Play: 
    How To Play: 

    I hope you find this useful!
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    Doodlebug reacted to nikk whyte in Speculation: New Unit Announcements   
    Director krennic and his death troopers should be a slam dunk. 
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    Doodlebug got a reaction from Orcdruid in Rules for Bunkers   
    Firing through a narrow firing slot in a fortified bunker should certainly give the unit more than Cover 2, that’s no different to being in thick forest. Treating the bunker as an immovable vehicle with armor and hit points might work, you wouldn’t target the squad directly but the bunker. If the bunker was destroyed you could just remove the squad that was occupying it or roll a Defense dice for each mini and remove those that failed the roll. 
    I would definitely want to incorporate bunkers etc on certain maps. Blowing up a bunker with your HH-12 trooper would be cool. 
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