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  1. Net = Gross (total) successes rolled less total failures rolled. You get used to adding one to all damage stats when seeing how much damage a weapon does.
  2. Well, now I feel like I've been caught kicking everyone's favourite kitten. I regret my inflammatory remarks. I really do enjoy the show, I've listened to most of the back catalog in just a couple of months. I didn't mean to suggest that it was a big issue for me, just something I had thought after listening to a recent episode. I take your point Darth about the purpose of the show and not being critics. Keep up the good work, the game is better becuase of you guys.
  3. I have only been playing for about 2 months and so I have found the Order 66 Podcast quite useful. I have enjoyed some of the live plays which have helped me with GMing ideas. Took me a while to get used to it, but good to listen to during a commute. Unfortunately can't listen with my son around who plays the game as well because of the language and themes that can come up. The one compliant I have with the show is that the hosts are never (not that I have noticed) critical of the game design or of FFG in any way. Plenty of problems with the game get brought up in these forums and discussed, but the podcast hosts generally act like fan boys and just praise everything about the system, especially when they have an FFG guest on. I think it would help us more if they were a bit more critical when need be, rather than acting like cheerleaders for FFG. That doesn't help us get a better product.
  4. Perhaps you could flip the opposed check around and have the NPC make the active Stealth roll against the PC's Perception or Vigilance. I know this is not usually done, but the odds should change significantly given the size of the dice pool. It would also allow you to roll in secret if you wanted to. I have also wondered about how to manage Stealth checks at different ranges. I treat a stealth check at Short range as base line and add Boost or Setback for other ranges, but it doesn't always seem to reflect the increase in difficulty, as you have pointed out.
  5. Thanks guys I like the suggestions. I agree removing the shields for a couple of rounds is probably OP. I hadn't really considered that the crit table also has effects on shield removal and so removing them should be saved for situations where you trigger a critical hit.
  6. I am planning on enhancing ion weapons for my PC's to add to the tactical options they have during space combat. The description of ion weapons in the CRB mentions effectiveness against shields in some way I think (AFB), but doesn't mention any in-game effects related to this. I plan to give ion weapons the following additional effect: Ion weapons ignore setback dice from shields. On a successful hit (i.e. damage must exceed amor), instead of inflicting system strain the attacker can choose to remove all shields in the targeted area (aft, fore etc) until the end of the attackers next turn. What I want is to give the players an option to remove shields when facing larger craft with heavy shields. So that the first Y-Wing might go in and remove the shields from one area of the ship and then the following fighters target that now vulnerable area. What do you guys think? Has anyone else played around with giving ion weapons any other functionality?
  7. I am currently running the same campaign with a few extra seeds thrown in for extra interest. I am treating Corlen as a high level Rebel sympathiser/information source. The PC's don't know this, they are too low level and not trusted with this secret. After they defeat the Moff, or the Moff retakes the base, I plan on having the ISB take Corlen into custody and have the PC's be ordered by Rebel Command to rescue him. As to the Moff's motives, I am treating him as unsure that the base is lost, and if it is lost he is not sure of the circumstances, have the rebellion captured it? Has Corlen bought the loyality of the Moff's troops? Once he is convinced that the rebellion has the base he launches his efforts to retake it because he is concerned about having his 'off the books' facility revealed to higher imperial authorities. Perhaps Corlen has connections in the empire that mean the Moff can't just bring accusations against him, or perhaps Corlen has something over the Moff that would be extremely damaging to him and he can't risk Corlen revealing that. I haven't worried about the motivations too much because I don't think the PC's would be aware of the motivations anyway, although they may speculate.
  8. I would love to play or GM a campaign like that, sounds great. I think one of the best things you can do is use the squadron rules included with the GM screen. This would allow each PC to have a couple of NPC wingmen that can take the hits when neccessary and keep the PC's alive longer. It can increase the tension as wingmen are picked off and the PC needs to decide whether to continue the fight or run. It would also allow you to throw harder challenges at them than if it was just the PCs alone.
  9. The AoR beginner game had rules to address whether you hit a speeder bike or the rider. From memory I think it required an upgraded check to target the rider, but don't have the rules with me.
  10. Fantastic as ever Sorastro! Not sure if you are planning on making a video or not of the painting process, but I will use your figures as a guide. Even just a paint list would be great.
  11. Doodlebug


    I disagree. I think the enhancement of +2 cover is supposed to be on top of the base terrain cover, not added to other enhancements such as trenchs or pillboxes. Only one squad can be in a trench or pillbox anyway and that squad can't be in the trench and in the crater at the same time, or in a pillbox and in the crater at the same time. Whatever the official answer is we always try and take the most realistic approach possible.
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