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  1. Jar Jar Binks! I can't wait to take my elite Jar Jar and Ewok deck up against the Emperor.
  2. I agree that the binary nature of most force use compared to rolling the narrative dice is a missed opportunity. Especially in F&D where often your most important rolls will be using force powers. As you say, the GM is currently restricted from increasing difficulty on most force use which is odd. If a PC is trying to harness the force during a pitched battle or some other stressful and distracting environment shouldn't there be lots of setback dice? Yoda told Luke to concentrate, sometimes that is hard to do. I think it would be a great house rule to try out. Please let us know how it works out in practice. Strain will become more of a risk to a force user, but that might be a good thing. Discipline seems like the best choice of skill to use for the test but you could always use a custom skill. Just thinking about some force users and their notable lack of discipline, but there is no anger skill.
  3. I would expect Awakenings to remain in print for a long time. This is the set with Vader, Luke, Han and Leia. Not everyone who is going to play this game is playing yet and when new players come in they are going to want to buy booster packs from Awakenings. FFG are not idiots, they will print as long as there is demand.
  4. The text "as if it were your card", brings in some doubt as to whether it can be used on a card that is already 'your card'. However, I would play it as being able to be used to resolve a special that is on one of your other cards. I would read the purpose of the text 'as if it were on your card' as being inclusive rather than exclusive. The purpose being to explicitly include your opponents cards in pool of eligible cards for this special, rather than to exclude your own cards from being eligible choices. Certainly could have been made clearer, but I think different wording might have been used had the intent been to exclude your own cards. Something like "Resolve a special ability on an opponents card in play..."
  5. This is a great thread! Here is my perspective and I have never played or collected a CCG, unless you count Hearthstone (and I got bored with that and stopped playing 6 months ago). I know of no one else who is going to be playing the game so I have purchased 4 starter packs, 2 hero and 2 villain, for myself, my two kids and my brother as Christmas presents. I have also ordered one booster box for us all to open and share on Christmas day, so we will get 9 booster packs each. We won't have awesome decks but we will only be playing each other and will swap what we can't use to each other. I expect that I will buy more packs over time but we will only ever be playing each other so I don't feel any rush. Total cost so far AUD$232. That is a lot. I could have bought two expensive board games, but I have plenty of those so this is something new to try. Still, it is much more expensive than getting an LCG or any other gaming experience. Luckily I have used my pocket money so I don't need to disclose the full cost to my other half. Only time will tell if I think it was worth getting into.
  6. If the word 'Discard' is used I would think the intent is always that the card goes to your 'discard pile', that is the place for discarded cards. If the intent is that the card is removed from the game then I would expect wording to that effect, e.g. 'remove the card from the game', I know other FFG card games use this phrasing.
  7. I have the figures from the Forbidden Alchemy first edition expansion. I think they are included in the Suppressed Memories expansion for 2nd edition as it is supposed to contain the figures and boards from both of the major expansions for 1st edition.
  8. Excited to play Jenny Barnes. She is the first investigator with a 3 in every characteristic, so she should be pretty reliable at everything. Plus I have a painted mini from MoM to use for her!
  9. Investigating seems to be the most essential skill in the game as successful progress through the Act deck requires finding clues. I think that investigators who are poor at investigation will be quite difficult to play solo. Perhaps Roland would be good for solo as he can have both guardian and seeker cards.
  10. The online store ozgameshop.com lists release date for core set as Friday 28 October and release date for Dunwich Legacy as Friday 16 December. Hopefully they will be available everywhere by those dates.
  11. I would be interested in the podcast discussing practical aspects of collecting this LCG. Such as storage and sleeveing options, what are the hosts planning etc.
  12. I had to force mine in. They all went in without sanding or filing though.
  13. The accuracy symbol allows you to target a specific figure within a unit you are attacking.
  14. I painted some of my cultists dark, those guys are really inclusive.
  15. 1st edition figures are of the same quality. A couple of mine are all wonky and lean to the side, but with zombies that's fine I suppose. I have painted all the first edition figures and they paint fine, now I need to start on the 2nd edition.
  16. It does appear that they have moved away from this model by including four difficulty levels within the rules. I think this is a good move for FFG and the players. I know some liked the nightmare decks in LOTR and it is always cool getting more cards, but I never bought any because of the cost. For me there were always other packs and games to spend money on rather then paying to replay a mission on a harder difficulty. I imagine that it would be a hard thing to make money out of from FFG's perspective as well because the volume probably isn't there. It is a credit to them that they kept it up in LOTR and supported the players who wanted it, but I am glad I can up the difficulty in this game without additional cost.
  17. Mansions of Madness is probably my all time favourite board game (needless to say I am very excited about 2nd edition) and when watching the team covenant demo of AHLCG it seemed to me to play out like a game of MOM using cards. I was very happy with that and am really looking forward to that feeling of exploring locations and revealing and fighting, or evading, monsters etc. Being able to level up and continue your adventure with that particular investigator is also a great feature. Can't wait to see which investigators are included in the core set.
  18. When you want something done you bring Joe Diamond. He was always our go to guy in Mansions of Madness. Also can't wait to play Lily Chen.
  19. You play Eldritch Horror so you are used to being punished by a game. That is good. My tips: Don't give up. I've had hero's die on turn 1 and still won in the end. Don't neglect threat management. Early on I always went for the most powerful heros but you need to balance that with threat management. I started out with 1 core set, then bought another and the whole mirkwood cycle. I really enjoyed playing through the whole cycle, together they tell a story and are fun to play through. I often play with 3 or 4 players so the extra core set was good so everyone can have a threat tracker, plus everyone one wants multiple Gandalf's in their deck. Just got The Black Riders this week. Trying it out tonight for the first time. Excited to try Saga!
  20. No wookies yet in AOR and this would be the place to introduce them i think.
  21. I am probably two sessions away from running the exact same plot, so thanks for all the suggestions guys. I was planning on having it play out like an Indiana Jones session, lots of climbing, avoiding pits and traps etc, dealing with beasts living in the ruins, all with a building sense of dread as they get closer to the centre and then a show down with a dark side user and her apprentice backed up by their pet monsters. A serious fear check should make it more difficult for them. I want the finale to be hard enough that the PCs have to consider running but also I want to give my force sensitive commando a chance to grab a lightsaber if they are successful. Not sure how I will incorporate any Duty into the session. Maybe I won't and it will be one of those side sessions that doesn't really help the Rebellion much directly.
  22. What sold me on it? X-wings, lightsabers, the deathstar, ROTJ. I can't remember if I saw Star Wars in the cinema or not, I suspect not, but I had certainly seen it when ROTJ came out which I did see in the cinema. That was amazing as a kid and I still love it. I hadn't seen Empire yet but I knew the story because I had these book/cassette tape combos that told the story of the film with dialogue and soundtrack etc. I used to listen to those things all the time, they must have been pre-VHS or before we got VHS anyway. So first time I saw ESB was at the drive-in when they showed all three together, I still remember that night, I was so excited. So I have always loved Star Wars, like so many it went hand in hand with childhood. Taking my two kids to see their first Star Wars movie in a cinema last year brought back all of those great memories.
  23. Our group made the jump from Imperial Assault to Age of Rebellion and now I can't get anyone to play my new IA expansions. We have tried using the map tiles and sometimes they can be useful but often they are too confining as Kaosoe mentioned. For a lot of encounters we won't use any props but for a serious combat encounter where range bands are going to be an important consideration I will lay out large sheet of butchers paper and draw a crude map on it and then use our IA minis. I will let everyone know at the start how the range bands relate to the map. It is certainly easier to run the combat if the players can visualise the range bands by reference to the minis. I try and describe the environment as richly as I can to hopefully get them thinking beyond the map.
  24. I used Imperial Army troops against my players when we ran the begineer game, but since then I have used only Stromtroopers. Fighting stormtroopers is just more fun for my players. They get exicted about taking out stormies. Plus I like using the Imperial Assault stormtroopers I have painted as combat aids.
  25. I would really like to see individual missions for each hero that give that hero some kind of signature gear or added ability if he/she completes the mission. Something that would take multiple turns to complete so you have to work at it over the course of the game and go out of your way to accomplish.
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