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  1. Is it possible to trigger a morale test at severity 4? If not it would make units with Steadfast immune to the severity 3 test of that type. If you are able to trigger a severity 4 test do you spend 4 morale symbols/panic tokens to initiate the test? If so do you draw 4 cards? Or do you spend 3 symbols/tokens to initiate the test and then spend another if necessary to resolve a card once the 3 cards have been revealed? I think this is the correct treatment, which is still a severity 3 test, you just end up spending 4 symbols/tokens on it.
  2. Maybe I missed it but I thought the Rune Golem had blight on it that could have been spent to save Ardus on that final attack.
  3. A small container like a thimble with a small amount of dry ice in it would look awesome in the centre tray. No good for gaming with, but it would make for some awesome photos.
  4. Perhaps the best Oathsworn I've seen. Really great. Love the scheme and the shields.
  5. Cavalry command expansion. Will we get one? Do you want one? I certainly do. Mounted standard bearer, musician and champion would be fantastic.
  6. The sweet sound of bone being crushed beneath steel shod hooves. Huzzah! Hawthorne is sad he missed it.
  7. Maybe with this combo he will be worth his points compared to Kari?
  8. I don't know. I can't beat my 13yr old boy so the bar is low. But even when you lose this game is really fun.
  9. I've played twice as each side. Lost every game. Perfectly balanced.
  10. Thanks for the detailed reply. Looking forward to trying out basing and this will help.
  11. I wanted to try making an all cavalry list lead by Lord Hawthorne. Not sure how effective it would be, but would sure be fun. Might be better with Lord Hawthorne as an upgrade rather than a unit but I don't think we've seen the upgrade card yet? Would love to paint them up in a Knights of Dol Amroth theme. With 18 trays of Oathsworn Cavalry in the list I would need 2 cores and 7 cavalry expansions, not sure I could justify that. Hawthorne's Squadron (200 points) Lord Hawthorne (34) - Dawnblade (10) - Sweeping Strikes (5) Oathsworn Cavalry 3x2 (46) x2 - Rank Discipline (4) Oathsworn Cavalry 3x2 (46) - Moment of Inspiration (5) What do you think? How would you build an all cavalry list?
  12. Is Corbin from Runebound a dwarf? He would be a great hero for the faction.
  13. Your Rune Gollum looks amazing! I know what you mean about painting white, after over a dozen Stormtroopers from Imperial Assault I don't want to use a white scheme. I love your base and I plan on trying something similar and doing a different basing scheme for the skeletons. I have never done basing before and would appreciate it if you could tell us what materials and processes you used for the base.
  14. I will only ever be playing at home and so when this happens we will be swapping the dials for a Golem/Crawler dial. I can't see why the Golem would continue to try and march in step with spearman who are now all dead or dying. This is one rule that I think should have been thought about a bit more. Just as in Armada we never play with the space station, because ships don't pull in for repairs during a battle.
  15. I'm hoping that FFG will eventually release an RPG based on their Star Wars system in the Runebound universe. There are some fantasy conversions out there and I've done one myself, but I would love to play an offical narrative dice system game in this universe.
  16. Regarding the lack of lore, I expect FFG will follow what they have done with their Arkham Files IP in the universe of Runebound. They recently released a beautiful hardback book about the various investigators in the Arkham universe and they have also published novels set in the universe. FFG knows we will want stuff like that and I trust they will deliver.
  17. It is un-Australian to pronounce things the same as Americans so this video is useful.
  18. I just love the colour scheme you have chosen! Those spearman are amazing. I know you didn't get the interest you were hoping for in relation to this game from your supporters on Patreon (I could only vote once unfortunately) but I hope you can still provide some content for this game, I really don't want to paint it without you.
  19. I found a store that still has booster boxes so I'll be cracking one open later this week. Based in Sydney and unfortunately they don't currently ship internationally. http://www.gamesempire.com.au/index.php
  20. I'd like to see some generic Wookie Warriors for the Heroes to add some red melee. Add in some vibroswords or axes to attach to them.
  21. I think it is a great game. We all have different thoughts on what makes a good game but I like that it is fast and there are often a lot of options to consider. Most of my games have been fairly close where it could have gone either way. Even when I lose I still enjoy the game, so that is a good sign. But best of all it is Star Wars! I would probably not have got this game if it were not Star Wars, certainly I would not have sunk a few hundred credits into it. But it is Star Wars, and a good game as well I think. Let's face it, just adding dice to a card game wasn't going to make it a hit, without the IP the game wouldn't sell.
  22. I think the character choices are fine but like Amanal says you have way too many upgrades. I wouldn't take more than half my deck as cards with dice (either upgrade or support), try and choose other cards that will let you manipulate the dice you and your opponent do have.
  23. I am sure the rules require you to play with two investigators if you are playing by yourself. With only one investigator it would be almost impossible to win, too much ground to cover in too little time.
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