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  1. Firing through a narrow firing slot in a fortified bunker should certainly give the unit more than Cover 2, that’s no different to being in thick forest. Treating the bunker as an immovable vehicle with armor and hit points might work, you wouldn’t target the squad directly but the bunker. If the bunker was destroyed you could just remove the squad that was occupying it or roll a Defense dice for each mini and remove those that failed the roll. 

    I would definitely want to incorporate bunkers etc on certain maps. Blowing up a bunker with your HH-12 trooper would be cool. 

  2. Ran first session of a Skyrim game last weekend. Went really well. Our heroes, a mage, a ranger and a Carl (knight), woke to find themselves imprisoned by a Daedric cult with no weapons or gear and no memory of how they got there (all the Elder Scrolls games I have played have started with you in prison or custody). 

    With the help of an NPC they managed to escape their cell and explore the cave system they were in. They took out a few easy minion groups of basic cultists, found the sacrificial camber and ran from that into the major encounter with the cult enforcers (rivals) and the cult leader (nemesis). I thought it was going to be too tough for them for a while, but the cult leader failed in his first attempt to summon a flame atronach and that gave them a chance to win the fight and escape. 

    It was great fun.


  3. 7 hours ago, salamar_dree said:

    I also don't think there would be anything prohibiting making a spell attack combined with a one-handed weapon attack...

    The difficulty would ramp up doing this though as the two attacks use different characteristics and skills, and a magic attack at engaged is already average difficulty. 

    I am running a Skyrim campaign soon and this sort of thing is possible in the video game so I want to allow it if a character wants to go that way. 

  4. Yeah, you would suffer 4 strain. Hadn’t thought of that. That might put a player off trying since you increase the chance the strain is wasted by increasing the difficulty. 

    Or do you think you should only suffer the additional strain cost if you successfully trigger the second attack?

    If you did cast two different types of spells it would be hard to get enough advantage to trigger the different effects anyway. As you say, you need 2 advantage just to trigger the second attack and then 2 more for each effect. 

    But yes, the lightning upgrade does seem to give you a similar effect more simply. 

  5. Any reason a character can’t do this if they use one hand for each magic attack or hold an implement in each hand and just increase the difficulty per the dual wielding rules?

    Can anyone see any problems with allowing this?

    If two attacks use the same characteristic and skill then you just increase the difficulty by one, so a basic magic attack at short range would then be an average check dual wielding. But things would get harder as you add effects and how would you handle different effects on the spells? Not sure.


  6. I have never done basing before so want some advice. I have used a Vallejo basing paste and glued on some static grass but I want to know whether I should spray a varnish over the grass? What do you guys do?

    You end up handling the trays so much in this game I am worried the grass will wear off quickly if I don’t spray over it. I will also add some little bushes. Should I spray over them or add them after varnish? I was thinking after. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Thornoo1 said:

    So here's where I think the the issue lies.  "You MAY ignore any ...."  If you are choosing to ignore the unit you are crossing over then by extension you cannot collide with them.  You have triggered a state for the wraith unit where they will never collide, because you have chosen to ignore the unit you are traveling over.

    Daqan's best lawyers would agree. 

    Collisions occur while moving, and if you choose to ignore a unit while moving a collision (and therefore a charge) shouldn't be possible. 

    But there doesn't appear to be a mechanism which would prevent you from being in base contact after the move, even if a collision shouldn't be possible. So I don't know. 

  8. Got my 2nd core set today so I can finally  play more than a skirmish game. But my set came with 3 white dice and only 1 blue dice. 

    Should I bother contacting FFG about it? Will I ever need to roll 4 blue dice at once?

  9. Really like your reports especially with the photos. Disappointed the rats chose not to attend. As an aside, if I understand the rules correctly Ardus shouldn't have been able to sneak away at the end because he was engaged from multiple sides and to disengage you must Shift directly away from units you are engaged with, which isn't possible when engaged on two sides. 

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