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  1. Thanks everyone!
  2. I have never done basing before so want some advice. I have used a Vallejo basing paste and glued on some static grass but I want to know whether I should spray a varnish over the grass? What do you guys do? You end up handling the trays so much in this game I am worried the grass will wear off quickly if I don’t spray over it. I will also add some little bushes. Should I spray over them or add them after varnish? I was thinking after.
  3. Death knights will hopefully be able to pressure them.
  4. I'll be there for another beating. Need to think of a list that can handle shifty elves.
  5. Thank you for making these! They are great. I will print and use these when I play.
  6. Daqan's best lawyers would agree. Collisions occur while moving, and if you choose to ignore a unit while moving a collision (and therefore a charge) shouldn't be possible. But there doesn't appear to be a mechanism which would prevent you from being in base contact after the move, even if a collision shouldn't be possible. So I don't know.
  7. Judging by the voting on Patreon which is still open Sorastro won't be doing much with Runewars. Currently twice as many votes for ASOIF and Star Wars Legion is attracting heaps of votes. Sorastro, if you are getting elves anyway we would love a PDF guide.
  8. Cover will be very important in Legion and so you need terrain. Having the cardboard terrain in Runewars is a big plus for me. I doubt I would get around to making terrain for a game as well as painting all the figures.
  9. Thanks for coming through with the detail. Also, pretty sure I saw you photo bombing one of the demo vids.
  10. Just watched a demo and it looks really good. My willpower will be tested.
  11. I know I would probably love this game but I am already all in on both IA and RW. I can't paint any other games and I don't want to start painting Storm Troopers again.
  12. Thanks. I think I will ask. I would like to have all the right components.
  13. Got my 2nd core set today so I can finally play more than a skirmish game. But my set came with 3 white dice and only 1 blue dice. Should I bother contacting FFG about it? Will I ever need to roll 4 blue dice at once?
  14. Are you going to the event at Magic Vault? Now I will be embarrassed to bring my minis along. Yours look so great.
  15. Really like your reports especially with the photos. Disappointed the rats chose not to attend. As an aside, if I understand the rules correctly Ardus shouldn't have been able to sneak away at the end because he was engaged from multiple sides and to disengage you must Shift directly away from units you are engaged with, which isn't possible when engaged on two sides.