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  1. Dual wielding with magic

    Yeah, you would suffer 4 strain. Hadn’t thought of that. That might put a player off trying since you increase the chance the strain is wasted by increasing the difficulty. Or do you think you should only suffer the additional strain cost if you successfully trigger the second attack? If you did cast two different types of spells it would be hard to get enough advantage to trigger the different effects anyway. As you say, you need 2 advantage just to trigger the second attack and then 2 more for each effect. But yes, the lightning upgrade does seem to give you a similar effect more simply.
  2. Dual wielding with magic

    Any reason a character can’t do this if they use one hand for each magic attack or hold an implement in each hand and just increase the difficulty per the dual wielding rules? Can anyone see any problems with allowing this? If two attacks use the same characteristic and skill then you just increase the difficulty by one, so a basic magic attack at short range would then be an average check dual wielding. But things would get harder as you add effects and how would you handle different effects on the spells? Not sure.
  3. Magic Weapons

    This thread is great. I am going to be running a campaign set in Skyrim and enchantment is a part of that. This has given me some good ideas about how to go about it.
  4. Lore - Collected Sources

    Some nice lore in the Legacy of Dragonholt rules that were just released. Some good background on different races in the character creation section.
  5. Basing advice

    Thanks everyone!
  6. Basing advice

    I have never done basing before so want some advice. I have used a Vallejo basing paste and glued on some static grass but I want to know whether I should spray a varnish over the grass? What do you guys do? You end up handling the trays so much in this game I am worried the grass will wear off quickly if I don’t spray over it. I will also add some little bushes. Should I spray over them or add them after varnish? I was thinking after.
  7. Shifty Elves...too shwifty?

    Death knights will hopefully be able to pressure them.
  8. I'll be there for another beating. Need to think of a list that can handle shifty elves.
  9. Dial Reference Sheet (Complete)

    Thank you for making these! They are great. I will print and use these when I play.
  10. Nightmares Made Real (Wraiths announced)

    Daqan's best lawyers would agree. Collisions occur while moving, and if you choose to ignore a unit while moving a collision (and therefore a charge) shouldn't be possible. But there doesn't appear to be a mechanism which would prevent you from being in base contact after the move, even if a collision shouldn't be possible. So I don't know.
  11. Sorastro's Painting

    Judging by the voting on Patreon which is still open Sorastro won't be doing much with Runewars. Currently twice as many votes for ASOIF and Star Wars Legion is attracting heaps of votes. Sorastro, if you are getting elves anyway we would love a PDF guide.
  12. Don't fear the Legion?

    Cover will be very important in Legion and so you need terrain. Having the cardboard terrain in Runewars is a big plus for me. I doubt I would get around to making terrain for a game as well as painting all the figures.
  13. 28mm Compared to 32mm - Picture examples

    Thanks for coming through with the detail. Also, pretty sure I saw you photo bombing one of the demo vids.
  14. Don't fear the Legion?

    Just watched a demo and it looks really good. My willpower will be tested.
  15. Don't fear the Legion?

    I know I would probably love this game but I am already all in on both IA and RW. I can't paint any other games and I don't want to start painting Storm Troopers again.