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  1. great! thanks all for your help, looks like this is going to be another addition to my growing cupboard of games
  2. Hi guys, im a big arkham fan, but been away for a while, was thinking of picking this up, but it usually just me and the better half that plays, sooo is it ok as a 2 player game as one needs to be the baddie? Cheers for the help
  3. lol, you havent played my wife, who is blest by the great lord of dice gods. last night, 6 hits twice in a row, over 5 to hit, shock roll against 6 plus, gues what she got all 4!!!
  4. some characters can do more damage with melee, especially if your playing the reich, i use mele a lot, it also screws around with you oponent as he is not always prepared for you to rush in, as mia said yula is beasty with it, and so is the strosstupen
  5. extra ammo does indeed give you another attack, and can be very deadly, and dont worry about your english, its better than my german you really do need either the new rules book or the pdf rules, i prefer the book as its just better to flick through all the time. the revised rules will tell you a lot more than the free one, also virtually all equipment packs have changed, some quite a bit, and so you are really using 2 different rules at the moment which wont help you.
  6. well i must say im happy with three, hey and i like redheads,lol. i would like to see maybe a book of scenarios and i dunno some sort of campaign, maybe more mercs, what about some sort of flying droid/demon, or a whole demonic type faction that has broken through, of course i would still love field ops as i said, and this could be probable (maybe with fingers crossed)
  7. thanks mate, doesnt that really invalidate the revised rules a bit, that the characters have changed from the book to the cards allready?
  8. ok, sorry if this has been answered but, having been a way for a while and starting to get back in, (heavilly) with all the bits i missed, this guy in the revised rules has two equipment packs, combat and stamina, but in the equipment cards he has a comand pack, but no tokens for them? i take it i can field the command pack and just use the cards? cheers all
  9. Darknight4


    well best bet is flea bay, you can find most of them bar a few packs, but check some online game shops or your local lgs, i found a couple of packs there as well, its well worth hunting it down, its a really good game
  10. well mine should be here today, but i believe as they say, they come with them all
  11. sorry see what you mean now, yea asty is a beast,lol. i should think you could take 2 extra,if you wanted i dont see why not, if she can control 2, then why not 4, i know not everyone likes them but i do a lot. i think even physcologicaly your enemy is very worried of them as it depends what you equip them with
  12. yep as i said from the circle he was attacked on, that excact ruling from them is a bit awkward as you will not allways get as far away than the first circle he started he movement on, but if possible
  13. ok guys, time for an update? i think all stuff listed for yula,wolf etc etc are pre the revised rules so is no longer valid, have we any sources using the new rules?
  14. surely if you play them together, you will still use the voids, as they count for 1 trooper, so her an asty is two heroes and 2 troopers, so you will play 1 more hero, but you will miss out on a extra trooper
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