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  1. Its great to hear enthusiasm about another casebook! Thank you very much Nygotha for permissio to use your material - you will most definitely get gredit in the book for this! Neph, I will PM you with the info for the Arkham Investigations website once this casebook is finished - then both casebooks can be uplaoded to your site! I have finished the prelimiary work on the casebook, having the general layout and direction worked out, so now its the actual writing and proof-reading to complete. This casebook will be unique in the use of another board expansion along with vignettes. I shoould have some spoilers posted by the weekend. Old Man Whateley.
  2. Well, my first stab at a casebook went well enough - it certainly taught me how to design them at the very least. I am now in the midst of writing my second casebook, The Haunting, based on the classsic Call of Cthulhu adventure. In addition to the original scenario, I am drawing upon inspiration from Nyogtha's wonderful Haunted House supplement posted right here on the forums. Hopefully Nyogtha will not be displeased by the use of his material - I will certainly give all the credit for that work to him in the casebook. Please, Nyogtha, if there is any problem with using your supplemental stuff for Haunted House, please let me know. I will be posting the casebook in a zip file in both .eons and in pdf - the reason for pdf is so that I can spice the casebook itself up with some artwork. The casebook will be much longer than Dark Dreams and with alot more action ( Dark Dreams turned our rather linear and straight-forward in the story). I would like to have my casebooks posted to the homepage.mac.com/nephilim/arkham_investigations/ wesite if nephilim would approve. Barring that, I currently maintain a website for my tabletop Call of Cthulhu rpg and am considering expanding it to include a section for Arkham Horror and Arkham Investigations. You can check out the rpg site here: coc-campaign.onlinewebshop.net/ I should be able to post some spoilers for the new casebook in a few days. Cheers, Old Man Whateley
  3. Admiral142 said: Hope this thread isn't dead! I have a question about Arkham Investigations rules. In the rules, it states to remove the Mythos Deck, the Standard Ancient One Cards, and the standard gate cards. I understand the mythos deck. The gate cards are just the other world encounter cards, right? And finally, the ancient one cards, I want to make sure about: are they talking about the ancient one sheets? That is to say, the cards with ancient ones depiction, doom track, worshippers ability, etc, etc? I just want to be sure, because if so, that would mean that the worshippers abilities are not in effect, right? Just want to make sure on that. Thanks! Sorry, I have extremely busy with real life things - darn real life! - I am working on a revision of the Dark Dreams casebook, mainly to clean it up and correct some minor mistakes. I am also working on two more case books that I hope to finish soon. And to answer the above questions, yes to all of them.
  4. Sorry Awong for the long delay in responding - real life sucks sometimes. Anyway, I will try to answer the questions you posed. awong said: How does group combat work against the Innsmouth Hybrids? On their back, they say that if you fail a combat check against them, return them to a cup. I had 2 investigators fighting 2 Hybrids and the Voice at the Train Station. The first investigator did 1 damage to a Hybrid, not enough to kill it, but I was sure my other investigator could finish it. Now, did the first investigator "fail" the combat check? Does the Hybrid immediately flee to the cup? Or do I now have a chance for investigator 2 to attack and finish it off? Similar question about the Voice, which says you add a Hybrid if you fail a check against it. My first investigator did 2 damage to it. Do I immediately add another Hybrid to the Train Station, or does my 2nd investigator get to take a swing? If I do add another Hybrid, does it immediately join the combat? Take a look at page 3 of the Arkahm Investigations rules pdf - I would quote it here, but there is alot of text explaining the new combat rules for group combat. awong said: Speaking of the Voice, you must make a Lore check to fight it. What happens if you fail the Lore check? Does the combat immediately end? Are you unable to deal damage to the Voice until you make the lore check? Does the Voice damage you for failing the lore check?Also, the Voice moves like a Stalker. But what does it do, if no investigator is adjacent to it when it moves? Normally, a stalker that is not adjacent to an investigator moves according to the Mythos card symbol. But Arkham Investigations doesn't really have a mechanic to deal with this. Also, once I defeat the Voice and Hybrids, do I return them to the cup, so that I might encounter them again in the future? Yes, you must pass a Lore check to enter into combat with the Voice, failing the roll ends. No damage is incurred for failing the Lore roll though. The Voice will always move towards the nearest player on the board. awong said: So far, I've only completed the first part of Vignette A. It was ridiculously hard, but I may have done it wrong. At first, Amanda Sharpe went into the Vignette, but her will wasn't ideal to help Osgood. So, I had Bob Jenkins join the vignette to help. But, reading the vignette literally, as soon as Bob Jenkins got to A1, I had to add another 5 clues to A2. It's been pretty slow so far. I didn't have much to do while Bob Jenkins desperately tried to rehabilitate Osgood. He finally rolled 3 successes in one roll, unlocking the train station. So, now I have my investigators running to the train station with all the gear they'd been ideally gathering. We massacred the Voice and Hybrids that showed up on Day 5. I estimate I've played 8 turns, where 5 Timeline days have passed. 1 character (the Dilletante) has already been devoured, due to an unfortunate dream in the Library. I'm playing with 5 characters: the Salesman, the Handyman, the Expedition Leader, the Student, and the Private Detective. No additional Clue tokens are added for Vignette A beyond the initial 5 - when I played it, it is tough getting through the vignette, as other characters have little to do other than explore town and shop.
  5. makken123 said: Cumbersome now sounds like a sledgehammer word, I meant that a Case Book seems - to me - a complicated way to add a story to AH. My wish would be as OldManWhately describes: pictures, attractive layout, etc. Strange Eons is so good at everything else, the look of cards and tokens and the flexibility in exporting and printing is spot on; I wanted to put forward my view on Case Books which I felt were not so good. makken123 No worries on my end about criticism, makken. I have worked on mods for several pc games and criticism comes with fine-tuning anything, IMO. I definitely think that added flavor to a casebook (meaning some artwork and an attractive layout as you said above) would greatly increase the appeal of case books overall. It is something I am going to embellish on the next case I am working on presently. I think it would add to the physical look of the case when it sbeing used in the game. The SE program can both export the file in .eon form (the most basic format to recieve it in) or you can export it to a Word or html format. From there, you can add whatever graphics, such as artwork or the like - even using some type of watercolor background for the pages to make it more visually appealing.Them simply, using a pdf write program, convert it to pdf. The only problem I can see with this is the heavy use of a person's color printer cartridges to print out a 30 page case book full of art and color. Thus, as I mentioned before, with the next case book (entitled, "The Schemes of Nyarlathotep"), I am going to include a pdf version of the case book in the zip file (which will have added flavor and artwork) as well as the standard ,eon file for those who prefer that. As far as cases being complicated in adding a story to the game, (and hopefully I am understanding what you mean by them being complicated) I must agree once again with Thelric. Its a simple matter of reading various paragraphs - I guess, for me, I have run alot of rpg games as a GM so am used to such added material for a game. Others that are unfamiliar with rpg's might find case books a bit intimidating at first. Again, I believe that criticsm is most important for mods of any kind, if for nothing more than to find out what people like or dislike about it. I certainly appreciate the desire to see artwork in the case books, as I considered it but was unsure whether or not it would be wanted. BTW, have you had a chance to play through the case book and , if so, what was your overall opinion? It is quite short, I agree, but I am more concerned about the enjoyment of it as well as if the overall plot was understood.
  6. makken123 said: Regarding the Case Book format, I am unhappy with their appearence and they seem cumbersome to me, e.g. the vignettes. I like Arkham Horror because of the theme and artwork; a Case Book which looked like the AH Rule Book would be something! On a positive note I do like the creativity in DDofD. All of that is IMHO; I have created Investigators and other pieces for AH that have met with silence, so my taste is not shared at all! I think I understand what you mean as far as the look of the case book itself. I considered releasing the casebook in pdf format so that I could add photos and artwork relevant to the scenario. Basically to try to give it some flair. However, people also so seem to like new casebooks put out in the Strange Eons format. Thus, I decided, that the next one will be available in pdf (with some artwork and the like) and in a .eon format. However, I am in agreement with Thelric as to not understanding your point about the vignettes in general. What exctly makes them cumbersome?
  7. makken123 said: These two cards use Lovecraft associated theme which I liked, and they can be used in the game as well. I have also uploaded them to BGG. I am using megaupload for the first time and I want to know if the zip can be susscessfully downloaded; my free membership of megaupload (i think) prevents me from checking the zip. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M52V9PKO I have typed out the above, I presume you need to copy and paste to your address bar. Actually, makken123, you can check your uploaded files on megaupload, even with a free membership. Once you upload a file or zip folder, it will take you to a seperate screen listing the upload you just completed. Simply click on the link and download the file and then open it to make sure that the file is uploaded correctly. If nothing else, you can copy and paste the upload link into your address bar yourself and try to download the item to make sure that it works properly.
  8. Thanks for the link, Thelric! That will come in very handy! O hope that someone has had a chance to play the case and can reply on its playability and whether it was fun. On another note, I am getting close to completing my next case book. It is vastly different than the first - much longer is scope and length, and alot of fun stuff and extras. I now fully understand the groupings of paragraphs and vignettes and how to not only write them for the case, but how to use them to construct the entire story. I wish I had understood this when writing Dark Dreams, but I had to start somewhere. The next case will require much less revisions than Dark Dreams, perhaps none at all. After that, I have the outline for two more cases to start on.
  9. Not long ago, back in the fall, I somehow misplaced a good portion of my Arkham Horror playing pieces during a move to my new house. These lost pieces included the characters, money, dooom tokens, etc. Basically, I had all the cards and board but none of the pieces. As I am long-time board gamer that still remembers Avalon Hill and SPI, I figured that I would call up FFG's customer service department and place an order for replacement parts. Now, for some of you who do not know, it was common place long ago to be able to order replacement parts for games, Let's say you are missing all the German unit chits for battle of the Bulge. No problem, just place an order and you get a fresh new counter sheet. Now, this does not seem like much, but over the years, this ability to place orders for specific game parts has become increasingly harder to do. If you lose a portion of playing pieces for a game you have no other option than to buy the entire game brand new to simply replace a portion of the game. So, I call up FFG's customer service, only to be told that you cannot order replacement pieces. At this point I was bummed - for all 2 seconds -until the girl at customer service explained that they can ship me out replacement pieces for anything I am missing. All I needed to do was send an email listing all the pieces I needed. AND THIS IS FREE OF CHARGE AND ABSOLUTELY NO SHIPPING COST! Suffice to say, I was flabbergasted by this. I felt wrong in not even paying the shipping cost, and offered to put the shipping on my credit card. Nope, she said, we'll take care of everything. To FFG, I must say that, with such wonderful service to your customers -something that is severely deficient in other companies - you have hooked me as a customer for life, even more so than I was before. You are to be commended for maintaining the most important component to your business - your customers. All I can say is bravo!
  10. makken123 said: Hi, how does megaupload work? The link takes me to megaupload but to an empty box (with DDofD in a blue box at the bottom). You must sign up for a free membership to use it, I think, even for downloading files. A free membership restricts how many downloads per day you can conduct. However, its relative easy to sign up for and the entire case book file is in zip, so its a single download of 1.22 MB - it takes about a minute to complete. EDIT: Makken123, I checked the megaupload site again and discovered that you do not need a membership to download files. Once you click on the link at the top of this thread, you should see this window: You must enter the 3-letter code circled in read, than hit the download button to the right. I am unsure what it is that you are seeing : The link takes me to megaupload but to an empty box (with DDofD in a blue box at the bottom).
  11. With Thelric's feedback, I have finished another revision, V2 in fact, to the casebook. I believe that should do it for fixing mistakes. The new zip folder contains revision 2version 3. Now the question is, did anyone enjoy it?
  12. Ahh, thanks for the feedback, Chris! I knew there would be things that would have to be fixed in my first casebook - that's why I choose to write a shorter one to start with. What I didn;t realize at first was the Eon program basically uses html tags. I also did not have the paragraph pathways in any sensible order. That is one thing I have been maintaining in the second case I am writing right now. Thanks again for the proof-read! I will fix the above-mentioned problems and reload the file.
  13. I have finished the revision for the case and uplaoded the new zip file at the top. This revision takes care of several porblems that I spotted when I played it, as well as adding several Word docs to help printing the special item cards as well as the monsters. Simly print the Word docs and remember to re-insert the printed page correctly into your printer so the back and front of the cards line up properly.
  14. I have played the case tonight and discovered several problems with the case book. I must rewrite parts of it as well as add in several things that I had forgotten to add to the zip file. I especially forgot to add in the Special Location cards. I also forgot a handout, #4. Another problem that I found was that the Vignette Index did not list the Vignette locations, making it very difficult to remember what Vignettes were tied to which locations. Until I post the new zip folder the above file is not to be used juntil i can add the forgotten items and stuff. Other than adding the stuff I forgot to the file and so spell-checking, or minor writing changes, my friends thought the story was great, enjoying as well as challenging, and loved some twists I had added. I promise a revision in a day or two. Sorry, but I figured that I would find some bugs after playing it once. Theya re nothing major but do need to be fixed right away.
  15. On another note, I am well on my way into writing the next case book, entitled, The Schemes of Nyarlathotep. With no impediments, I hope to be able to finish the first draft within a week or two. This case book is of much longer length, so it is takin me more time to complete it. I plan on playing Dark Dreams of Dagon tonight. I will post after thoughts tomorrow.
  16. Razrael said: Are the files available as a single zip compilation? I guess I never thought to simply put them into a zip file. It would make more sense to do - I will reload the files today and add them all to a single zip file, then re-do the download links.
  17. While I await feedback on this casebook, I have begun to work on the next installment of case books planned, called The Schemes of Nyarlathotep. It promises to be a much longer and involved case with lots of activity and new monsters. After that, I have the rough outline for two more case books to write, one using the Dunwich Horror expansion and another using the unofficial Cult of the Golden Scarab expansion set.
  18. I have posted my first case book in .eon format, but I have decided, for the future case books, to post them in both pdf and .eon for everyone's ease of access. Please do check out the first case and send along any feedback. I have begun on the next case book, and hope to have the first draft completed in a week or two.
  19. Oh, one more thing of note, if Nephilim is lurking about. Once the bugs for this (and future case books I write) are worked out I would love it if you would be so kind as to add it to your Arkham Investigations web page.
  20. Your thanks makes writing the case all the more worthwhile! Enjoy and please respond with any criticism and/or comments on it after you have a chance to play it. It will hekp me out with writing the other case books that I mentioned.
  21. Wow! When I began thinking of writing a case book for Arkham Investigations, I never thought how time-consuming it would end up being! However, I have finally completed my first draft of the case book. Here are the following files for the case book - they include the case book, 2 special Monsters, 2 special items and 4 handouts in pdf. - WARNING - These files were created in Strange Eons! You must have this program to view all but the pdf files! You can download Strange Eons here: www.sfu.ca/~cjenning/eons/index.html I would highly recommend this program - not only is it free, but its simply the best add-on for the Arkham Horror game. EDIT-EDIT-EDIT-EDIT Here's revision 2 of the case, with some added items. For easier dowload, I compiled the files into a single zip folder using the following link: www.megaupload.com/ The case book is of similar length to that of Whispers in the Dark by Jocularis. I would greatly appreciate feed back on this case, especially the length and duration of play, as well as overall playability, fun and any mistakes that you may come across. Any advise on making the case book better or more enjoyable - including additons - is much apprieciated also. This is my first case book, so understand the shortness of it as well as any mistakes or the like. I am unsure as to whether of not I made it long enough or with enough action, but I think that it could be played in a couple of hours or so. I have not had the chance to play it myself - probably this weekend - and will post my results here in this thread. I would like to keep this thread open for future revisions of the case book, if there are changes, additions, or mistakes to be fixed and/or added, so I will post such discussions as SPOILERS so that people who have not yet played through the case do not have the plot spoiled for them. Please do likewise. Beyond any needed revisionsof the casebook, I am also working on two more casebooks to be added in the future. Now that I have completed the first draft of Dark Dreams of Dagon, I am more comfortable in writing a casebook, and the next one is going to be much longer, along the lines of Cthulhu: Dread Sleep in R'lyeh. I can't give a time as to the completion of the other case books but, as my desire to write them is as much a desire to add to the Arkham Investigations mod overall is as wellas a desire to prompt others to get on board and write some cases, it should not be long.
  22. Ah, yes I will be using Megaupload for the files, but was hoping to post the files in pdf form for people that do not have Strange Eons. I guess I can post the files in .eon form and pdf. I should be finished with the case over the next day or two and will upload in a new thread. I would appreciate feedback on it after I post it - it will help in wiring the next two if I have some feedback. Hello to Spain!
  23. So, my first case book for Arkham Investigations is nearly complete. I am proof-reading the case and getting ready to post it here on the forum. However, I have one question regarding the Strange Eons program. I am going to post the case book in pdf for ease of downloading and printing, but I am unsure what to so with the monsters and special cards. Is there any way to save a Spell, Skill, Monster, etc, created in Strange Eons in pdf form? The reason for this is so that I can include a page in the casebook pdf that has all the new monsters and cards that I have created. Naturally, the Strange Eons files are always saved as a .eon file, so I need a method to convert them into pdf. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. The problem is that, on the new forum, you can't upload files, even .eon files.
  25. I am currently working on a trio of casebooks for Arkham Investigations and want to ask what would be the best method of posting the relevant info here on the forum. With the new forum format, I see no option to upload files so I can post either word douments or even the Strange Eons files. Any suggestions?
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