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  1. UPDATE As promised, I have finished the reiwrite and editing of the case, The Haunting, and have uploaded it to the new site. The zip file contians the casebook and all handout and cards in pdf ready for printing. I took an additional day to do some more proofreading to catch any mistakes that may have still lingered… Now, I am off to open some ancient and forbidden tomes to write the next casebook, The Dunwich Horror… Cheers, Old Man Whateley
  2. suicidepuppet said: This is a very exciting time for AH fan content. After MH dropped all we have really seen from FFG have been the monster minis and no talk of anything new for the game. The fans though have been hard at work. There is a near complete Dreamlands expansion, A new version of Lovecraft Country Horror is about to be posted, and Vermont Horror is now all packed up nice and neat for download, and lots of smaller projects that all show promise. And now the return of Arkham Investigations. I have many things to be grateful for today… I hope you are right! But as far as FFG's new content, I am not sure where else they can go with Arkham Horror. They have covered nearly every aspect of Lovecraft's world….It might be up to to the fan-base to create new material. And that should sound as a rallying cry to all of us! For my part, I managed to complete the editing/re-write of my casebook, The Haunting tonight. I will upload the casebook in the morning. I feel that I have fixed all the mistakes that plagued my first version so that it is now fully playable. I would very mcuh appreciate feedback on both of the revised casebooks on the new site in case there are further mistakes that need to be corrected. I have already begun the intial work on the next casebook, The Dunwich Horror, this evening. My ultimate goal is to release two entirely new casebooks by mid-July. Cheers, Old Man Whateley
  3. suicidepuppet said: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! In just a quick run through I did a count off the list from the google site: https://sites.google.com/site/cultofthegoldenscarab/ And noticed that a few cards are missing but I believe that I read somewhere that those extra cards were never completed. Is that accurate? I just knew when I saw those folders unpacking it was kicking the crap out of my partial version Again many thanks. Even the creator didn't know if there were still copies out there. My crappy day just went Mega-Joy! And I will vote again for a 'Style Guide To Arkham Investigations'. I HAVE to contribute something now. Now let the weirdness flow…my first look at the Golden Scarab…YES! Ha,ha, I am very happy to made your day so wonderful! As I reflect on the idea to begin a new Arkahm Investigations website, the more I am glad I did. The Golden Scarab is a perfect example of why it was such a worhty idea to pursue. I did not know that even the creator no longer had copies of it! Now we will have a depository for any and all Arkham Horror/Investigations fan-material there is still out there. Cheers, Old Man Whateley
  4. Ah, thanks for the links, amikezor! WEBSITE UPDATES I uploaded the Cult of the Golden Scarab to the Expansions page today and it is now ready for downloading. I also added the link to the French Arkahm Horror wiki page that amikezor provided. Look for it on the Links page. The wiki has some items for Arkham Investigations, but they are in French. Thanks to amikezor, there are now Fench translations available for download of the Arkham Investigations rules and the case book, Cthulhu: Dread Sleeper in R'Lyeh. As I tend to work better with an agenda, I have set out a schedule of sorts for what to work on: Complete revision re-write of my casebook, The Haunting. I am currently in the middle of this work and hope to be finished by the end of the week. A new casebook, entitled, The Dunwuch Horror. I decided to do this project next since none the previous casebooks use any of the wonderful expansions. I have tossed around the idea for this casebook for several years, and I thankfully have all my hand-written notes from long ago. This case will be quite large in size and danger, and I hope it will be a great deal of fun to play. A translation of amikezor's French casebook, L'Appel du Vide (Into the Void). My French is quite rusty but I think I should be able to manage… A new casebook, The Thing in the Darkness. This case I have already begun to write - I intended to finish this right after The Haunting but now it is pushed back for a time. Write some campaign rules to allow players to run an entire campaign of casebooks, allowing for improvement of their Investigators. Cheers, Old Man Whateley
  5. Ha, ha, I promise no 8mm film or anything of that sort! I must admit that I too was one of the community populace back then that wandered away from Arkham Horror. For me it was the fact that, since I had written some of the case books, I grew bored with playing the game since there was no new material out there. However, recently I began playing Call of Cthulhu lcg once more and that led me to a desire to play Arkham Investigations…I suppose that was all I needed! Now I have made a it my personal mission to refresh Arkham Investigation as best I can and go about getting some new material out there for everyone to enjoy. Do me a favor if you could and add your blog url here and I will add it to the LINKS page of the Arkham Investigations site. The more networking the better!
  6. suicidepuppet said: Oh DON'T be teasing me about the Golden Scarab…I have been looking for so long…and not just me…over at BGG there are posts of other folks looking too. That would make my week Something I did notice over on the new website, on the expansions page, the English Foldable Tomes v2.1 link goes to the token sheet. Glad to see you back and I will definitely be sending you traffic. Have you considered making a design guide for AI? Maybe have others creating casebooks? I think Strange Eons is set up to make a case book (I might have that wrong so please don't shoot me) and a style guide/how to manual might draw even more in…just a thought… Time to spread the news It is good to be back! I have to find the disc I had saved Cult of the Golden Scarab on, but I am positive that I have it. I will post an update in this thread when I have it uploaded to tne new site. Thanks for catching that link error! I went ahead and put in the correct url for the download. Should anyone notice things like on the site, please let me know and I will correct the mistake swiftly. In addition, I made comment pages available for my casebooks so that I can get feedback on them - did you like it, was it enjoyable, are there any mistakes? I did not include comment-leaving for the other case books since I did not write them. But should anyone download any material from the new site, and mistakes are found, let me know (either on the appropriate comments page) or by emailing me directly at oldmanwhateley@gmail.com . With perseverance, I hope to have The Haunting and two other brand new case books uploaded in the next few weeks. As I mentioned, The Haunting will be uploaded first, hopefully no later than the end of the week. An AI guide would be a good idea. Yes, Strange Eons can be used to format and write case books. It is great for doing so. Once you uderstand how it works on Strange Eons, it makes writing case books much easier. On the Strange Eons site, there is a short tutorial concerning the casebook editor, as well as other features on the program. Here is the link: cgjennings.ca/eons/samples/index.html EDIT: Before I finished this Reply, I went looking for the disc containing Cult of the Golden Scarab….and I found it All the files seem to be there, but they are in .Eon format except the rulebook. Maybe I could export them from Strange Eons in pdf…nonetheless, I will have them added tomorrow on the Expansions page of the site and ready for downloading. Cheers, Old Man Whateley
  7. Thanks suicidepuppet for the enthusiasm and for posting it on your blog! That will certainly help spread the word. I have in fact the files for Golden Scarab. I will include those in the Expansion portion of the new site tomorrow. And to clarify, I have revised my first case book, Dark Dreams of Dagon, which is ready for downloading on the new site. I am about half way through editing the case book, The Haunting. I hope that it will be ready by the end of thsi week. This work is more like a total re-write than simple editing. Version 1 contained many glaring errors that mdae The Haunting unplayable. However, when it is uploaded to the site, I will have fixed all errors by then.
  8. amikezor said: Excellent news !!!!! Thanks amikezor! To be safe I am backing up all the Arkham Investigation files onto disc - just in case If anyone has Arkham Investigation fan-made material they wish to have added to my site, feel free to contact me and I will do so.
  9. UPDATE As promised, I uploaded the Expansions to the site: Arkham Nights: Street Locations and Arkham Book Club. In addtion, I uploaded three caebooks: Cthulhu: Dread Sleeper of R'Lyeh, Whispers in Darkness and my version 3.0 of Dark Dreams of Dagon. On nephelim's original Arkham Investigations site, he did have a German translation of the main Arkham Investigations rules but, sadly, the link is inactive. So, for now, only rules in English are available. Now I am off to edit my other case, The Haunting. With luck, I should be finished in a few days and will upload it to the site. Cheers, Old Man Whateley
  10. Over the past two years, a couple of things occured that brought me to this project. First, Megaupload was closed down - naturally this would have not been a problem, but I suffered a hard drive crash some time ago that swept away all my files (including my original casebook files for Arkham Investigations). My case files had been uplaoded to Megaupload, and so I found that I no longer had my files! From feedback on Nephilim's original site, my casebooks needed some revisions, but without copies, there was little I could do. Then, I contacted amikezor through the forums and he was kind enough to send me a zip file of all the rules and case books he had saved on his computer. As far as the original Arkham Investigations site (which can be found at arkhaminvestigations.barkingdoginteractive.com/), it seemed that nephilim was not updating the site any more. So, with the fresh copies of the rules and case books, I set immediately about to design a new site for Arkham Investigations. Here is the link to my new site: arkhaminvestigation.onlinewebshop.net/index.html At the moment, I have only two pages uploaded to the site, the HOME page and the RULES page. At the moment, the English and German language rules are ready for download on the site, and I hope that I may convince amikezor to work on a French translation as well. I have already gone ahead and revised my first case book, Dark Dreams of Dagon, and only have to upload the case files to the site. I should have those up by tomorrow. For now, here is some pics of the new case book for Dark Dreams of Dagon to wet everyone's appetite: I have also begun revising my second case book, The Haunting, which is in need of a great deal of work. However, the revision should be completed in a few days at the latest. After that, I must upload the expansions/play aids for Arkham Horror to the site (which includes the Arkham Book Club, Arkham Nights: Street Locations, etc). Finally, I have the rough outlines of three case books once the site is complete (I am looking at a week's time frame for the site work to be completed). The first to be uploaded to the site is called, The Thing in the Darkness. This case book is already partially written and should be completed by the end of the week. After that I will be working on a pair of cases that require the use of Arkham Horror expansions. The first, The Dunwich Horror, will naturally require the so-named expansion. The second will be a case involving the town of Innsmouth and, as such, will require the Innsmouth expansion. Lastly amikezor recently informed me that he has two new case books written in French. I have asked him about the possibility of gettign translations fo both to post (in French and English) to the new site.
  11. Well, its been awhile since I wrote my last case book for Arkham Investigations. When I had finished my last case book, The Haunting, I had meant to start right away on a new new, entitled Pickman's Model, but I also run a weekly Call of Cthulhu rpg campaign that had to take priority to case book writing for awhile. As the thread title suggests, I have decided to scrap the old case book idea to be able to write a new one that would expand a case book from just using the main Arkham Horror board (thus using the Dunwich board as well). I have begun another new rpg weekly group using the new Trail of Cthulhu rpg rules, but I have a great deal more free time that I can devote to the writing of new case books. I should be able to post some previews of the new case booko soon and hope to finish the complete work in a few weeks. As always, Thelric has put up a new website for Arkham Investigations that nephilim designed. On the site, you can download the four available case books presently available (including my first two case books, Dark Dreams of Dagon and The Haunting. Once the latest case book is completed, I will forward it to nephilim so that it can be uploaded to the site. In addition, I have the rough sketches of two more case books once Dunwich Horror is completed and hope to get to work on those as well.
  12. Well, its the New Year and time for another casebook. I had originally had opted to write my next casebook using one of the expansion boards - especially Dunwich Horror - but it has stalled for lack of ideas to complete it. So, I shelved the casebook for now and began working on another idea. This new casebook will incorporate the use of Otherworlds and gates for the adventure as well as the Arkham Horror board. I have figured out the easy way of offering full jpegs of cards and monster tokens so that players can more easily print out new cards and tokens for play. I noticed that there was little feedback on the last casebook - The Haunting - but hope that it was enjoyed by anyone who played it. I am polishing up the casebook right now and hope to post it here in a week or two!
  13. Personally, I think I am going to keep playing my houserule that the team leader can't be changed in the middle of a turn, but maybe increase the effectiveness of assisted checks. In my opinion, it defeats the purpose of having teams if you can swtich out the leader in the turn. Only my thoughts though
  14. ivory_tower said: The timeline only had 4 days. These seems way too short. Is this correct? That is strange - I looked at my files, both .eons and the pdf's and they have all the timeline. Is anyone else having this problem with the files?
  15. I am working on the case book and have two new allies for the game, Dr. Francis Morgan and Dr. Warren Rice. I have an excellent idea of how to deal with the Dunwich Horror - it should prove to be alot of fun. I am still looking forward to some criticism on my earlier case books. I need to know what I am doing wrong so please don't hold back. As a sdie-note, I am working on a 3-d Arkahm board to replace the FFG board. I am using cardboard building models from: www.fauxtoys.com/tvag/610-Mean-Streets-Main-Page.html The pdf's are fairly cheap and I hope to design an entire board using these. Once I have some of the board finished, I will post some pics.
  16. Three times the charm, as the old saying goes. I am starting on my third case book, appropriately based on Lovecraft's story, The Dunwich Horror. This casebook will, of course, require the Dunwich Horror expansion to play it. I have a great many ideas for this case book and hope that it will turn out as fun as I think it will. I should have some news to post in a few days. Cheers.
  17. Admiral142 said: I vote for the Dunwich expansion casebook, for what it's worth. I think all the casebooks available so far are usable with only the base game, right? It would be cool to have one that incorporated an expansion. I still want to write one based on, "The Lurking Fear," but haven't had a lot of time recently, and my group has been playing other games... I hope we'll get rekindled soon though. Thanks for the casebook, you rock! I agree for Dunwuch, as there isn;t any case books using the expansions, so I am leaning towards a case book based on the story, The Dunwich Horror. Thanks for the praise - I am happy to see people interesting in them and willing to try them out!
  18. There is something that has confused me for some time concerning multiple investigators in a Vignette. Here is a situation, a paragraph requires the Team Leader to make a Will +0 check or go Insane, drop to 1 Sanity and move immediately to Arkham Asylum. Does this happen to all Team Members or just the Team Leader? Or a second example, would all Team Members suffer being Lost in Time and Space due to a failed roll by the Team Leader? A side question also is: I have always disliked Assisted Skill Checks and the Team Leader. The rules states: "Some encounters call for “assisted” skill checks. These are normal skill checks except that before rolling an assisted skill check, the team leader may offer for another team member to take over as team leader, so that another investigator is making the roll (and becomes team leader)." However, the ability to switch Team Leaders right before a roll seems to negate the function of a Team Leader. I have been playing with a house rule that the current Team Leader remains for the turn, and that other Team Members can only conduct Assisted SKill Checks per the normal rule.
  19. Ahh, very good, Chris. Thank you very much for the advise! Isee now how to crreate the pdf's without the html version first! As far as adding graphics, I am downloading the version you spoke of and will mess around with it. Well, barring any mistakes or goffs in the Haunting, I hope at the very least someone plays it and can post some comments about game play. Other than that, I believe this casebook is complete for now, and its time to begin on another forbidden tome and arcane lore. It is getting easier to write the casebooks, so I hope that the next two I have drafts on will be as quick to write as this one.
  20. Neph said: Since there's renewed interest in "Arkham Investigations" casebooks, I thought I would revamp the site: http://arkhaminvestigations.barkingdoginteractive.com I've added "The Haunting" and "Dark Dreams of Dagon" to it. (Are those "megadownload" links going to be the canonical download locations?) It's not really all that different from the old site, except it will be easier for me to add content, and people can leave comments about the casebooks on the site. I *was* going to bite the bullet and buy a domain name for it, but there's a dirty cybersquatter sitting on "arkhaminvestigations.com". I thought briefly about sending a few Byakhee his way, but decided to just go with a subdomain. Wow! I love your site! I hope you are right about the renewed interest in Arkham Investiations - maybe someone will be inspired and write a casebook of their own so that I can play it! Is that website new? I have never seen it before - I am aware of the other site at http://homepage.mac.com/nephilim/arkham_investigations/rules.html but not this one. I will continue to use megaupload for links for now until I can figure out something else. I forgot about board games geeks - I will have to upload the files there also.
  21. Nyogtha said: Looking forward to trying it out and curious to see how you integrated stuff from Haunted House.... can't find that gold plated download though! heh heh Update: Downloaded and had a quick read thru. Nice work. Will you be uploading to BGG? Yes, sorry about the loack of art and stuff in the pdf - I am having trouble with my Word program right now so all I could do is export the .eons file to html and then covert it to pdf Glad you like what you see so far! By the way, what is BGG? (I am probably being stupid at the moment in my ignorance)
  22. I wanted to open this thread for download links to the new casebook for easy access, since a person cannot edit his own posts. Here is the download link from megauploads: www.megaupload.com/ The file is zipped and have two folders: one has all the casebook files in .eons format while the second folder has all the files in .jpgs or pdf's. I sincerely hope that people find this casebook enjoyable. I warn you that it is a very difficult casebook and could prove to be quite deadly! Please post any comments, suggestions, mistakes that need to be corrected, and/or criticisms here so that I can use them in fixing problems as well as getting better at other case book writing. With this casebook completed (unless there are mistakes to be fixed), I am starting out on writing another case book right away. I am torn between having the next case book being a sequel to Whisper in the Dark or a case book idea I have using the Dunwich Horror expansion. The only problem with a Dunwich case book is that people might not have the expansion so the case book would be useless to them. Any feed back would be appreciated.
  23. Neph said: That said, I'm not entirely convinced it's a good idea to go that far with it. At some point, you'd just be aping "Call of Cthulhu" so much that you might as well jump over to that. I mean, if what you really want is a tabletop RPG experience, well, "Call of Cthulhu" is one of the best. Why reinvent? The only real reasons I can think of are to make it one-player and/or "pick up and play". And maybe to introduce it to audiences who might otherwise eschew it. But that is a really, really narrow niche. Are there enough people who would be interested in that tiny area to make it worthwhile? (Says the insane guy who wrote Arkham Investigations...) I see what you mean, Neph - the problem is that, of all rpg games, Call of Cthulhu is my favorite! Indeed, there would be a VERY small niche for campaign rules for Arkham Horror. The idea of campaign rules are probably more to give me a Call of Cthulhu fix (to which I can very seem to get enough of) than to disseminate campaign rules for others to use. In other news, I have trudged through the new casebook with zeal and have managed to get alot of work done. So far, I have completed 6 Vignettes and 80 some paragraphs thus far. One thing that I am trying to incorporate into this casebook is one problem I found when writing Dark Dreams - at the start of that casebook, there was a good deal of "down time" while the Investigators ran around to various Vignettes looking for clues and what not. In this casebook, I decided to include some side line, albiet parallel activites that tie into the main plot. This gives some action early on in the casebook to brrak up the more boring actionless reading of paragraphs over and over to mold the casebook plot. One last point to mention. I know most people like to have casebooks available in .eon format, but I also thought of offering casebooks in a pdf format as well (all bundled in a zip file for downloading). The pdf casebook would be flushed out with art and pictures or the like. Would this be something people would like to see or is the simple.eon file form good enough?
  24. Nyogtha said: OldManWhateley said: I like the idea of sequels to previous casebooks, as I am toying with campaign rules right now where you start a campaign with one character and use him/her over multiple casebooks. Is your idea for a campaign something you have planned as a casebook or something totally different? What I have in mind for campaign rules is to start a game with one casebook and pick your investigator. When you complete the casebook (win or lose), you then play another casebook, using the same investigator (that is, if he survived and was not devoured). At the completion of a casebook, you keep all items, spells, skills, etc that your investigator has on his card at the end of that particluar game. In addition, you can better your investigator at the completion of a successful casebook in several ways - ie, one idea is getting one additional skill card for completing a casebook to represent experience advancement at the start of a new casebook. When you begin a new casebook, all those spells, skills, items, etc from the previous game, are given to your character for the new game but only as long as you were not devoured. Sort of a way to play Arkham Horror like a table-top rpg.
  25. Konoster said: Hi, I am a newbie here and have just recently picked up Arkham Horror. After some initial play and general appreciation of the game, I was truly happy to discover the Investigation mod, which is exactly what I started to dream up for myself as a response to the somewhat limited gameplay of the original setup. However, I have been downloading the available casebooks and add-ons and are now close to a first try of Investigations. I was thinking about starting with Old Man Whateley´s Dark Dreams Of Dagon. There´s one thing that confuses me though: in the rules, it is described as though the End Game Sequence has been revised with Investigations as well, up to each case book author´s own discretion, more or less? But I haven´t been able to find any directions in the casebook, in my shallow going through it not to reveal anything before playing. Or is the End Game actually being kept from the original AH, with a battle modified by "self-explanatory events to be revealed" from the investigation? I would be very grateful if someone could clarify this for me. Other than that, I would like to encourage Old Man Whateley for his undertaking of writing casebooks. I know it is a lot of work involved and I am truly grateful for the prospect of playing more cases. Thanks and looking forward to your upcoming work! best regards First of all, welcome Konoster to the forum and thank you for your praise! I am very happy that people are using my first casebook and are interested in more to come. As far as to your question about the end game rules, here is the section from the rulebook for Arkham Investigations: Endgame Sequences There are only two possible endings to a game of Arkham Investigations: either the investigators finish their investigation in time, or they don’t. Both of them result in a Arkham Investigations climactic endgame sequence that determines whether you have won or lost the game. If you are told “The Investigation is over,” then you have (probably) succeeded in completing your investigation and are ready to take on the Ancient One. Turn to the index and follow the instructions for “Endgame.” If instead the Timeline runs out before the investigators complete their investigation, the villain’s plans have come to fruition. Turn to the index and follow the instructions for “Endgame.” Typically, the endgame sequence will be much easier if you have completed the investigation. So, basically, you continue moving through Vignettes and reading paragraphs until either you reach the End Game (which will be described in a particular paragraph in the casebook or the timeline runs out. What might confusing is the sentence that reads: "Turn to the index and follow the instructions for “Endgame.” The Endgame will be listed in the Vignetee Index In my casebook, Dark Dreams, I actually forgot to include an End Game entry in the Vignette Index - rather, the end game is reached through the series of Vignettes. Hope that helps out. In other news, progress on the new casebook is going well. I don't have any spoliers to post as of yet but I hope to finish the first version within a week. I am eager to find out people's interest in this caebook - it will be alot of fun to play, and will actually require some investigative work on players' parts. I also have two more drafts for new casebooks in the works. Naturally, I opted to cannibalize other people's work here on the forum as well. First is Airborne's Machinations of the Mi-go as a sequel to The Whisperer in the Darkness. Next will be makken 123's At the Mountains of Madness expansion, a sequel to Dreasd Sleep in R'lyeh. Hopefully I can get in touch with both persons to make sure they won't mind me cannibalizing their works for casebooks. Writing casebooks is not hard for me, but coming up with ideas is, thus plagarism! I like the idea of sequels to previous casebooks, as I am toying with campaign rules right now where you start a campaign with one character and use him/her over multiple casebooks.
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