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  1. I just realized that I had made the above posts with my old forum account. I will use the regular one I have always used so far.
  2. I am about half way through writing Escape from Innsmouth. Since much of the action takes place in Innsmouth, I was having a difficult time developing activity within Arkham itself. But I managed to create some interesting things to occur outside of Innsmouth and I am trudging along nicely! How goes the Innsmouth casebook? Hopefully it hasn't sent you insane! Not yet! Real life once again began to interfere with my work, not to mention time spent working on a revision of the Mansions of Madness game... I too have been having problems reaching my own website for Arkham Investigations. I usually use Firefox (with Avast anti-virus) and every time the site is registered as being malware-infected. Even if I disable Firefox temporarily, Avast still blocks the site. I scanned the files stored there and found nothing. However, if I visit the site using Internet Explorer (with Avast turned off) I don't get the same virus warning and can get to the webpage. Not sure what is going on there. The hosting site is one that I have used for over seven years and have never had problems with it until now. I believe it to be something to do with Firefox itself, combined with Avast. The detection of malware is false I think. I would appreciate some feedback from others who try to visit the website - tell me if you too are getting malware or virus warning and such, as well as if you can visit it on IE but not Firefox. If I cannot determine what is causing this problem to the website, I may have to seek another web host. I also have not been able to play Arkahm Horror for over eight months after my group of players broke up and no longer get together at all. That seriously hampered my desire to keep working on the new Innsmouth casebook, as well as not having players to help me playtest the casebooks. However, I finally was able to find one or two players and I went back to the Innsmouth casebook last week and have about half the case book written so far. I am also about to begin my first true playtests of The Terrible House casebook this coming weekend.
  3. I am about half way through writing Escape from Innsmouth. Since much of the action takes place in Innsmouth, I was having a difficult time developing activity within Arkham itself. But I managed to create some interesting things to occur outside of Innsmouth and I am trudging along nicely!
  4. Ah yes I visit teh cthulhu files website often for things, but a great link to add here and on my website! The Cthulhu Lexicon is wonderful! Not much info but a great way to link characters to Lovecraft's stories where I can get more info!
  5. The new casebook, Escape from Innsmouth, is coming along nicely, but it is slower going that I had previously thought. However, I have forced myself to adhere to the commitment of its completion and I will post some updates as to my ongoing progress. I am also working on another project, involving a redo of Investigators. I am shamefully a Lovecraftian purist and want to revamp the Investigators to better suit those characters from his stories. I will keep the Investigators as per the game but with some changes. These include: A rewrite of their "Story So Far" to make each more Lovecraftian in nature. A complete reworking of each Investigator's Fixed Possession or Skills. It irks to no end when I am playing an author or doctor and I draw my random item cards at the start of the game, only to find my doctor has a Flame Thrower! With the change will be no random items, rather each Investigator will have fixed items and skills already selected to better suit each profession. Cheers!
  6. Thanks, glad to be back and healthy once again! The Escape from Innsmouth casebook is coming along very nicely, but I hope to hear from anyone with feedback about the casebook, The Terrible House, soon.
  7. I agree - that casebook was well done to add a good deal of suspense and mystery. I wish to try formatting that style with my next casebook as well.
  8. Certainly MaddMatt! I do look foward to any input from players that run the casebooks, since that uncovers any errors or changes that need to be made. I only wish I could gather another group of players myself so that I can get back to playing Arkahm Investigations too
  9. I corrected the card, Corbitt's Diary, with the proper paragraphs; you can download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?6ba5ss01thiwfna I also added it to the website for download as well. I am working on replacing the "Nothing happens, read paragraph x" paragraphs as well and should have an updated casebook loaded soon. On another note, I working diligently away on the new casebook, Escape from Arkham. I hope to have it complete very soon!
  10. Thank you for the feedback, MaddMatt - I will review the casebook and see if there are any changes that can be implemented with it (especially about the "nothing happens" portions). I would suggest either tackling Whispers in Darkness or Dark Dreams of Dagon as your next investigation.
  11. Yes the casebook ends on paragraph 35. Ah, I was not aware of the entry mistake on Corbitt's Diary - I will fix that and upload a new card tomorrow. With the other issues of the casebook, I will look into it tomorrow as well. One question: the lack of pressure - is this about not enough of threats that makes it so?
  12. With the completion of The Terrible House (minus a revision to fix mistakes), I am now off to begin the new casebook, Escape from Innsmouth. I believe this casebook will be easy to write and finish, as I have all the notes and preliminary stuff for it already. I hope to have the first draft/version completed within two weeks - lets us see how fast and long into the cold dark nights I can type frantically as if Cthulhu himself was chasing me ... I have also come up with some more prop ideas. Once I finish them, I will post them on the website.Here is a rundown of what I am working on: I always used atmospheric music when running my Call of Cthulhu rpg game. I am doing the same now for Arkham Horror. So, I am working on a playlist of music I will be using. It truly adds ambiance to the game to have some very creepy Lovecraftian music playing in the background... I am going to begin having players dress up in costumes while we play (ie. 1920's vintage clothes). I am looking for a very good vintage 1920's suit for myself Candles, candles and more candles instead of lights.
  13. Alright! The new case book, The Terrible House, is finished! I ended up rewriting the case book with an entirely different plot that what I had initially intended. The new case book is posted on the web site and available for download here: http://arkhaminvestigation.onlinewebshop.net/cases.html I am hoping to play test the case book this week, but I would appreciate any feed back - especially of any mistakes found. To prevent spoilers, please sent me a Pm with your feedback Cheers!
  14. Maybe, I can help :-) That would be great, Amikezor! My French is terrible and using Google translate only butchers it further I am have great news too! I finished the new case book, The Terrible House; all I need to do now is to transfer it over to pdf and proof-read before posting it on the website. I cannot yet play-test the case book yet (as I lost my group of players while I fell sick), so I am hoping to be able to catch any mistakes simply by reading. I hope to have the case book posted by tomorrow!
  15. I have wanted to use some sort of campaign rules for Arkham Investigations for some time. I did find a set of campaign rules over on BBG for use in Arkham Horror - so I modified them a bit for use with case books and posted it today on the Expansions page of the website: http://arkhaminvestigation.onlinewebshop.net/expansions.html
  16. On the Links page of my Arkham Horror site, is the link to a French page called La Page des Créations which can be found here: http://wiki.horreuraarkham.fr/index.php?title=La_Page_des_Cr%C3%A9ations At the bottom of the page are two case books written, of course, in French. I am trying to translate one of them, called L'Appel du Vide written by amikezor. The other is entitled, Dans l'Abîme du Temps (aut. BukarooB). I would very much like any help in translating these so that I may post them - with the completion of The Terrible House and the translation of these two case books, that would bring the number of case books to a solid seven in all!
  17. I am very close to finishing the new case book, The Terrible House. I hope to play test it right away, but will post it on the website straight off. Once it is posted and someone plays it, I would very much like feedback as tho mistakes and errors so that I can post a revision!
  18. UPDATE: As I promised Musha Shukou, I have added his wonderful Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth expansion pack. The link to the files may be found here: http://arkhaminvestigation.onlinewebshop.net/expansions.html
  19. I can certainly do that! I will add them to the website, probably with a link to the BBG page where they may be downloaded. As I mentioned in my post above, I will be finishing The Terrible House and should have it posted within a week. I have not had the pleasure of playtesting it, so please let me know of any mistakes found. After posting The Terrible House, I am going to begin a new case book called Escape from Innsmouth. I already have the notes for writing the case book and hope to have it completed very soon. As far as printing custom materials, I suggest using card stock paper and a good pc printer.
  20. Ah, greeting all! I have away for some time (a year perhaps) due to illness, but I have slowly recovered and returned finally to the land of the living! I have not forsaken my Arkahm Horror project - and have kept up the website - though there has been no new material posted since last summer. I was far too sick to be able to work on any material. However, I am about to post the finalized latest case book entitled, The Terrible House that I began last year. Also, I have the basics worked out for another case book to be begun next week. In addition, I see some posts asking questions - please give me a few days to catch up and all will be answered!
  21. Jake, I just downloaded the zip file and it appears that all files (including .eon files) are in order. Second, if you wish, I can upload the files to my new Arkham Investigations website here : arkhaminvestigation.onlinewebshop.net/index.html I will post it on the Expansions page of my site. Cheers, Old Man Whateley
  22. amikezor said: very nice, keep it coming ! Thanks amikezor! In addition to writing the latest casebook, I have decided to fully prop my own Arkham Horror game. I absolutely love the Eldritch Dice Tower, and it looks wonderful next to the board! As I find other great props on the internet, I shall add them to the web site. Cheers, Old Man Whateley
  23. UPDATE I have continued my ferverish delving into certain unspeakable of forbidden tombs and managed to find some more great props for use in Arkham Horror/Arkham Investigations. Vist the Props page of the Arkham Investigation site for more details. The first is a great Investigator play mat to better organize your cards and tokens. The second are three printable pdfs for constructing tuck boxes for easy storage of your Arkham Horror components such as cards and markers. Each tuck box is full, high-quality color.
  24. UPDATE I am feverishly ( or is it fiendishly) pouring over the new case book entitled, The Terrible House. It is shaping up to be a very good case book with a great deal of new material. Here is a sample of the first three pages of the new case book: I wrote the casebook much in the style that I used for Dark Dreams of Dagon, so expect a good deal of atmosphere and lierary prose. I also have begun to construct a number of props for my personal use while playing Arkham Horror/Arkham Investigations. I created a new page on the website for various props that I am constructed, along with design plans/templates for others to do so. The Arkham Horror PRops page can be found here : arkhaminvestigation.onlinewebshop.net/props.html For now, I have uploaded my new Eldritch Dice Tower and the pdf needed to build your own. Here is an image of the tower: Cheers, Old Man Whateley
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