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  1. Don't even try to remember all the skills and talents, just note which ones your characters and NPCs have. Use Note cards for stuff that's more complicated. Have you considered picking up the GM screen? It's a great reference for combat.
  2. Glass beads in various colors are available at any craft or gaming store. I suggest red for dark side and light blue for light.
  3. My biggest concern is that using the force to directly harm someone else is pretty clearly darkside.
  4. How about an Imperial Nobleman's Yacht ostensably big game hunting, but actually recruiting "talent" for his chaos cult from among the feral psykers of Dusk. You could pull the whole rescuer Face-Heel turn, throw in some Victorian big game hunter, some golden age Hollywood golden age jungle movie stuff and end up with something different, and very memorable.
  5. A group of acolytes investigating immortality seekers might very well find themselves running into Necrons or a Genestealer Cult as a red herring.
  6. The pseudo science is horrible. The plot pacing and gameplay are at best average. But the creature design is good and bio nightmare fuel style.
  7. Oh, and if you have access to a PS2 and can stand questionable pseudo science Parasite Eve has some… interesting creatures.
  8. For the "full monty" of grown weapons you could look at Scott Westerfield's Leviathan, in which the "Darwinist" powers use air ships bio engineered from whales inhabited by a whole ecosystem of parasites and symbiotes that serve as weapons, sensors or serve other purposes- Flechette Bats, Hydrogen sniffing spider dogs and Bees that make "fuel" for the air whale, or eXistenZ, in which the computers are disturbingly organic. Tetsuo's transformation in Akira is of course both classic and iconic. If you want to do a mad scientist and you haven't read Frankenstein, go read Frankenstein.
  9. konst80hum said: To Crunch: What do you mean by time periods? To Brother Kane: It's not an ability he can activate at will. His conscious self was being destroyed by a Daemonhost and while bleeding and battered he asked the spirit of the Farseer to help. She demolished the Deamonhost, afterwards was quite unwilling to return control of the body back to Hermes and quite ready to destroy the rest of the Acolytes. (They were responsible for her death after all). He did manage to regain control (after burning FPs) with a lot of luck and is now at critical levels with his mind and soul his after all. For the rrecord the same Psyker in our last session suffered 26 Insanity points by Learning Things Man Was Not Meant To Knowtm . I don't want to end with a gibbering wreck of character as he is my Scion of Haarlock. I plan on the ship to the next mission to introduce him to what passes for psychotherapy in the 40k. By time period I mean per Hour/Day/Week/Month whatever is appropriate for the pacing of your game.
  10. Have someone come after him. The hospital could be overrun by cultists, the doctors harvesting organs to build a flesh beast in the basement or the night nurses summoning Nurglings. Just because he wants to sit on his ass for 7 months is no reason to allow him to do so. Depending on what's happening with the other characters and how often your sessions run this may be the end of his character as well. Heresy never sleeps and 7 months could see the other PCs on another planet or far across the sector.
  11. konst80hum said: That's my point Alekzanter. He could have died there but instead he prefered to use any and all available means to achieve his purpose. His eventual success is irrelevant. Hermes succeded by taking a shortcut to power. The rest is just rationalisations and excuses. It is after all the Grim Darkness of the far future. Thanks for convincing me I will go ahead and award 1d10 both Insanity and Corrruption. Deviation from the correct path does bring after all insanity, Corruption and Mutation….. I would probably go with 1D10 Insanity and 1 or 2 corruption per time period until the character divests themselves of the stone. Rember that the reason Eldar need spirit stones is that they are attractive to certain warp entities.
  12. If a player defies the odds in a really impressive and important way and pulls it off without spending a fate point, I award a fate point. If a player does something almost certainly fatal for the right reasons and survives I award a fate point. If a player suffers a monumental string of bad luck, stays in character, keeps a stiff upper lip and doesn't whine about it they may very well get a fate point. If I invoke GM fiat or pull out the plot hammer characters may get fate points. If a player completely exceeds my expectations and impresses me they may get a fate point. If a player does everything right and still fails due to bad luck, they may get a fate point. If the other players come to me and say "so and so is doinf a great job" that player may get a fate point.
  13. Oh, Outland with Sean Connery could map as well. And Enemy Mine could be adapted to a band of Acolytes stranded on a planet with a relatively benign Xeno presence and a Chaos or 'Nid infestation.
  14. The Wicker Man (please god not the Nick Cage version) is actually a natural DH plot. Substitute "Garden Planet" for "Scottish Village" and off you go. Alien Ressurection is pretty darn grim dark already and I've stolen some stylistics from it. Event Horizon may be the most DH movie ever made. About a third of the classic era Dr Who episodes can be used with a coating of grimdark. Any of the various movies based on H.P. Lovecraft will translate exactly into genre, just add lasers. At some point in every DH GMs life you have to run Night of the Living Dead, preferably with slow zombies in a Hive City.
  15. Inquisitor Zadok said: 1) Test to open the door (Int) 2) Test to walk out the door (movement) 3) Test to look at his surroundings (Per) 4)Test to walk down the corridor (Movement) 5) Test to walk into chaplaincy area (Movement) 6) Test to find a spot to pray (Per) 7) Test to pray (WP) 8) Test to see if he gets interrupted (WP) 9) Test to become aware of the dark stranger (Per) 10) Test to see if he knowns the dark stranger (Int) Only number 9 would be tested at all and it would most likely be tested as the skill not the simple attribute. 10 might be tested as an appropriate lore, but more likely that would either be yes or no based on whether the character has met the stranger before. In general tests outside of combat should be for unusual, important, stressful or opposed activities. In combat there are more rigidly defined tests, but really a PC should never have to test to walk down an ordinary corridor, speak their own language or open an unlocked door. Tests should be used as a device to build tension, introduce the possibility of failure and differentiate characters from each other. They should not be allowed to bog down the game, unnecessarily frustrate the players or take the place of actual roleplay. On a more general note that applies especially to Dark Heresy. Be aware of the power level and genre of the game you are running. Genre In my opinion Dark Heresy does Investigative Horror and Survival Horror (Think Alien, Prometheus, Fringe,X-Filesor Event Horizon)very well. It can be used for other Horror or Sci Fi genres, but if you wanted to run, say, Action/Adventure with Horror Elements (like Aliens or Predator) then Only War might be a better option and for Space Adventure Rogue Trader would be excellent. That's not to say that any of those games are locked into a specific power frame, but that their individual strengths tend one way or another. Knowing the genre you're running, communicating it to the players and then honoring genre conventions can be a great first step towards a happy table. Power Level Starting Dark Heresy characters are wimps. Even attempting a routine task with no penalties in their specialty they're likely to fail 30% of the time. That can be great for building tension (The OMG the shambling horror is coming around the corner and I HAVE to pick the lock this time or else moment) but it can also be frustrating, especially if the GM requires tests too frequently or for trivial/unimportant/routine tasks. Likewise, combat can be very deadly in this system if you're not lucky.
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