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  1. Mithras

    The End?

    Play adventures I've made myself or fanmade adventures? What bull. My experience has shown that (as I just stated) is that I used to have alot of time when I was younger…but DONT. If you were me, you'd know this. But you're not. If you had asked me if I played any Fan made advetures(I have played many, in fact) before your post, instead of assuming that I haven't, I would'nt be responding in such a harsh tone. Also you have assumed (incorrectly…again) that I've not customized/altered existing scenarios or made my own…I have. You have also incorrectly assumed that I'm "burned out". Where in my post you got that idea, I'll never know. I have also asked other players if they wanted to G.M…but no takers. I asked them why. Do want to know what their answer was? They don't have the TIME! I really hate it when people on message boards make incorrect assumptions whithout getting their facts straight and thinks that person is somehow bored. Even though nowhere in my post did I say I was bored. I think it is you sir, who are making up their own scenario.
  2. Mithras

    The End?

    I asked FFG if there were any forthcomin products for Dark Heresy and I received an e-mail stating that the line was not dead. This was last YEAR! So I would guess something big is coming.Whether this is going to be a new edition or a load of new books, they are taking thier sweet time! In either case I think due to the long silence may alienate some Dark Heresy fans. I have stopped playing Dark Heresy as we've run out of adventures to play. I don not have the time or resources to create my own, so we've moved on to other games. My players have long since abandoned the thought of going back to Dark Heresy, unfortunately. But come on FFG, if we have to wait this long for any info on new stuff, at least throw us a teaser of some kind to keep our attention! So in the end I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little bit disappointed with this whole needless "secrecy" B.S…it's getting old and tiresome. Actually… I'm REALLY disappointed.
  3. I've been G.M.'ing Deathwatch for 3 months, now every week. I've also just been using FFG scenarios, so I've been doin alot of reading of said scenarios, and quite frankly, have had no time to read/post on this forum in addition to my other hobbies of painting figs and computer games, etc, and of course work dragging all these said hobbies into the ground! But I'm trying! The fact that I've posted this means I'm getting more time for these posts at all! Just reading the G.M.'s section tends to give me alot of inspiration tho…
  4. Well, as long as you had a good time and everyone is still speaking to each other in a mature way, then congratulations! As much as I disdain PvP, I would let my players do anything they wanted, but I would'nt give them fate points to use in the act, as I believe fate points should be used to enhance the players destiny of doing thier master's bidding, not used for something ouside the mission perameters. I say "Let their cunning, skill, ferocity and a little luck decide their own fate!" But, hey, every group is different. And those differences should be unique and celebrated as your own. Thanks for sharing your experience with PvP. I'm glad your group is still striking fear into the hearts of the Emperor's enemies…and having a good time doing it!
  5. My players didn't fare so well against her. They (eventually) realized her unusual capabilities, and the only action they could think of was to seperrate her from them by bringing the underground stucture down upon her by using strategically placed melta bombs. Almost killing themselves in the process. They asked me if she was still alive, to which I replied:"You don't know. Do you wait to find out?".I think you all know what thier answer was to that. And yes, she will return again…She's a fun villain. Her outward innocent appearance really betrays the monstous insidious alien horror within.
  6. You guys are awsome! Very nice shirts, by the way. I'd be proud to wear them, myself. I believe, if you create them, there is no problem unless you try and make a buck off them. You're okay, unless they change the laws where you live. Dark Heresy is the longest running game in our group as well!
  7. Well, (imho) If one or the other has not invested anything in the way of experience points, or wants to create a different character, or really does'nt take this kind of thing seriously at all, or enjoys having his/her character die, I'd say some one is going to get pissed off at this unexpected action. The whole point of most RPG's are to have a good time, with carefully constructed alter-ego's and to survive adverse conditions to improve and better thier characters through imaginary scenarios. So, I guess it depends on the group you play with. If the character that is being targeted, is in need of elimination through no fault of his own…ie through possesion or insanity, and no other rehabilitory solution is present, then I guess there might not be any other recourse. But if you just dislike the player or character, then I suggest you try playing different games that encourage that kind of behavior like "Paranoia". or not play at all, to avoid some hard feelings that are not what these games are all about. My players play because they like the game and it's kind of a bonding situation between us. The murder of another character in cold blood in our game (even in the grim darkness of the Warhammer universe) would comprimise the benefits of why we play Dark Heresy or any RPG for that matter. We know it's "Just a game" But the whole idea of it is to work together to solve problems. And if you need to kill another team member, then I think you have failed as an inquisitorial cell.
  8. Thanks in advance! May the emporer guide you.
  9. SWEET! That would be AWSOME! Thanks! It did'nt even occur to me to try it that way…
  10. Great stuff! Thanks for the links! Now, I have to figure out how to print these out like cards…
  11. I was interested in this product as well, so I looked it up on the upcoming section. It appears to be slated for release for the first quarter of 2013, which includes not only January, but february and March as well (unless this is outdated info). So, unfortunately there is a potentially a bit of a wait for this one. But I think it'll be worth it. It looks like it could be AWSOME!
  12. Yeah, as a matter of fact I think there are adventures included in almost all DH books. Which, as a GM, suits me just fine, as I like it when they include them. Mainly because I have less and less time to prepare an adventure. So I modify existing ones.
  13. Maybe a collector's edition? I know, I know, they usually charge an arm and a leg for the C.E.'s…But I for one would find a way to afford this one if it contained updated errata. And I know a lot of people and collector's would be interested in one, as most of the original Black Industries C.E.'s were bought up in mere minutes. I think a lot of completists out there would definitely snap them up too. I KNOW it would outsell any C.E. out there if they make it beautiful and don't price it TOO high…Just sayin'
  14. My players eventually worked it out that they were unable to conventionally kill Miss Book. So they used some melta bombs on some critical support structures to bring the underground facility down upon her, whilst booking it at maximum speed the hell out of the immediate area. I figured (as a G.M.) that it worked, as they passed thier relevant demolition skills, etc . But I'm not going to tell them she actually survived. And she will definitely be back to challenge them in their ascended careers, where she will pose a more "balanced" threat. But yeah she's a VERY tough cookie that I think was introduced into the adventure to force the P.C.'s to think outside the box for a change.
  15. I was thinking of changing my avatar for Dark Heresy and I noticed that the option does'nt exist anymore. I hope this is not an omen of discontinuation of the product line as many have been speculating. Or maybe a 2nd edition is in the works? Or is the conspiracy theorist in me coming out? I'm confused!
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