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  1. well, the Orre Region could be put into the game, although it would have to avaoid the usage of the Shadow Pokemon plot. But other then that, i see no problem of the Orre Region being added into the game.
  2. I wish they would make a game where you can go to All the regions other than Orre Region. But other than that, we could go to all past regions.
  3. Also please not that I can't update my trading thread anymore but there are some cards that I have but not mentioned (like Ansem and other cards from the first 3 sets.)
  4. Not sure what else you want. I only have EotW from your wants.
  5. Don't know if you are still looking but I have End of the World x1 Looking for a Roxas but if you can throw in some Twilight Town related cards to go with Roxy, I will appreciate it.
  6. Nobody18


    Lets face it, the game is dead, and so is the social talking done through this website.
  7. Its Today...Hooray! I hope I get a new Cosplay wig for my B-Day! Hopefully Demyx ,Saix, Roxas, Vexen, or Xemnas.
  8. Happy Birthday to me! Yay me!!!
  9. ^ Vexen's Theme Song!!! <My birthday today! V Has Presents for me!
  10. I Am (All of me) - Crush 40 Shadow the Hedgehog was the best "Sonic" based game of all time!
  11. ^NEW HIGH-SCORE!!! <Not really caring about School work... v Making Toast!
  12. Anyone else but me me really ticked off that Tifa lost...?
  13. I already knew where to ge the Heartless symbol, the middle of the chest like Ansem had, the Nobody ymbol on my back. But i'm still stumped on where to put the Unversed symbol...
  14. I'm going to get the Heartless Symbol tattoed on my chest (Like KH1 Ansem had), the Nobody symbol on my back. But where to put the Unversed Symbol?
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