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  1. Im planning on starting the module this week. My players are 4-5 rank, and there are scaling in the module for some of the encounters. But it seems to stop halfway through the adventure. Nothing on some of the most important encounters, like the Hektates, in the Pax Macharia and the Dei Phage. Has anyone played and scaled this encounters, or does anyone have ideas and suggestions?
  2. Im putting in a Slaanesh cult and lesser demon in my next game. Im looking for good inspirational reading about Slaanesh. Is there any of the BL books that has Slaanesh as main antagonist? Ive read many of the books, but so far Ive only come across "Fulgrim" that deals with the god of Hedonism, excess, and pleasure.
  3. Inquisitor Herrod is legate of the Tyrantine cabal. He was once a brilliant Inquisitor held in high esteem. Most think he has perished, but he has been cybernetically resurrected and are leading one of the other groups drawn to Mara.
  4. Thats good advice. The guardsman in my group has the mara masacre background, so that gives som opportunities. Im also considering making something more out off Inquisitor Herrods background. The players can investigate some of his works and find out he is dead...I would also like to flesh out Inquistor Marr. Any suggestions?
  5. Oh yes - we want an expansion to this excellent game!
  6. I have just finished playing Damned Cities with my group. The players are rank 4 to 6. Any suggestions on adventures to bring the players to rank 6-7? I have played all the published adventures so far. Are there any good scenarios on the website?
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