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  1. Probably some time next year, but I hope it will be sooner
  2. Thank you Varnias That was also the ruling, I was leaning towards, I mean the guy is dead, why punish him even more? Buyman
  3. Yes I know, the answer is right in front of me, but for the love of the Emperor I cannot find it... Yesterday a player in my campaign ended up dead, now he has an opportunity to become cybernetic resurrected. The question I now seek the answer to is this: I know that the stat advancements to strenght, toughness, and agility are lost, but can he buy them again for his new stats or can he only buy the advancements he had left. Example he had increased toughness three times, those three advances are now gone and not added to his new toughness, but can he buy four new advances or only the fourth remaining advance? I hope that some of the more knowlegdable members of the forum can answer this Sincerely Buyman It is the full resurrection, if that helps in any way
  4. Hello All I think I have a rather radical view on music in roleplaying sessions...When I was a player in our WFRP campaign, we used to listen to MANOWAR and other Hero Metal bands, but since I started to gm in DH, I have started to use the music both to set the mood, but also as a stress factor. I have just run the Red Cages using Nine Inch Nails' Year Zero and Ghosts albums, the music really stressed the players and helped bring out the stressing conditions their characters were in. Now I use Nox Arcana's Carnival of Lost Souls over and over again, of course I also break it up with other tracks, or else I too would lose my mind... I have used or will use the following in my campaign: Dawn of War II Soundtrack Disturbed, except their debut album (I do not have their debut album). Earth: Hex and The Bees made Honey... E S Posthumus: Unearthed and the Cartographer John Bergin: Traitor General Soundtrack Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero, Ghosts, and The Slip Nox Arcana: Necronomicon, Darklore Manor and Carnival of Lost Souls I know it is weird mixture, but it works for my group Perhaps you can also use or be inspired by some of the bands above. Several of the albums above, I have found due to this thread, so I would like to thank everyone who gave advices to their fellow players. Buyman PS I would like to recommend a Finnish viking folk metal band called Ensiferum, their music is perfect for battles
  5. The Laughing God said: Hmmm ... maybe you should not allow penalties either, then. If the psychic power does not receive an Aim or short range bonus, then it should not be penalized as well for range or fog and so on. Especially if the power uses WP instead of BS. I agree with the no bonusses and no penalties, except for cover, also I would rather dodge one single lasblast than several seperate bolts. I had written a lengthy reply concerning the damage output over several rounds of the long las example vs several force bolts. You sound so smart Buyman, I thought until I factored the armour and toughness into the equation...Buyman you really should have finished 2. grade, that is what I am thinking now So in the end I went with the dodge answer Buyman
  6. Good question! I ruled yes yesterday, a warlock was slinging force bolts at the players. I do think, you raise a valid point with the WP vs BS, but I just see the psychic powers as projectiles coming towards the players. Not all powers can be dodged of course, but bio lightning, force bolt, and fire bolt can be dodged at least in my campaign. The main reason for my ruling is probably, because I can see the main guy in my campaign get hit by four force bolts and just die, yes I can just fake his wounds, and say he still stands, but I prefer to say he nimbly dodges out of the way I guess in the end the answer is a matter of preference for the GM, I just wanted to give my house rule. I have not found anything in the books, but then again I am also to lazy to look... Buyman
  7. I believe it is connected to Myrchella Sinderfell in DotDG, it says in her file: The Holy Ordos razed the Sinderfell manse in a single night - it is said that the fury of the assault could be seen from balconies of far Xacarph. Of course the city on Quaddis is named Xicarph, but I believe it is a typo in DotDG, perhaps FFG were not certain what the city should be named in Tattered Fates... Does my ramblings make any sense? To answer your question, their crime is connected to the Red Vaults of Luggnum, and the atrocities committed there in, as least in my campaign it is. Buyman
  8. So Theodosia must be Tom Cruise, his implants representing Mr Cruise's awesome Scientology powers? It would crack my players up if i had described Theodosia as Tom Cruise
  9. First post ever. In the Tattered Fates preview, Darke & Cougura's Living Shadow Show can be seen, this must be a reference to Darke's Carnival from Arkham Horror. The Black Library joke is rather funny.
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