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  1. I really hope the Dream Chaser cycle will be printed again soon. I’m only missing one AP. ><
  2. That’s my wish! I’d love to see FFG do an lcg. But I’m not getting my hopes up.
  3. Woohoo!!!! Bitter sweet though. I wish the other expansions were too. But thank you FFG!
  4. I am wondering how the Cosmic Combo Cards work with the expansions. Do the Combo cards include aliens from the expansions already? Will reprints of the expansions include Combo cards and/or remake of the player ships to match the new translucent look of the ones coming in the new core set. I plan on getting the new core set and all the expansions but I don't want to buy the expansions if they are going to be updated on the next printing. A separate expansion with just Combo cards and player sets would be nice.
  5. I sent them an email last week telling them to cancel my order. Today they send me a shipping confirmation email. >< Someone is asleep at the wheel at FFG!
  6. I had the same issue. The order I placed wasn't showing in my profile anywhere even though I received an order conformation. Sent FFG two emails since the 17th order and never received a reply except for the auto replies.
  7. I think I may have an extra one I can part with.
  8. I would like to see a good space one. Maybe even something based off TI3.
  9. UPDATE: It is now posted as at the printers on the 'upcoming' page.
  10. ffgfan said: I wonder why FFG haven't bought the licence from WB to make this game official and using the design of LoTR movies? I am glad they didn't do that. Decipher already did a movie version ccg. I'd rather have really good art work. Plus the movies don't cover every place and person in the books so you are limited to what cards you can put out.
  11. whoa. Grats Dormouse! You'll be missed on these forums.
  12. JJHB83 said: In the rules book the big one that comes with the starter it says something about becoming a person in your area that helps to set up games around where you live but i cant find anything about it on here at all i know it is a little off topic but i think it may help me get cards and get more people playing so its kind of not at the same time ... So does anyone know what I am talking about or how to do it ? Joshua James Harper Bell You might check out the Support section for the game under Organized play. In that section is where they have details for league play that you may be able to setup through your local game store.
  13. ellindar said: I understand the fan boy attitude that you love your game so don't say anything negative at all... lol. wow ...so anyone that supports only the 6 races for whatever reason is automatically labeled a 'fanboy' and their opinion is invalid eh? I would like to have seen other armies as full races as well. I really wanted Vampire counts as one. But at the same time, if they can't do it without armies starting to be to similar, I'd rather them do it as they did.
  14. I went into one of the local game shops here in the OC last week. I wasn't there to buy anything. Just taking someone else there who was just getting into games. They had one item for the whole CoC lcg hanging on the shelf and it happen to be Mountains of Madness. Which I needed and couldn't find anywhere even online. Go figure! Only thing I'm missing is Spawn of the Sleeper. But I still hope they reprint all of them. I wouldn't mind getting another copy of all the packs. Plus as some of you have pointed out, it would help get more people in the game if early packs are available again.
  15. ellindar said: Frog said: ellindar said: Frog said: Seriously, I always thought on paper it sounded like such a great deal but in reality it is just as bad and possibly worse on the ol pocket-book as the typical CCG model. Going by Warhammer Invasion, the 1st year of this game's existence there will be $280 worth of product. $40 core game $30x2 "big expansions" $15x12 "small expansions" That is 5 years of Descent products crushed into one year. Card games are still INSANELY EXPENSIVE!!! And let's see, what was black lotus or time walk worth for magic? A single card that if you wanted to play with it cost you maybe $300? And you're comparing $280 to have a playset of almost every card in the entire core set plus 14 expansions? Not even close. Knowing that everyone has access to a play set of every card and there is no rarity, booster packs, online singles being sold, etc. Oh yes... it is by far a great deal to answer your question. Lets say this game survives 5 years like Descent. Would you really want to have to shell out $1500 to keep up? rofl If you think $1500 over 5 years is even close to what a top contender or someone who 'keeps up' on magic spent in 5 years... your'e insane lol. Not even close. So to answer your question, absolutely, if I really like the game and was looking to keep up on every single race, and newest card, that's well within reason and way way WAY cheaper than a ccg. I might add also that the new format you are getting 3 of every card in the expansions! How much would you spend trying get multiples of a lot of good uncommons or rares in other ccg's? I have all 3 games so far (and 3 sets of everything for Thrones) and most likely will get LOTR if it plays well. LCG model is awesome.
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