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  1. LoL. Not sure why I need to be careful. V1 shows ‘Hero’ and v2 shows ‘Identity’ even in red text to indicate there was a change. People can shout all they want. It’s right there for all to see. edit. To clarify my post, I’m only pointing out that there is in fact a change to the text in the document and not necessarily implying any change to fundamental play. I’ll leave that debate to others.
  2. It’s ‘Identity’ in the new RRG v2 “Overkill — If an ally is used to defend against an attack with overkill, any excess damage from the attack (damage beyond the ally’s remaining hit points) is dealt to the identity of the player controlling the ally, if able.”
  3. I discovered that too. You can let it auto fill still. Just add a space at the end of the text in the field and then delete the space. It removes the auto fill presence from the field and you don’t have to type everything from scratch.
  4. To be helpful here is what the rules do say. -No more than three copies (by title) of each non- unique card may be included in the deck. -No more than one copy (by title) of each unique card may be included among the cards in the deck and the identity card. If two unique cards share the same title, but their subtitles/alter-egos differ, they may coexist in the deck.
  5. I really hope the Dream Chaser cycle will be printed again soon. I’m only missing one AP. ><
  6. That’s my wish! I’d love to see FFG do an lcg. But I’m not getting my hopes up.
  7. Woohoo!!!! Bitter sweet though. I wish the other expansions were too. But thank you FFG!
  8. I am wondering how the Cosmic Combo Cards work with the expansions. Do the Combo cards include aliens from the expansions already? Will reprints of the expansions include Combo cards and/or remake of the player ships to match the new translucent look of the ones coming in the new core set. I plan on getting the new core set and all the expansions but I don't want to buy the expansions if they are going to be updated on the next printing. A separate expansion with just Combo cards and player sets would be nice.
  9. I sent them an email last week telling them to cancel my order. Today they send me a shipping confirmation email. >< Someone is asleep at the wheel at FFG!
  10. I had the same issue. The order I placed wasn't showing in my profile anywhere even though I received an order conformation. Sent FFG two emails since the 17th order and never received a reply except for the auto replies.
  11. I think I may have an extra one I can part with.
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