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  1. Wow. It seems my luck at staying with this thread is by far the toughest agenda I have ever undertaken. Sorry to everyone for my disappearance for so long. A move to another state, a new illness, then an new job and the buying of a house left me little time to work on anything. I also started playing Call of Cthulhu rpg once I moved and that, in turn, took even more of my free time. However, all is not lost. My website is still up and running, though I have not posted any new material. I have begun work on a new casebook - this was after I recently went back to re-read my first three casebooks. Of the three, I believe that Dark Dreams of Dagon is good, but the other two have some problems. The Terrible House is, unfortunately, far too verbose than even for me to read during play, and The Haunting has some serious problems with it. So, I have resolved to write a casebook, slimming a good deal of it down, and using the style I had used in Dark Dreams of Dagon, which seemed to work the best. The story is much more compact and easier to play, I think. The idea for the casebook stems from an old Call of Cthulhu rpg adventure, as well as some ideas from amikezor. I had recently found a posting from him over on Board Game Geeks where he had posted a scenario for the game, Mansions of Madness. Suffice to say, I shamelessly used some of the ideas from his creation, so I hope he does not mind So, as always, I ma back to the typewriter. I should have the casebook finished within a week. It is called The Strange Sounds on Strafton Mountain. After that, I have another casebook in line to complete, using the above mentioned concept of slimming it all down to a concise, useful story. Cheers!
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