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  1. Reposting this as the forum seems to have messed up quoting
  2. Turpin said: They arn't your players, they are THE PLAYERS and they are the ENEMY I find this to be a reprehensible attitude that seems to be permeating the DH forums. Gaming is a social activity and if you see your players as the enemy then you have a very warped view of gaming.
  3. LuciusT said: Anyone else wondering how much of that $50 a book pricetag went into this? Not at all and Creatures Anathema is $39.95 not $50 Roleplay Books economics lesson 101 Numbers below may not represent the exact ratios FFG have with their distributors/the distributors have with the stores but are roughly generalised across the industry. For example, Wizards of the Coast typically has better percentages and can get away with charging less (together with lower per unit costs). $40 at the retail store will roughly break down into roughly 35-25-40 splits in the three-tier-distribution model (some publishers have as low as 25-35-40) The retail store will get $16 The Distributor will get $10 The Publisher will get $14 Out of that $14 for the publisher they have to cover the printing, distribution (to their warehouse and to the distributors), writer costs and artist costs. On top of those you have to account for all of the sundry other expenses that go into running a company; staffing, insurance, electricity, computers etc. etc. Add to this the sales figures for non-WotC roleplaying books are not huge and you should be able to see why books cost what they do (smaller print runs mean higher per-unit costs). To anyone who knows the inside figures it's a depressing picture of an 'industry' where the artists, writers, editors etc. typically work for far less than they would get in any other industry but continue to do so out of some sense of enjoyment in what they're doing. Obviously buying the book directly from the publisher, either online or at a convention, sees them getting the full retail price. However, (mainstream) publishers rely on the distribution chain and retail outlets to remain succesful so they can't afford to entirely cut out the two other parts of the chain (yes, many small publishers can, but they're insignificant in size compared to the overall sales using the distribution chain). Personally, knowing more than a little about the publishing industry (mainstream and rpg) I'm impressed with the quality of the graphic design and writing of every DH release to date (well, the character sheets wasn't essential but it's the first game where I thought the GMs screen was worth the money).
  4. precinctomega said: On the subject of play-written supplements, I keep hearing of something called "Ascension" that's supposed to cover players who advance beyond the realm of Dark Heresy, but can't find any sort of link of info. Can anyone help? R. See new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp Ascension is an FFG product due in Q4 of this year
  5. In York myself, albeit running WFRp tabletop and DH online.
  6. Another excellent adventure. Sin and Salvation was a big inspiration to me for my campaign Wiki and I'm planning on running Sin as part of the trio of initial Scintilla missions before the team get sent off-world for (an adapted) illumination then on towards Purge the Unclean and other missions (as I get time to write them and weave them into my overall thematic arcs for the campaign). I'd love to read more on your long-term arcs and story ideas for your campaign as it's evident you're laying groundwork in your campaign for the acolytes becoming more aware of factional in-fighting in the Inquisition and radicalism, albeit I understand if you can't post about longer-term plans because of your group reading these forums. One quick note after my initial perusal and not that it in any way detracts from the excellent mission but in the sample gear pdf you mention a custom gun for 'Nethru' but don't detail what it is or give stats for it unlike all the other gear you loaded your players out with. As I said, howevet, not a criticism or needed for the mission in any way. PS I'm similarly running DH online albeit because one of my players is a mature student stuck behind a particularly obnoxious university firewall we're having to use skype. Ohh the joy that would be Ventrilo (and being able to play music/atmospheric sounds through it while running) for the campaign.
  7. Gregorius21778 said: End of Feb now, and book still unavaible at my little favorite game store...this little favorite game store that was able to allow me to lay hands on "The imperial infantryman´s uplifting primer" (Damocles Edition). How much longer.... Assuming the US, the book is available via Alliance who are the primary rpg distributors in the US and a quick search shows that ACD Distribution have it in stock as well so your store should be easily able to order it from them. If in Europe, it's available from Esdevium Games and other sources as well. One of the vagaries of whether a product is in stock in your local store is the arrival date at the distributors as opposed to your local store and when they make their order. As an example, if your store orders on a Monday based on, say, a Thursday/Friday stock sheet/new release sheet from the distributors then it's possible for them to not place the order for a new release until10 days after it came into stock at the distributors.
  8. On the other hand, I've had an acknowlegement that they are one and the same book and...that's it other than them telling me they're going to 'pass the details onto the relevant department to amend the product information page'. Nothing more than that, not even an apology for their mistake. I've received the book from Games Lore and can now see myself simply not using Amazon for any rpg purchases in the future.
  9. Himsett said: For me Amazon.co.uk has redeemed themselves abit. After two emails complaining about the order cancellation and how it made me feel, with a link to the book on their site. They responded more reasonably and gave me a 15£ promotional gift certificate so I could reorder the book. This does not cancel a couple of days with irritation and being somewhat angry, but I feel that it alliviates it quite abit for me. I'm less than impressed that they're managing to handle complaints about the same situation in two such different ways. In one case ignoring that they are at fault and in the other offering redress. Obviously this isn't FFG's fault in any way but it's going to result in me changing my buying habits away from Amazon.
  10. So much for hoping that the forum for a game not even released yet would be spared the tired old whinging about Dark Heresy not being what the particular poster wanted that they have to repeat over and over again.
  11. I was thinking Masks would work for a Malleus cult spread across a number of planets.
  12. I'm working my way through Delta Green scenarios and converting them at present but was wondering if anyone else had set about converting CoC scenarios to DH. I'll post the details for my DG conversions when I have them finished.
  13. Pneumonica said: I think, instead of immediately ordering, you should (or perhaps you "should have") contacted customer service and confirmed that they would do nothing for you. Otherwise, I estimate that it was about a fourty-four caliber weapon you just jumped. Worse than simply cancelling it, they then listed the book with the higher price of £27.99. I actually contacted Amazon customer service on this as with missing books and the like I've found them to generally be pretty good. However, my experience with CA was shockingly bad. They claimed that there are actually two books, one of which they're totally unable to obtain, the other they have arriving next week. Coincidentally they became aware that they were unable to obtain the 'first' book on the same day that the 'second' book became available at a much higher price. All in all it was a shockingly bad display of customer service that saw a lot of disingenous circular arguments from them. So, needless to say, contacting customer services doesn't help and will probably just raise your blood pressure on this issue.
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