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  1. Malefic Sorcerer said: I gotta side with Peacekeeper_b on this one really. His above comment absolutely reflects my thoughts when I read savage's so-called clarification. The Mastered Skills and Paragon Talents just appear to be a lumped up heap of things we already have in other sourcebooks or the core rules, just creating more and more need to look individual things up. I'd rather write 5 more words on my character sheet for 5 individual skills to be honest, therefore clarifying my characters abilities for myself as the player and the gamemaster as well. No one I know likes to flip pages in the middle of the action for minute after minute. The only page-flipping that's gone on in my DH Ascension campaign was when one of the characters went to grapple someone. There's not been any page flipping in connection to their mastered skills or paragon talents and the group all like it as a system both for ease of advancement and streamlined character sheets. Malefic Sorcerer said: Also, the Mastered Skills and Paragon Talents seem to be a desperate attempt to put some more rules for the rules-lawyering and 'character builder' crowd into a sourcebook which might otherwise be lacking on the part of actual game information. *shrugs* Just feels like it to me. I wonder though why there'd be need for them in the first place - the Ascension book will be stuffed with other options for characters, ascended careers, transition paths etc. etc. Thus imo we don't really need the MS and PTs, but that's just me. 'Seems like'? It's not. It doesn't engender any more rules lawyering. I'm not sure what a 'character builder' crowd is meant to be. I infer it's people who have badwrongfun by creating characters. Tsk tsk, naughty character builders.
  2. ZillaPrime said: Given this setting it IS appropriate to have VERY specific knowledge skills and training: Common Lore (Tech), Scholastic Lore (Calixis Sector History), Forbidden Lore (Cult of the Sacred Flame) and so on... Having the skill "Know Stuff" is NOT. Without going into the rest of the rhetorical fallacies and flippant reasoning, I just wanted to touch on this point. This is flippant and disengenous. There is no 'know stuff' skill in Dark Heresy Ascension as you well know. Moreover just because a character has, for example, Common Lore as a mastered skill, that doesn't mean they now everything. oreover it's just as thematic to have characters who do have a vast amount of knowledge. Uber Aemos for example, or any Magos depicted in the setting.
  3. ZillaPrime said: ease, for the love of all that is holy, do NOT take us down the path that Wizkids crammed down Battletech players' throats with the abominable "click-warrior". Do not dumb down our game, for such is the path of heresy. Given the subject matter and setting it is not necessary or wanted that a 7 year old can easily master the game. Leave some complexity and customization so that characters can be distinctive and unique. Either this is a BAD idea or we got a true failure of a designer diary this time around. As it stands now Master skills and Paragon talents smack sharply of cookie-cutter character tools. In short, if I can play DH using those stupid "power cards" from D&D4E instead of a character sheet then I am going to be forced to declare my status "Special Condition" until I can root out the festering heresy threatening my game. Dumbed down is a misnomer here. Paragon talents and Mastered Skills do not dumb down the system or the characters. Characters in Ascension continue to be complex and customised. The Inquisitor in my group does things in a different manner to the Interrogator, who has a different skillset to the Crusader who certainly differs to the Primaris Psyker (or soul-stealer as he came to be called last night) etc. etc. Just because they exist doesn't mean every career gets access to every mastered skill or paragon talent...
  4. Gregorius21778 said: Talking "mix-ability": If you come from Werewolf/Vampire and all the other WoD-Storyteller-Games, you will be used to a HIGH standard of "mix-ability". Unfortunately, that is not really given to DH-RT yet. While they follow the same rules and pc are raised by the same level mechanic, it seems that a starting RT-character is where a DH character will be after he "maxed out". Check the upcoming news for "Ascension" here. This is the "next step" for the DH-figures and it seems that a "starting A" might be on par with a "starting RT". I don't know where this misnomer comes from but I've seen it a few times. Maxed out Dark Heresy characters are far superior in attributes, skills and talents to a starting Rogue Trader character. This should be obvious from looking at the equivalent XP for an RT character. Ascension, given their access to Paragon Talents, Mastered skills and transition packages (together with the careers themselves having innate benefits) are even higher in the power level.
  5. macd21 said: Dalnor Surloc said: The real question is what is happening here. Is FFG just trying to make a few more bucks from people without the money to pay full price for the book. Or are they running low on printed books, and considering not doing a 3rd printing. Probably demand for certain books has dropped below the point where another print run is viable. This is especially likely now that RT is out - distributors are less likely to buy two corebooks for 40k RPGs, so they'll only buy the most recent one. This is particularly twisted logic here. 1) Demand for certain books supplements could well have dropped below the point where another print run is viable (this does not include the core book). 2) The Dark Heresy Core book is just that, a corebook. Rogue Trader has nothing to do with it, because owning Rogue Trader doesn't give you everything you need to run a Dark Heresy game. And vice-versa. They are two connected but different game lines. Your idea that distributors aren't smart enough to realise that they are two game lines is unsubstantiated and flawed.
  6. Just to add my voice to the general approval of the kit. The screen is excellent, one of the best out for any RPG. I dont use it in every session, but I do have it to hand. It's very sturdy and the tables are well organised. Poison rules are simple and concise. The list of samples is short, but the mechanics lend themselves to easy creation of new ones. Likewise the Xenos creation rules are very well done. Given my group includes an Ordos Xenos Inquisitor, I've made extensive use of these rules over the past few months to plan out antagonists and critters which feature in the campaign. I'd agree that Maggots in the Meat needs some work being, as stands, too tough for a starting Acolyte cell. With that work, however, it's a good benchmark, though certainly I'd always recommend Edge of Darkness for any starting group, it's a superb adventure. Just as an addendum to Gregorius21778's comment on Book 1 of the legacy campaign arc, I'd disagree. I can understand how the start of the campaign (being somewhat brute-force in nature) could irritate many groups, but the feel of the mission and how it ties into the overall arc for the Haarlock's Legacy trilogy is very good.
  7. N0-1_H3r3 said: Plus what Evilref said. It's only fair, given you've made my point before I could at least three times recently!
  8. Suhuy said: Dalnor Surloc said: I think DH fans are RT fans too, so why publish two games? Because not every DH fan is an RT fan. And conversely there are many people who play RT who don't play DH. Lastly, the primary reason is 'that's what Games Workshop wanted, and it's their license'. This is a situation that comes up with many game lines. Whether or not to reprint material in each book, thus minimising the number of 'required' purchases, or to put out a single main rulebook, thus minimising duplicated material but at the cost of requiring customers to buy more than one book. Given the nature of gaming, and gamers (or rather people in general), obviously some people will prefer one approach and others another, that doesn't make their decision 'wrong'.
  9. BaronIveagh said: If crew totals were brought back into line with BFG, then this would be largely moot. (A raider, for instance, only having 200-500 people) Being a licensed game, RT books have to be run past GW. The crew sizes being the way they are means that's the size GW wants them at. BFG was published over 10 years ago. For GW that's two revisions of the 40k rules and soon to be three of fantasy. Needless to say, in 10 years a lot of things can change, particularly as the last 10 years have seen GW take a closer look at its fluff and attempt to bring it to a more cohesive whole (how succesful that's been is a matter of opinion but that's certainly been their aim). It's therefore highly unlikely to see crew sizes change unless GW decides they want to shift back to smaller crews.
  10. Hellebore said: We were just told how they work in the design diary. If that isn't how they work then they really shouldn't have written a design diary explaining it that way. Except that's not what I said. You're making a lot of assumptions - see my below point. Hellebore said: It is far easier to reconcile someone learning Tallarn "you read a book on how to speak Tallarn' than it is to learn every trade skill that exists - "you apprentice yourself to 20 different trade masters for the next 50 years to learn everything you need to know about every trade." The more you bundle into one skill, the more of a jump it is to give it to a character. It is far easier to reconcile that a character learned Tallarn in their spare time than it is to have them learn trade mastery over all trades. Like I said, very few people are Decathalon masters. Most athletes are specialists in a single area. Athletic masters are extremely rare and take years of training I've not seen trade mentioned anywhere as being available as a mastered skill. If it is, then I'd agree with you (with regard to trade), however until that happens you're building your argument on a hypothetical premise. It's a non sequitor that just because Ascension has mastered skills, trade will be one of them. As for the rarity and years of training. This is Ascension we're discussing, characters are not a.n.other acolyte. The careers in use are Vindicare Assassins, Inquisitors and Primaris Psykers. They're not bob the guardsman who did a little athletics when he was younger. Instead it's Bob the Inquisitorial Storm Trooper who has gone through a transition package to reach an ascended career. The first preview posted mentions 'However, this event does not simply happen overnight! It may take many months or years of special training...' I think it's safe to say that these are not intended to be average characters, and the power level is well above that of Dark Heresy's Acolytes.
  11. Hellebore said: While I appreciate the game reasons for reducing the number of skills, I find it hard to reconcile within the story. It becomes hard to justify that a character has 'Master Knowledge' and suddenly knows literally everything about everything. You run into situations where a character has the Trade skill which means they can make ANYTHING, which is highly unrealistic. However, consolidation of already attained skills into single skills isn't a bad thing. I prefer that just because I have knowledge doesn't mean it's the same as someone else, just as not every athlete is a decathalon champion. I'm not sure how well these mastery skills will work though, you've still got to remember what skills each one represents, which is worse than just remembering the skills individually. Hellebore I'm amazed how, not having seen them in use, so many people seem to know how mastered skills/talents will work and have already dismissed them. As for reconciling within the story, how do you reconcile a character learning a language, or a scholastic lore? If you extend that to its logical extent then i'm sure it will be easy for you to reconcile.
  12. xaeromancer said: Have to say that Fantasy Flight's enthusiasm is admirable. But I'm disappointed with the results so far; mostly because Black Industries had set the bar so high with the core book, going back to black and white was always going to be a drop. Also, the loss of career branching in Rogue Trader was a disappointment. And the top 16 ranks, although this is really more the top 8 and the bottom 8. I'm baffled by this. Firstly, FFG haven't put out any B&W supplements. Secondly their production values are extremely high, higher in fact than BIs based on the reprints of Inquisitor's Handbook and PtU. I don't know where you get the idea of career branching in RT, or 'top 16 ranks' from. I suppose it could, conceivably, have been a very early BI discussion, but certainly not carried through, and I don't reall ever reading such on the BI boards.
  13. R00kie said: There is a problem with the 'Its British Law' case as put forward. If this was the sole reason for more ridged enforcement wouldn't we see the same behaviour from companies like Cubicle-7, Mongoose, Box Ninja, Contested Ground Studios and Triple Ace games? Care to show where Doctor Who has had its tradedress, art and text directly copied and reprinted in fan supplements? Or where fan-produced pdfs of a/state are which incorporate its artwork and copy/paste from its text? Not one of those companies has had a direct parallel with the Strange Aeons system and the reproduction of artwork/text within such a product. As such you cannot draw a conclusion based on irrelevant comparisons.
  14. Ikkaan said: While a pad or tablet will definitely be a cool addition to have when playing a roleplaying game....the apple pad is just a mere prototype with its main target group being tech savvy, cutting edge and diehard apple users. There are open systems in the making (i.e. "joo joo" aka crunchpad), with even better processing power and open interfaces - not to forget HD video). And the iPad will not even play crappy Flash Videos. Also no standard usb ports, no sd card bay....way to go. This The Ipad is surprisingly limited, actually more so than the iphone as that, at least, comes with 3g out of the box rather than being an upgraded model. No flash, no easy file sharing, no multi-apps etc. Other tablets are going to be superior for gaming either already or those coming in the next 12 months.
  15. LuciusT said: My original concept when I wrote these was that all characters would start with the Imperial World origin (because my campaign is limited to one planet and all characters are from that planet). These packages, then, represented ways the player could expand on their character while still starting out in the same place. I can see that for your campaign if it's all set on one planet. But really the Schola dominates a student's life at least as much, if not more, than their upbringing on a hive would, or forge world etc. Their only family is the Schola, their only education etc. While I can see Peacebringer's point on multiple backgrounds going into one character, for the Schola at least I see it as a definite origin, rather than background package. That said, different 'flavours' could be done with some optional skills.
  16. Lightbringer said: There seem to be problems with Amazon getting it delivered - I got fed up of waiting for them to even get any copies in, and ordered it from Orc's Nest in London. It only just arrived yesterday. And very good it is, too! I wonder if FFG are prioritising deliveries to local games retailers over Amazon? I seem to recall reading somewhere that they are anxious for customers to support local games shops, so maybe that's what's happening. Orc's Nest always seem to get FFG books in days or weeks before Amazon... EDIT: And yes, Gaudy Scabbard, I totally agree, Sinophia is my favourite Dark Heresy setting so far. I really like the fact that we have an Imperial World that looks totally different to the normal "Necromunda" style hives, with its own architectural look, and its own unique, faded and run down feel. Great stuff! Amazon (UK) don't receive their books directly from FFG, they get them from Esdevium Games. In the case of the new WFRP, for example, Esdevium did prioritise game stores over Amazon and Play. So, Amazon's issues aren't down to FFG at all (no more than Amazon's issues with D&D are down to WotC for example).
  17. It's in UK stores so it should be into European game stores in the next week/few days. As for Amazon, they're a bit more temperamental. Amazon UK/FR/DE have been getting very slow on certain RPG releases. I'd not expect them to get it for a month based on their recent history.
  18. Boneguard said: Actually here is another one for those who own both system: What is the crossover potential of the Haarlock's Legacy?? I figured there might be some modification needed, but could a group of Rogue Trader be able to exploit this trilogy and have fun or does it really need to be in the Dark Heresy setting? While the adventures as written are certainly mineable, you'd do better off using them as inspiration/source for a customised RT series of adventures. There's nothing in them that really leaps out as Profit Margin, for example. That said, it's a great series of adventures and along with the encounters/plots has a decent amount of setting/flavour details that are readily stealable.
  19. Where do you get late April from? There's not been any indication of a month for release. Other than that, everything MIllandson said.
  20. Kaihlik said: Wow thats really ambitious, I couldn't do that. The amount of work that would inevitably go unnoticed would just be soul destroying to me. Have you done anything this ambitious before because in my experiance projects with such grand ambitions rarely get off the ground not due to lack of trying but just due to real life getting in the way. Kaihlik Several times. I've run a number of long-running campaigns in the past (All of Enemy Within twice, Horror on the Orient, Mountains of Madness, Masks, Night Below. My D&D group is going through Scales of War (extensively adapted) and I've done about 15 custom handouts for that so far (only 5 sessions in). Then for my own creations, a Roman-Late Republic campaign in which the players created (at least) two characters each, covering the Boni and Populares. I had pictures, maps, lot of period inspirational material. A nWoD Mage campaign with about 100 NPCs by the end of it. Delta Green campaign which started in WW2 and went in arcs through to the modern day. For the WW2 section I did period handouts, mission briefings, actual recon photos etc. In the Modern day arc I had 2 videos and about a dozen audio files as handouts. For DH I'll be having audio files as well. I've already done custom character sheets for the game and have worked out a list of 20 handout styles (albeit not detailed yet as the campaign setting/antagonists etc. aren't done).
  21. Gregorius21778 said: There is one thing I am not "getting" right now: do you preparer any adventures/oppositions/happenings "before hand", are going to make anything up as they go or do they tell you a couple of weeks before the session "we would like to investigate XYZ"? Both. This campaign will be a mix of Turning Wheel (plots keep happening whether players are involved with them or not) and Sandbox (the sector's open for them, there's no set route for them to go down, no real directives other than the usual Inquisitorial reasoning (kill things and burn their stuff). The group is able to get involved in whatever it wants, overtly or covertly. As such the campaign will start with a large amount of data for them. Personalities of the sub-sector, history, recent activities, Adeptus reports (all of which they have a greater or lesser amount of access to and can get more if they insist on it), past cult activity etc. etc. Amongst all that information will be X number of plotlines. Y amount more will be ready to be discovered and Z amount made up as they go along. I make extensive use of handouts, informing the players, a game wiki etc. so prepping in advance is key to this. From the point it's all prepped, however, it's up to them to follow up on whatever they're interested in. Sometimes not following something will lead to that cult/individual getting stronger/succeeding at their goals, other times it won't. At the point they go all official investigation on a major antagonist then it might switch for a while to a nemesis campaign, concentrating on that one opponent for as long as it takes (or as long as they think it takes, obscure death rules and all). Gregorius21778 said: But to answer your question: I would advise the Hazeroth Abyss. It´s very remote from the light of Terra, a place where on can believe that the men living there have shadowy dealing with mens enemy. The lack of "subsector infrastructur" ensures that your players won´t be able to "re-acquire" equipment easy and will thereby make "resourcing" important. In addition, the lack of "civilization/development" will lead to a lot of "blind spots" on plants, map areas marked with "there will be WOE". Last but not least, xeno pirate activity and strange xeno cults seem to be ripe (part of the "fluff") there, so it is "in game reasonable" to deploy an independt cell of acolythes there. Give them there own guncutter and everything they need to do is find a vessel to the next world... and fuel and food and ammo, of course! Given their nature/authority the reosurcing would be less of an issue for them than it would be for a cell of acolytes, but would certainly come up on X number of remote planets/situations. Nice breakdown on the sub-sector though. Those are pretty much the reasons Hazeroth was tempting me. Of course that doesn't resolve it but it does reinforce the reason not to dismiss it out of hand.
  22. I'm about to be starting a new campaign and am wavering back and forth on which sub-sector to base the game out of. Without going into details, the characters will be high ranking, Ordos Xenos affiliated. They're not subject to any real directive from a senior figure outside the PCs (No NPC telling them what to do, sending them on missions etc.). They're thus free to investigate and prosecute where and how they like. I'm currently leaning towards the Malfian Sub-Sector as the setting for the campaign. I am, however, torn between it and Hazeroth. Malfian: Maflian noble politics and shenanigans allow for just about any Inquisitorial investigation, conspiracies etc. Seedworld AFG, NNX215and Xeiros Prime are both forbidden, giving potential plotlines out of them. Two war worlds, Close to both the Halo Stars and The Periphery for Xenos/extra-imperium threats and antagonists. Including Rogue Trader and, eventually, Deathwatch with extra Xenos goodness. Fydae System Piracy. Remote from Scintilla prime but not too far for increased factional conflict. Hazeroth: Hazeroth Abyss, Malfi, close to the Fydae great cloud, Bloodfall & Phagir grouping of dead worlds. Very remote so group would be more removed from Scintilla support. If anyone has any recommendations for why their favourite sub-sector is the best place to run a campaign then I'd love to read them.
  23. ZillaPrime said: OF VITAL AND DEADLY SERIOUS NOTE: Do NOT under ANY circumstances do to DH/RT what was done to WFRPG! No serious themed RPG should ever involve reloading your bolter, then tapping your Pikachu card, spending two "heresy tokens" to draw some fresh cards, moving your mineature three spaces on the game board to the space marked "Free Parking because Tau are slow" and then ending your turn. And thankfully that's nothing like the new edition of WFRP.
  24. Hellebore said: One wonders how those alien races that don't worship the emperor and don't follow the puritan dogma manage to survive with all their inevitably accrued corrption and insanity, considering their out look on life would fit under radicalism. Hellebore [/quote I'll put together a longer point with some thoughts on the rest of your post later but I wanted to quickly touch on this point: Aliens aren't human, ergo the insanity rules don't apply to them. By human standards even an Eldar is probably considered insane. Certainly the likes of Dark Eldar and Orks are. The same goes, to a lesser extent, for corruption. The corruption rules are there for humans.
  25. Huros said: Hi All, Have i missed some thing or going mad? where is the Saboteur Alternative as referenced on the Career options table at the begining of that chapter? I suppose it is sitting on Ross' PC along with masses of uber juicy goodies.... [Edit] doh!, am talking about the Radicals Hand book. Ross mentions the Saboteur being cut from the book here: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp
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