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  1. Nope, partly because there is already a ridiculous amount of equipment, but also because I'd be surprised if they didn't have those sections. I won't be that bothered if they're not there, i'm just expecting they will be.
  2. And having worked in publishing licensed works, including Disney, for 15+ years, i've never seen anything that says 'you can't mention that a product is delayed'. It would be ludicrous. This isn't the next Han Solo movie, it's a minor product in a flea speck license for them, which is mostly an offshoot of the x-wing license anyways. FFG is the one dropping the ball here, as they're just bad at comms in general.
  3. Being a licensor of Disney has nothing to do with whether they can give updates. FFG have just become really, really bad at communications. They have a stock 'we are announcing x' 'x is in development' 'x is on the boat' 'x is shipping' 'x is in stores' process because of the amount of products they release. When everything is going great, that's all you need. Unfortunately the RPG line, especially for people outside ConUS, has not gone great with multiple delays, books going out of print within days of release etc.
  4. Fly Casual came back into stock. There was no public-facing announcement/update on this by Esdevium and stores only knew if they had a long-term re-order for it outstanding, or were scrupulous in checking the regular stock updates. And then two-or-so days later it was out of stock with Esdevium, which means the amount that came in was miniscule (good luck finding it now if you still want it). Esdevium have no information on when it might be back in stock again. I don't think this is a one off situation anymore. The supply into the EU is bad and it's not just with the SWRPG lines (though obviously they're noticeable). The EU's supply of Destiny was awful, with a single store in the US ordering more than Esdevium did for the entire EU market.
  5. Except with modern containers and tracking, it would be known that that container would be missing. This is also incredibly rare and unlikely, to the point the law of parsimony means i'm just going to discount it. Esdevium's response to stores is that they don't know when they'll be receiving it. FFG are refusing to answer the multiple emails and questions they've received. No matter what, it's bad customer service
  6. Given the book is now out of print in the US, and that again for some bizarre reason, FFG's print runs are significantly under supply or allow for re-orders by stores, I'm wondering what's going on with the lines in general. It's 6 weeks since release in the US and the book is still not available in the UK. Customers have been ordering it from the US and Australia in the hope of getting hold of the book. Increasingly it looks as if FFG just haven't bothered to send it to the UK/EU at all which, coming after so many under-supplied releases, leads to questions about FFG's commitment to the EU market entirely. Suffice to say, ever since they got bought by Asmodee, it's been bloody awful and the promised improvement in distribution now looks like a joke.
  7. The Power of the Force pack for the SW LCG was released 3 weeks after No Disintegrations in the US, but is available in the UK this week. No disintegrations is going to be 6 weeks from release in the US to the UK/EU (and that's assuming it's next week, which is by no means guaranteed). Between utterly insufficient shipments to the UK and now 5+ weeks for books to come out, it's sure looking like that improved distribution with Asmodee is working out. At this point I couldn't recommend anyone taking up FFG's star wars in the UK/EU. 20+ books are out of stock at the UK Distributor, including all of the core rulebooks.
  8. Leisure Games is out of stock of over 20 books across all three lines. And it doesn't have any of 'the regional books' (Nexus, Strongholds, Sons, Nal Hutta). It's been out of stock of books for so long that many of them are no longer listed on the website. The UK is out of stock of all three main rulebooks, meaning groups can't start playing if they want to. It's been this case for months now (a friend recently got the last copy of Edge of Empire from his local shop, and the store he bought it from couldn't get more copies, nor copies of AoR). UK stores simply cannot get the product and quite often books are effectively out of print in the UK immediately after release (Nexus and Special Modifications for example). Simply put, FFG do not ship enough product to the UK/EU and as a result if you do not get a book within a week or two of release, you can end up having to wait for a reprint, or spend time tracking it down from store to store in the hope of finding one who has it, as stores can't get more copies from Esdevium (the UK distributor). Customers in the UK have contacted FFG about this several times, and they've tried claiming it's because Esdevium don't order enough (Esdevium and FFG are both part of the same company now). while Esdevium have said the issue is that they can't get re-orders from FFG after the initial shipment.
  9. To put into perspective, there are 21-22 books entirely unavailable to order from stores in the UK. This includes all three core rulebooks. Multiple books in the UK have become effectively out of print immediately after release. This doesn't mean that an individual store might not have a copy (e.g. a friend picked up a store's last copy of Edge of Empire recently, but that shop wasn't able to get a restock afterwards), but that that list of 21/22 books is unavailable from the UK/EU distributor. Individuals have raised this with FFG in the past, who implied it's because of not enough pre-orders, though UK stores don't typically get to order until the week of release anyways. After that initial distribution wave into the UK, multiple books have had no follow-up stock until a reprint. In essence, at the moment, unless you already have the majority of the books, you're unable to do so, and new groups cannot start the game with the rulebooks.
  10. I'm in the UK. Shipping from the US would see prices more than double on anything ordered. Mirkwood might have made it to US distributors, but it's not made it to the UK (and won't be arriving this week coming, likewise khazad-dum, dwarrowdelf etc.). This despite Isengard apparently coming out this week at the same time as the US gets it.
  11. My wife and I recently got into the LotR lcg but am thinking it must be a terrible time to have started playing. Hobbit, out of stock Khazad-dum, out of stock Black Riders, out of stock Shadows of Mirkwood cycle, mostly out of stock Dwarrodelf cycle, mostly out of stock The scant handful of places that do have some of the above in stock have 50%+ markups on the expansions. Supposedly there was a reprint of mirkwood recently, but if so then it's not made it to distributors yet. Best to just put it back on the shelf and wait a few months in the hope the situation changes?
  12. Grab hubble space image, stick into GIMP, add grid. It's a 5-10 job.
  13. DH has a 'rerelease' of the core book coming. It's not listed simply as a reprint, so there could be some changes in it, but I'd have expected some sort of marketing about that if it was anything akin to a 2nd edition. Might just be errata changes. I suspect RT's sales have been less than DW/OW (unsure about BC, it struck me as more of a niche). Not helped by the very disjointed release schedule for RT and some shoddy adventures filling that out.
  14. Justinian said: They havn't really paid off http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/25377.html http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/23500.html http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/22214.html etc. etc. While the icv stats are very much open to interpretation and must be taken with a large pinch of salt, DH/RT/DW/BC/OW have been consistently in the top 5, and at points top 2 since release. Add to that the pretty solid drivethru sales ranks and it's clear that, collectively, they're selling well for the industry. Now, how well, whether that's good enough for FFG for a licensed game is another matter. But given they've renewed and expanded the license at least once, it's hard to say 'they haven't really paid off'. Personally, I feel RT has been one of the less-well supported lines, with key products coming out late in the life cycle and very sub-par adventure/campaign support. There are some obvious sourcebooks that could have been made to help promote and support the game which weren't done.
  15. And that contradicts what Forgeworld and GW customer service in the UK have said. Much as it'd be great to see some ships remain, truth is the lines are dead (in the sense that no official models will be getting made anymore). Ebay, secondary markets, alternative proxies etc.
  16. I think acting on behalf of the Emperor is largely explicit or implicit in all RT Warrants, save perhaps the more limited, less all-encompasing ones issued by a planetary or sector governor in more recent times of the Imperium. While not one of the earliest 'signed by the Emperor himself' warrants, this is intended to still have that majesty of age and distinction, it comes from the days of the Great Crusade with the RT and their dynasty charged to go forth and claim worlds in the name of the Imperium (bringing them to compliance), kick the arse out of Xenos and so forth. The original RT would have ranged ahead of the Exploratory fleets, identifying those planets and systems to be brought into compliance, going beyond the borders of the growing Imperium etc.
  17. My players have picked an ancient warrant of trade, we've also decided to pull it a century or two back from the Age of Rebirth, so their warrant was issued by the Council of Terra, putting its dating in the period immediately up to, or after the start of the Horus Heresy but before the age of Rebirth and the formation of the Senatorum Imperialis. My current notes on what would stand out as being different or particularly distinctive: Signatories: Malcador the Sigilite, First Lord of Terra, The fabricator-general Kelbor-Hal of the Martian Mechanicum, Chief Custodian Constantin Vazdor of the Custodian Guard, Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Master of the Administratum and the Paternoval Envoy of the Navis Nobilite. Contents: Obviously the Ecclesiarchy doesn't exist at this point, instead there should be mention of 'Spreading the Imperial Truth' and bringing worlds into Compliance. Mention of the Exploratory Fleets and ranging ahead of them to discover new worlds for 'reclaiming' by the Warmaster/Primarchs and diverse other authorities. Scarus Sector was discovered by Captain Scarus of the 52nd Company of the Word Bearers Legion, Segmentum Obscurus - next to Calixis and then Koronus so a good starting point for a Dynasty to be sent to, bonus points for mentioning the Word Bearers in the Warrant. I don't want to go too heavy on the Imperial Truth and 'there are no Gods' as it'd overly push the group into excessive trouble with the Ecclesiarchy/Inquisition (though the dynasty will have had many ups and downs over the millenia, almost vanishing for long periods of time). Anything else that would stand out as a pre-Heresy/pre-Ecclesiarchy warrant of trade?
  18. You might want to throw up some sample characters under this system so people can compare to Only War and Rogue Trader. Here's a quick and dirty Rogue Trader Attributes: +25 to starting Fellowship (so about 60 off of the point buy), +9 WS, +3 INT, BS, AG. +3 to any other of your choice, +9 to attributes of GM Choice. Skills: Linguistics (Low Gothic, High Gothic) and Common Lore(Koronus), Operate (Voidship), Common Lore(Imperium), Scholastic Lore (Heraldry), Navigation (Stellar), Dodge, Parry, Deceive, Charm +10, Command, Commerce, Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) Talents: (choose 1 other free tier one talent), Enemy(see Unseen Enemy), Iron Discipline, Renowned Warrant, Weapon Training (Any), Disarm, Air of Authority, Weapon Training(Low-Tech, Power, Las, Bolt) Aptitudes: Weapon Skill Offence, Finesse, Intelligence, Fieldcraft, Leadership, Fellowship, Social, Willpower There's a smattering of other benefits but those are the core details Comparing to a rank 1 RT it looks a lot more competent.
  19. Before I delve into the guts to add it myself, were you planning to add the material from Navis Primer?
  20. I've seen a few posts around about people converting character generation and advancement, but I'm looking to get some insight to see if anyone's playing with other aspects: Talent/Action changes (Using Only War rules for swift/lightning/full auto etc.) Trait changes (the change to unnatural characteristics for example) Weapon changes (Only War's weapon stats seem significantly different in a number of areas - meltas, heavy bolters and so forth).
  21. I've seen a few posts around about people converting character generation and advancement, but I'm looking to get some insight to see if anyone's playing with other aspects: Talent/Action changes (Using Only War rules for swift/lightning/full auto etc.) Trait changes (the change to unnatural characteristics for example) Weapon changes (Only War's weapon stats seem significantly different in a number of areas - meltas, heavy bolters and so forth).
  22. Which role would you rather have played by a PC and why? One of my players has stuck on which to play so I thought I'd see how other people saw the decision. (In case it's relevant to your decision, other characters are Rogue Trader, Explorator, Arch-Militant and Void-Master).
  23. bladerunner_35 said: I am not sure if this will work, haven't really used dropbox before except as a go-between between my computer and phone: https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/WFRP3%20-%20Ubersreik%20et%20al%20mindmap.png?w=38881066 Let me know if that works. Just bear in mind that the mindmap is far from complete and more of a personal tool than a presentation. Hopefull it'll give some inspiration or the like. I think it needs to be in your public dropbox folder for anyone else to see/grab it. Thanks for the breakdown though, that's going to be handy to work with. I'm playing around with mixing some of the short 1st/2nd ed adventures (like Noblesse, fear the wurst etc.) into a drawn out campaign around Ubersreik. Internecine nobility makes for a great framework and motivator.
  24. bladerunner_35 said: For those interested in the political side of this there's a great thread that I wouldn't mind linking too if you want. I'd certainly appreciate seeing the thread and/or mindmap if you can link them.
  25. I've been looking at and pondering how to weave the published adventures together into a campaign, probably intermingled with some of the better pre-3rd ed adventures. My current thoughts are: Eye for an Eye -> Edge of Night -> Witch's Song -> Gathering Storm Interspersed with those will be Three Feathers, Noblesse Oblige and probably another 2-3 smaller 3-4 session adventures or stories.I don't have a wizard so Winds of Magic isn't on my radar at the moment (though might come up as one player has a wizard as a back-up). Horror at Hugenol with a revved up plot is a potential as well. I'm also playing with the idea of moving to run Power Behind the Throne after Gathering Storm. I'd run through Enemy Within up to the end of DotR with this group (we'd burned out on 2e's combat and the miss-parry-dodge repetitiveness) and, while the above would need some rework for PBtT's story, it should fit in reasonably well and is the best of the series arc. As for the tips, I know I'm going to have to heavily rework Edge of Night in order to get a better fit and flow for the conclusion. I might tweak the skaven into cultists, though it's also tempting to leave them there as they'd be a nice variation for the campaign. I''m particularly looking for any advice or tips from those who've worked the main adventures together, how they did so, what tweaks they made and so forth.
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