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  1. I think there's a really interesting problem to solve here. To use some non-related games GUMSHOE games are not 'find the monster, kill the monster, get the treasure' but do 'okay' at conventions (OKay because D&D and Pathfinder do crazy numbers), Likewise The One Ring, likewise Delta Green/Cthulhu, likewise assorted other games, so convention gaming in and of itself is not the issue but more the problems that arise with the 'living campaign' model as espoused by D&D/Pathfinder et al. SWRPG games are in that niche between crunch and narrative. You can bling/monty haul the heck out of characters because of all the options, and i've read of 'Darth Revan is in my head and I have 5 force dice' games as well as 'we're scrabbling for enough money to eat this week' games. I could see a 'living campaign' working as an expressly linked series of advantures, but at no point do I think that would be easy to highlight the strengths of the system. GM A interprets 2 advantages to mean X while GM B interprets them to mean what's on the spreadsheet would inately cause contradictions, as I think you highlighted in a previous post. So yeah in theory it could work, but it would be a more limited version. What can work is a game run in a store, in regular slots, with the same GM and running much like any campaign, but there's no 'take my character to the next game and run it under the next GM' as with the various living games out there.
  2. Fair point Based on my time in the industry and related industries, experience of dealing with shipping companies, licensors, development, production, printing, distribution and common sense, I don't believe that Hanjin going out of business 12-15 months before these products were announced, let alone into shipping means I don't think Hanjin has anything to do with the current delay in release when they all went 'on the boat' at the same point, but only one is in stores (in the US) and the others haven't gone to shipping yet. PS Hanjin were, quite clearly, not FFG's only shipping company. While we can surmise (again having to be supposition because of the lack of communication) that Ghosts of Dathomir was affected, they did not cease release of everything from China for the same period. Other products were being produced, shipped and released while that book was in limbo. This ongoing shifting of any issue back onto a singular (extensive but not catastrophic) event in 2016 is getting silly.
  3. As of yesterday, Esdevium, the UK distributor for FFG and part of Asmodee had no release date for it, they also don't have release dates for anything that far out so no idea where that's coming from. Edit: They can be pretty left hand/right hand of late, telling stores 'we've got no idea when X will be back in stock' and then having it on the updated availability stock list the next day.
  4. No one has said anything about development being the issue. I haven't seen anyone say that, other than you, because it obviously has nothing to do with the development of Legion, that seems to be a strawman you've neatly defeated there... While I don't necessarily agree with it the conjecture as outlined runs down to available spending money/luxury spend in a month: If a customer is going to spend, say, $130 on 4 RPG books all released in the same month/pay packet, then are they less likely to go and spend $200 on Star Wars Legion? And vice-versa. Of course, similarly and without involving Legion at all, if a customer is going to spend $40 on one RPG book in a month, will they be able to spend $130 on 4? Now, that's not getting into the problem of what happened with their development and printing time that saw all four books go 'on the boat' at the same time, and why their release schedule and project management has been so messed up (though that can have some callback to 2016/early 2017 problems of release), but that's irrelevant to 'four books went on the boat at the same time and are coming out at different times'. Whether Legion is responsible, or they want stagger the books or something else is unknown until/unless there's a statement about it, and given how shocking their communications were over Ghosts of Dathomir, I expect they'll carry on being poor.
  5. And, if that were the case, then the effect is on the 'At the Printers' stage of production, not shipping. Simply put, 4 books all went 'on the boat' on the same date, one is being released weeks earlier than the others. Whatever the reason is, it's got nothing to do with Hanjin getting into trouble 2 years ago.
  6. Hanjin's problems started in April 2016, they were declared bankrupt a year ago (which is also 6+ months after they'd ceased shipping anything, anywhere). None of the books 'on the boat' at the moment are on Hanjin ships, or were on Hanjin ships. Legion wasn't on Hanjin ships. SW Legion was originally announced for 4th quarter 2017/early 2018'. You could argue that it's slipped, but given they're going for worldwide release at the same time, and having gotten burned with Destiny by not having enough product available at launch, there's no reason to see this as down to Hanjin because, again, Legion wasn't on any Hanjin shipping and nothing had been shipped by Hanjin for about a year before Legion was even announced. Hanjin certainly affected Ghosts of Dathomir, and assorted other books, but nothing coming out now is being affected by a shipping collapse nearly 2 years ago.
  7. Ironically, in the UK, DOR is likely to release on the same day as Legion now (as Legion is expected for the same date, and order amounts have been locked in by stores already).
  8. DOR was announced on the 11th of July It went to 'at the printers' around the 21st of November. That's a 4 month development, writing, artwork and approvals time, which isn't unusual. It went to 'on the boat' 3 weeks after the other books did, but still ended up on the same boat. Given it went to 'on the boat' after books that had gone to print before it, and didn't have a significant delay, I can't see how that idea reconciles with the actual timeline of what happened when, unless FFG are simply being misleading with their updates. Assuming we don't treat FFG's updates as entirely fictitious, then Dawn spent longer in development (and approvals) but had a pretty quick turnaround time to get printed and onto a ship.
  9. No Disintegrations took 10+ weeks to come out in the UK after its release in the US. There was no info on it, stores had no idea what was going on from the UK Distributor (also owned by Asmodee) and there was such a black hole of information that a number of people resorted to ordering it from the US/Australia and got it well before it came out over here. Then Ghosts of Dathomir came out a week after the US release, and with Dawn of Rebellion we're back to 3-4 weeks after. Communication has always been bad, but in the last few years the amount of it has significantly increased. In part that's because of size and bloat, the company is simply so big and has so many products and staff that it's going through some sort of mid-size company transition, where PR releases are the only info you get, not yet at the point of having an effective social media platform to answer queries or resolve problems.
  10. Or they just have to be approved by FFG, for the same reason.
  11. Destiny sold really well, too well in fact. The one significant problem they had was that pre-orders weren't huge, but then the demand on release was massive, leading to shortages. So if anything the biggest issue has been a lack of supply, obviously that can lead to people dropping out if they can't get enough boosters, but there are dozens of stores that have sold through every release and then been out of stock for weeks before they can get a resupply - albeit with the limited release run of each new set, that feeds back to that possibility of people quitting if they can't get what they want.
  12. WotC yes, Paizo not even close. Asmodee is huge, and FFG's staff and production are massive (in comparison to the rest of the industry). Paizo might produce more RPG books than FFG, but nowhere near more product at all, and that's without even considering X-Wing which is a license to print money.
  13. When/What: 6 BBY, Newly formed Rebel Cell featuring a former ISB agent who lost his idealism about the New Order, but still believed that the Jedi were responsible for Palpatine's rise to Emperor. A now aged former clone-trooper and a Gand Jedi who was barely a padawan when Order 66 happened (with his Jedi nature being a secret from the other characters through all of Season 1). Unusual: Not sure if it counts as unusual, but we're exploring what it means to take on the Empire in a specific sector, with power structures, rivalries between Imperials that can be exploited, smugglers, pirates, potential allies to recruit, what happens if a planet rebels 'too early' and the repercussions of that (think Tarkintown from Rebels). We're also using tv structures, theme music and sound triggers, extensive handouts etc. Inspirations: Assorted WEG campaigns I used to run but it's heavily inspired by Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One Summary: Some of us - well, most of us - we've all done terrible things on behalf of the Rebellion. Spies, saboteurs, assassins.
  14. There's a couple of great actions from Genesys that are worth including as well: Blanket Barrage is an anti-starfighter action where all of the guns of a single type in the same fire arc are putting up a field of fire to deter attacks from smaller ships. It causes enemy starfighter attacks in range in that arc to have to upgrade the difficulty of their attacks and they can take automatic damage while doing so. Concentrated Barrage is similarly a shot with all weapons of a single type in the same fire arc, but you make one attack and then can add the number of weapons of that type to the total damage. It can only be done against ships of Silhoutte 5 or more
  15. A few points Firstly approvals do significantly slow down releases, and the time it takes to approve, say, a coffee mug is obviously significantly less than an RPG book. How big a factor that is, no one outside Lucasfilm/Disney or FFG know. However, that approval happens before the book goes to print. Period. No one is sending books to print that might then need a retraction, pulping and reprinting, so any delay from the approval process has nothing to do with the books currently 'on the boat'. Secondly, having worked on a half-dozen licensed lines in the past, I'd be highly surprised, to the point of incredulity, if the tiniest mention (e.g. a forum post letting people know what was up with the products at present) required approval from a lawyer at Lucasfilm. Press releases are not the same thing, but if that was the case, then there'd never have been any posts on any forum, or interviews on Order 66 from FFG staff etc. It's more conceivable that FFG want to stagger releases so as not to launch 4 books in the same month and risk sales on those books, however: A) That's down to their project management B) That's down to their project management C) That's down to their project management Fully Operational was announced in March, Dawn of Rebellion in July (edit: And for completeness, Cyphers & Masks in July and Unlimited Power in September). Dawn is coming out before FO, and all went 'On the Boat' on the same day. Now, that could be because FO had problems during development, or FO's approval took longer (less likely given the content of DoR but not impossible), but none of that excuses that the last 12 months of SW RPGs have not been great and seen huge delays in books actually coming out, together with availability issues for those that are 'out'.
  16. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Wars-Last-Jedi-DVD/dp/B0787LHG3G https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Last-Bonus-Content/dp/B0784YGPNS/ Not sure why you're repeating rubbish that's so easily disproved. As for the general Asmodee attacks. I'm in the UK, which means we get completely screwed on RPG releases, with about 2 weeks to buy any new release before it's out of stock, and up to 10 weeks after release in the US before we can get it here, and 3/4 of the line being unavailable if you wanted to get into it now. However, Asmodee's idea of promoting local stores was and is a good idea, and has not prevented online stores from getting their products as evidenced below: https://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/165098
  17. I'm not sure that the Imperial combat assault tank pilots, as they were described in Rogue One need that much more differentiation from, say, AT-ST crew or even AT-AT crew. Take stormtroopers, make sure they have gunnery and pilot, mechanics if you really want, done.
  18. There's no way that that's true. It's far more likely to be a continuity error (how does it get so much dirtier/more weathering in 10 years), than destroying the falcon. Given Lando lost the falcon to Han, you now need a situation where the falcon in Solo is destroyed and Lando buys a new (aged) Falcon and loses it to Han. Basic Occam's Razor.
  19. Shortest has been a week Longest has been 2 months Also, note, you have 1-2 weeks to buy a book in the UK before it's unavailable from Esdevium.
  20. ID-9 was from Seventh Sister (Rebels), upgraded to the ID-10 in Battlefront 2 IG-RM are the droids on Vizago's ship (Rebels) DTS Dismantlers were the droids taking apart the Y-wings in S3 of Rebels
  21. The Padawan survivor has no career skills? That's rough. Being less mechanic-driven in the questioning, how much stuff is there on running games in the years before the BoY and/or for players in setting up resistance cells, what sort of stuff they'd be doing etc. Thanks again for your sudden 'glued to the keyboard' time.
  22. In the UK we just hope to get it within a month of release in the US (does not always happen). With reprints it's even worse as they're often out of stock at the distributor (also part of Asmodee) before stores can order them.
  23. Time to reset the clock, and barely an hour and a half after the post, it's like they were waiting for it!
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